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See Sense ACE combines the latest in AI technology with elegant cyclist-led design to make your ride safer and your city smarter.
See Sense ACE combines the latest in AI technology with elegant cyclist-led design to make your ride safer and your city smarter.
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See.Sense ACE : Fulfilment Update 2

Posted by See.Sense (Creator)

Dear Backers,

We've experienced a few days delay on getting the lights into the distribution centres. As they contain lithium based batteries we were selected for a Hazmat review. This is complete for sets (with rears imminent) and we're now able to ship to the centres and on to you.

Many thanks for filling in the survey and for your continued patience. Most have now filled in the survey and we will take a final cut of the data tomorrow (Friday). If you have yet to fill in the survey, please do so as soon as possible. If you can't find the email link, please send us a direct message via Kickstarter. (Please don't post in comments as we can't post your unique survey there for obvious reasons!)

This is Luke
This is Luke

This is Luke. He looks after customer service and fulfilment. He's delighted that today the first 1,352 lights have passed inspection and have left on the start of their journey to the fulfilment centre and on to you.

Once Amazon FBA dispatches the lights to you, they will send you a tracking email. This contains more information than we are able to see from our dashboard. If you do have any queries about the tracking, Amazon have more information and will be able to help. While Luke would love to help, he'd really only be a middle man.

The iOS application is coming along well and has already been undergoing extensive testing with ICON users. We will submit the release version to Apple in the next few days.

With Android, we've resumed development, but are a little way behind iOS. We will provide further updates once a release date comes into clearer focus. We'll do all we can to make sure you don't have to wait too long!

Please note that the existing App for Android and iOS does not support ACE and will be retired once the new app is released. The new app we are releasing supports both ICON and ACE.

We can't wait for you to receive your ACE lights and to see you on the road with them soon.

Best wishes, 

Team See.Sense

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    1. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hammersley on

      When am i going to get my light? I have a friend who received his last month.

    2. Taff Tanner on

      got my lights but you have sent me three front and one rear - please advise how this can be corrected - thanks Taff

    3. Missing avatar

      Richard on

      Thank you for the update Mr McAleese. While I'm looking forward to receipt of the lights it's really not such a big deal if they're a bit late in coming. I think it would be foolish to rush the project and then possibly not get it as perfect as you always wanted it to be. While I'm waiting I am still getting out and about on my bike, as much as I can, which is much more important to me than worrying about my purchase which I know is on the way. Best of luck and congratulations on your great ideas. richard

    4. Mike French on

      Cool - I'm just over backer 1,000 and in the UK so very hopeful I'll see these in the coming few days.

    5. Serg on

      Awesome! I backed these on Kickstarter so I'm totally fine with the delays so far, I think you're actually doing quite well!
      Do you have any idea when the next batch are going to FBA centres? I'm closer to backer number 2000, so I'm just curious, that's all. Thanks & good luck! :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Les Kennedy on

      Thanks for the update. Not that bothered about the app being delayed.

      If people aren't happy with setbacks like this I suggest they don't do Kickstarter projects and just buy once everything has been sorted and released.

      Anyone who's ever been involved in projects knows how things do drift.

      Looking forward to the lights.


    7. See.Sense 4-time creator on

      It's very difficult to communicate sentiment in written updates. Although it might feel like six months delay, we're currently around 9 weeks delayed and shipping.
      The android app is trailing by a few weeks and we are working to bring it to you as soon as possible. Given how easily delays can stack and the short period for which our new developer has been working on it, it would be foolish to promise a date right now.
      For features and controls, ACE does not require any connection to have fully autonomous AI functionality to adjust and optimise brightness for your every ride. It also features an additional mode that ICON does not - this is the ECO mode, designed to be less bright for those cycling in a group of friends. With ICON a short button press cycles between flashing and solid. With ACE it's Flashing-ECO-Solid.
      We could have rushed it, but we wanted it to be right.
      Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ian Wood on

      Another VERY disappointed Android user here too. "We will do all we can to make sure you don't have to wait too long" and "when a release date comes into clearer focus" does not fill me with confidence we'll see a working app this year. The lights are already 6 months behind the original release date and now I'm paying a lot of money for a set of smart lights I can, ooooh, turn on and off with a button. If they work like Icon all I'll be able to do is turn them on at 100% brightness. I never run my lights at full brightness because they're usually far too bright for whoever is riding behind me. So basically I'll be getting a set of lights I can't use properly for an indeterminate amount of time, after it taking roughly a year from backing already.

      I know your Android developer left, but more effort should have been made to at least be in a position to be able to tell us EXACTLY how far behind the app is. The lack of even a loose release date hints that you're nowhere near. Sad news :(

    9. Mike Neidlinger on

      I understand that this was not your intentions. However misleading the customers isn't exactly a fair thing to do. You shouldn't imply something that you cannot make sure will happen. Having a "Smart Light" without a device to control it.... is nothing more that a glorified "dumb light".....

    10. Tobias Lang on

      A View days Here and there make months now, ans the non existant Software/app ist reqlly dissapointing and upsetting.....

    11. See.Sense 4-time creator on

      @Rob - the lights are fully functional without the mobile app - this just provides additional capability that facilitates customisation, crash and theft alerts and so on.

    12. Missing avatar

      Rob Haw on

      So just to clarify, what will the Lights be able to do without the app, and what is the timeliness for Android please? Lights already running over a month late, and getting later by the minute, very disillusioned backer here, not good for a first kickstarter experience :-(

    13. Anne Duncan on

      Good news, thanks for the update! I'll have them just in time for darker journeys.

    14. See.Sense 4-time creator on

      @Hendrick - we have weekly shipments from each of our two local factories. Production is going well and they have all the components in house already. Your lights shouldn't be far behind.

    15. Missing avatar

      Lee Dillon on

      Many thanks for keeping me and my fellow backers informed throughout the process!

    16. Missing avatar

      Hendrik on

      Thank you for the update.
      It would be interesting how far out the next batches are.
      I read 1,352 lights are on their way to the fulfillment center and on to the backers, which is great.
      I am quite far in line with a backer number in the 3,2xx's out of almost 4000 backers . Any view on how long it will take for all the lights to be dispatched?
      Thank you.

    17. Missing avatar

      Andrew Parry on

      Hope I don't get mine before Velo South, don't want to be an easy target for the protestors! Though, I'm interpreting this update as mine are on their way. Hooray :-)

    18. See.Sense 4-time creator on

      Hi Mike, we're disappointed to not be shipping with Android on day 1 also. We shared in previous updates that our Android developer had left. So please be assured this was never our intention and we're doing all we can to bring it to release as soon as possible.

    19. Mike Neidlinger on

      Highly disappointed. The video and description made it sound like these would work out of the box with Android, as well as iOS. Come to find out when they finally ship only iOS will be supported. And we Android users get the dreaded "Android Support Coming Soon" .....

    20. Neil Hong on

      Luke is my hero! Now that I've praised u. Gimme my lights pls... 😂

    21. Missing avatar

      Neil Gray on

      Cheers for the update