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$8,319 pledged of $50,000 goal
By Ted Crawford
$8,319 pledged of $50,000 goal

January 2012 - Thank You KickStarter-Tool-Makers Backers

Wow!  We would first of all and most importantly like to thank our backers for the belief and support of this project.

We are aware that this is certainly not exactly the mainstream type of project for KickStarter, however, it is very evident that a lot of people like it based on the comments & e-mails.

Our project is 16% funded with 24 days to go.  We have received a lot of e-mails with lots of great compliments and comments. the positive belief in Tool-Makers is overwhelming and the questions are great. The range of these comments, technical questions and much appreciated compliments on the Tool-Makers project has taught us one interesting fact. That is we have created a hit with our new designs which have simply caught most people by surprise. Questions about the tool function, materials, novelty and unique design have proven that this KickStarter backer crowd is a crafty and smart bunch.

Our original (and current goal) is to craft the "Greatest Tool In The World" both in operation and distinctive design. This has been accomplished.

We will succeed at get this great new idea to market one way or another, sooner or later. We will ask that you help spread the word and get the KickStarter momentum going in January.

With 24 days left and the holidays now behind, we are ready for an uninterrupted effort  to get the word out on a daily basis.

We will provide new updates on a consistent basis to answer all of the questions that have been asked along with all of the comments made. Please feel free to ask a question, comment or suggestion and we will post the answers ASAP. 

Our next update will address the explanation of the rewards and shipping. 

We will also update our progress with new license agreements and more importantly how this will enhance our designs portfolio.

We will post some images of our latest designs in the next update.




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    1. Missing avatar

      David Elliott on January 25, 2012

      I think people may have been put off by the huge goal. I also wonder if there is some "Kickstarter burnout" starting to affect projects with higher goals. There have been project failures (hanfree) and projects where the project managers have been completely uncommunicative (zioneyes), and those have some regular backers holding off until things get better.

    2. Ted Crawford Creator on January 14, 2012

      Hello pocketscience, Thanks for your great positive comment! I have had a lot of feedback which has been very positive regarding this project. I guess we can go figure. We are not totally surprised, however, it seems like I have had a over 100 phone calls or e-mails with questions about the design & technology as opposed to others who have said they will definitely back the project. The good news is that we continue to get mail & calls regarding business funding, opportunities, manufacturing partners etc. Some of these will lead to a funding partner for sure. I have said it before that we will get this done one way or another.

    3. Gavin Maxwell on January 10, 2012

      I'm both saddened and amazed at the lack of support for this project. I've passed the word on to most everyone I know without blatant spamming (which I would never stoop to) - has everyone else helped spread the word?