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A deck destruction game where you drink potions for their effect on your turn, and have a powerful side effect on the next.
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An Open Letter to Our International Backers

Posted by New World Alchemy - David A. Lupo (Creator)

Each game we make takes an incredible amount of time to design, play test, and publish. The idea may come from one person, or from a group of people, but even a game that is made by a single person cannot become a reality without the support of a lot of people who believe in it.

Addictive Alchemy is no exception. Dave designed the game as a challenge to himself, to make a game using only cards, and no other pieces. His local gaming community quickly jumped on board and from there support starting coming in from no less than three continents. All of this was before it was even put on Kickstarter.

You’ve been a big part of this support from around the world. Even though Addictive Alchemy is one game, you’ve shown us something that we see every day in this world, something that is important to remember: we are better when we work together, when we support common goals, dreams, and ideas.

Things that get in the way, like building walls, creating intolerance or misunderstandings can only hurt us. We want to say to you, our international backers, and to the international community, that we don’t believe in separation, inequity, or regression. We believe in building a world that connects people who support each other.

As a token of this, VectoriaDesigns and Team Alchemy have worked together again to create a new card. We won’t pretend the message is subtle. We want to be clear when we say this: we stand together. The art, the symbol for the green potions, and the effects of the card all reflect that message.

If you backed Addictive Alchemy as an international backer, or pre-ordered it from an address outside of the US, we will mail you this card.

A “print and play” version of the card will be made available for everyone from our website, or from the Addictive Alchemy page on Board Game Geek once we finalize it.

Please keep an eye out for it in the coming months.

We hope you find strength and support in our message.

Thank you,

Team Alchemy & VectoriaDesigns

Joachim Brackx, Tinne Diels, Jenn Lee, Jason Stone, Mir Mohammad, Joel Valencia, Elizabeth Gulsby, and David Lupo.

We Stand Together
We Stand Together




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    1. Frank Bromley on

      @New World Alchemy - David A. Lupo how about doing it for a small fee and donatinign the money to either ACLU or HRC

    2. New World Alchemy - David A. Lupo Creator on

      @Alex Neilson, Kenny Bailery, everyone who has PMed us about this - Thank you for sharing. It's important to be heard, your thoughts, and support on this message is inspiring!

      On the same day we posted this a larger game company posted another inspiring message that I'd like to share here:

    3. New World Alchemy - David A. Lupo Creator on

      @Frank Bromley - We are looking into an option to make this card available for anyone. It is a gift in sentiment and physical form to the international backers. However, others who want to share in this shouldn't be left out. We're looking into having an option for people to buy the card for $5 to cover shipping, and then we will give a couple of dollars to charity for each card purchased. I'm not promising anything, but that's what we'd like to do.

    4. Frank Bromley on

      can American backers score printed copies?

    5. Alex Neilson

      Love it!

    6. Krivvin Kenny Bailey on

      Wonderful sentiment. I'm with you. :)