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Help us to print our four-part (200+ finished page) shared-world zombie comic anthology, featuring top talent from TV, film and comics!
339 backers pledged £11,030 to help bring this project to life.

Day 26

Posted by Mike Garley (Creator)


Ever wondered how an Undertaker would react to Zombies? You can find out in Boxes, which is where today’s cover artwork is from. Boxes was written by Sam Read, illustrated by Leonie O-Moore, and lettered by Mike Stock. 

Right! I think it’s about time we wheel out another stretch goal, don’t you? That was rhetorical, because here one is: 

£9,500 – A pin-up by Dean Beattie, which will appear within the pages of Dead Roots. Dean is an incredible artist and his unique style will look great in amidst all the other crazy action that will be in Dead Roots. Here’s an example of his work: 

So if you want that type of awesome in Dead Roots (you do – yet again, rhetorical) then you can help by sharing this blogpost on twitter, facebook, your blog, your body and in alphabet spaghetti, this will help us reach this, and hopefully many more stretch goals! 


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    1. Mike Garley 10-time creator on

      Hi Sungsi,

      We wanted to create some exclusive content to thank everyone who pledged at the Hardcover level and above. And in doing so we wanted to create a reward that would be befiiting of a luxury hardcover, whilst ensuring that we don't withold any artwork from anyone. Thanks.

    2. Missing avatar

      Joni W. on

      Quick question on the essay goal of 8,500. Why is it only in the Hardcover and not in the soft cover?