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Help us to print our four-part (200+ finished page) shared-world zombie comic anthology, featuring top talent from TV, film and comics!
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Day 20

Posted by Mike Garley (Creator)

Hello you!

Today’s cover artwork is from Game On, which was written by Daniel Clifford, Illustrated by Joe Ward, coloured by Nathan Ashworth, and lettered by Mike Stock. Pretty neat, huh?

In honour of me just spending two-days with the rest of the Eponymous creative team (Martin Simmonds and Mike Stock), here’s a couple of pages, which they both worked on from Dead Roots: @Zombify.

@Zombify was written by Paul Alexander, illustrated by Martin Simmonds and lettered by Mike Stock. In @Zombify we take a look at how social media would be used in a zombie outbreak – useful stuff to know!

It’s about time we make our £8,500 stretch goal, and to do that we need your help, by tweeting, facebook’ing, and blogging about Dead Roots!

You guys have all been amazing and we really appreciate your support!

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