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Help us to print our four-part (200+ finished page) shared-world zombie comic anthology, featuring top talent from TV, film and comics!
339 backers pledged £11,030 to help bring this project to life.

Day 4

Posted by Mike Garley (Creator)
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Not only have we hit the £3000 mark, but we’ve also gone and got ourselves a mention on the mighty Down the Tubes (click here if you don’t believe me)! 

A few of our collaborators have blogged about their stories/experiences writing for Dead Roots, which you can check out here: Jody HouserDavid ScullionSam Read.

We’re also going to start sharing even more artwork over on our Facebook page to show the diverse range of amazing styles that will be appearing within the anthology. Don’t forget if we can surpass our target then we’ll be adding even more cool stories and artwork to the anthology! 

Today's cover artwork was by Kathryn Layno from her story Siege, written by James Henry.

Thanks again for all your support, shares, likes, etc, etc. You guys rock!

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