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A failed marriage proposal sends a man off the deep end, where he forms and unlikely bond - with a lobster.
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Dax Santi

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Hello all,

A big thank you to anyone who has backed my project so far. The response has be great. I'm almost half way of my needed pledge amount. If you haven't pledged, but are thinking about it, a big thank you to you too if you do! (Four YOUs in one sentence!) It's all about you!

I thought I'd share the photo I used to create the cover of Pinching Lobsters. I was looking to create some mystery since my protagonist is wanted by the law for stealing lobsters, and no one knows his identity.  I made a cardboard lobster and had my friend hold it standing near a wall. I then put some strong light on him so his shadow would stand out. I then used Photoshop to manipulate the color balance and then added a lot of layers of water to give it an aquatic feel. Photoshop's layer blending is amazing! I became very addicted to it.

Finished Cover.


    1. Creator Brian Schirmer on June 22, 2012

      Cool thing to share. NEVER knew the lobster was cardboard. Hilarious!