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A failed marriage proposal sends a man off the deep end, where he forms and unlikely bond - with a lobster. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 18, 2012.

A failed marriage proposal sends a man off the deep end, where he forms and unlikely bond - with a lobster.

About this project

LOBSTERS must molt in order to grow, which leaves them vulnerable. Wait, isn't that the same for humans? We too, are most vulnerable when we break out of our shells.

About this Campaign

The hardest thing about self-publishing a novel is promoting and marketing the story once it has been written. Who do you market to? What’s their contact info and will they even read the letter? How do you reach people outside of your own network? With your pledge, all proceeds from this Kickstarter campaign, after rewards and fees have been paid, will go to pay Smith Publicity to help me with a one month national publicity campaign promoting Pinching Lobsters.

About Kickstarter

If this is your first experience with Kickstarter, you have the opportunity to back this project by clicking one of the Pledge links to the right.  Here's another thing: You won't be charged until and unless this project reaches its goal.  It's all or nothing with Kickstarter.  If we don't reach our goal by July 18, then there's no cost to you - and we get nothing.  However, if we do make it, then your card will be charged and the publicity campaign for Pinching Lobsters will be officially underway - thanks to YOU!

What has been completed for this project?

I’ve already written the novel. You can find ebooks for $2.99 at Amazon, iBookstore and Barnes and Noble. A paperback version is available on Amazon for $10.00. All links can be found through my website.

About this story

A failed marriage proposal sends one man off the deep end, where he forms an unlikely bond - with a lobster

Have you ever been dumped? The hilarity of ones behavior upon hearing those frightful words, “we need to talk,” is universal.  It’s bad. It’s embarrassing. For me, there was that one girl. This story is not about her, but she planted the seed, deep - and proceeded to water it.

Pinching Lobsters takes a humorous, dramatic and often adventurous look at one man who has recently been dumped, broken up with, tossed out, brushed aside.  It focuses on those first few days after. The blur.

Danny takes his girlfriend Stacy to their favorite seafood restaurant to propose to her. The kind with the live lobster tanks at the front. He arranges with the maitre d' to have a diamond strapped to the claw of one of lobsters that now has "Stacy" written on its shell. She would order lobster. Stacy always ordered lobster. She would see the modest diamond, and then Danny would drop to one knee as many before him have and take the leap from his shell.

The look in her eyes tells him all he needs to know as he notices other eyes taking witness. A silence overcomes the room as he begins his descent off the cliff. Far above he hears her “letting him down easy,” but it’s never easy. Upon crashing to the ground, he stands up and does the only thing he can think to do.

He runs.

Rubberneckers witnessing this tragic event block the front door. He turns and runs to the back of the restaurant, through the bright lights of the kitchen’s swinging doors. Away from the eyes. Beside the oven he sees Stacy’s lobster, waiting it’s own tragic event - death by boiling water. A bond forms. We’re in this sinking boat together. He escapes out the back, with Stacy’s lobster.

Danny has gone off the deep end and there at the bottom, a lobster lays beside him. He grasps firmly to fact that he saved this lobster.  He now wants to save more. To hide from his own demise, Danny begins a journey of pinching live lobsters from anywhere he can find them - grocery stores, bait shops, from right off the boats at the pier.

But he is sinking fast. The law is after him, his ex is calling. His father just found out. Bad decisions have taken over. He must make one more. Save himself or save the lobster.

Your help

Thank you for taking the time to look at this page. Any pledge amount will be greatly appreciated. Also, sharing the link to this Kickstarter page would be of great help in getting the word out.

About the Rewards

Stacy's Lobster Photo
Stacy's Lobster Photo

Link to adopt a lobster

Limited Edition Pinching Lobsters t-shirt

3-D Lobster puzzle

Rubber lobster


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    The Lobster card: All backers will receive this one of a kind postcard! People say that a good rug really ties a room together. The same can be said for a strategically placed postcard on your refrigerator! You'll find your guests gravitating towards it. And while there, they can grab you some grape juice. It's a win-win!

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    Planktonic phase: An ebook edition of the Pinching Lobsters emailed to you with a personalized thank you from me. Formats available for Kindle, iPad, and Nook. Desktop version available for Adobe Reader, or a link to a downloadable .pdf version upon request.

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    Postlarvae: All the above, plus an 8 1/2 x 11 color print of Stacy's lobster taken by myself. (Photo below left.)

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    Molt stage 1: All the above, plus a signed paperback copy of the book. (Please add $10.00 for international shipping.)

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    Molt stage 2: All the above, plus from the National Lobster Hatchery – UK, I will adopt a lobster in your name! They will name him/her after you - or the person of your choice - and send you a certificate and the date the lobster was released. (Link below left.)

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    Rare 100 year old lobster: All the above, plus a 3-D Wooden Puzzle - Lobster. Plus a rubber lobster - from the video - it's the rubber chicken of the new millennia! (Photo below left.)

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    Retailer: 100 copies of Pinching Lobsters.

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