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A community supported agriculture style way to help us get an energy efficient vat that will also help us to make even better cheese.

We are working to acquire a new cheese vat to replace the old "gas guzzler" with one that is energy efficient, and that will help us to make even better cheese, to ensure the continued success of a small local, sustainable agricultural, sixth generation, grass based farm.

What we are asking is very similar to a community supported agriculture style funding. You send in a "subscription" and we send you back product. In this case it is cheese. Lovely cheese made from the Canal Junction herd that grazes the wonder mineral rich soils of Northwest Ohio. 

There is no limit to how little of how much you can support the project with.

The money will be used to purchase a new cheese vat and the results will be for you to enjoy. There is a 20% payback on top of what you put in. Example, you put in $20.00 you will receive $4.00 worth of cheese on top of the $20.00 that you put into the project. So you will receive a total of $24.00 worth of cheese, sent right to your door. Depending upon how much you put into the project will depend upon how often you receive cheese. The more you put in the more cheese you will get in return over a longer period of time. All "payback" will be finished within 3 years of the project closing date. Not only will you get the regular cheeses that we make here at Canal Junction, we will be making cheese just for project supporters. All cheeses will be priced at the value listed on the website. 

We will only be shipping to the United States. We will gladly receive funds from outside the U.S. please note that there will not be any cheese in return, Sorry.


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    Cheese, Cheese and more cheese.

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    Cheese, Cheese and more cheese along with a few extra goodies.

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    Cheese, Cheese and more cheese, cheese related goodies, and a delicious cheese sauce made with the cheese from the cheese vat that you are supporting.

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