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New Stretch Goal: Hallowe'en Special


That's it: Rudyard Ruins Summer is confirmed! 

The summer special is backers-only as our way of saying thank you for helping get to where we are now. We'll be getting in touch with all of you when we release it next summer with instructions on how to listen.


Season 3 is fun(n)ded, our £10,000 stretch goal reached, and our last Funn Fragment - The Full Works by Alex Lynch - dropping on the feed imminently. But we still have over three weeks left in the campaign.

After sitting up late into the night chatting among the coffins about how best to use this time, we are going to push for an additional stretch goal of £15,000.

If we hit that target, we will do two things:

  • Make a 45 minute Hallowe'en special available to all listeners
  • Direct funds into Wooden Overcoats LIVE


Wooden Overcoats LIVE began as our first fundraising effort. When we started making the show, we knew we wanted it to be as high quality as the radio comedy and radio drama we have loved for decades.

To do that, we needed the right tools, the right space. Raising money through our live shows gave us access to fulfilling those needs. Today, the shows have grown into an integral part of our year. We perform the episodes to packed audiences in central London at the same time as they drop on our feed. In fact, you can see a sneak peak of a Season 3 episode at our London Podcast Festival show in ten days.

Wooden Overcoats LIVE
Wooden Overcoats LIVE

All the money we have raised so far has gone into making the studio version of the show and we are indebted to a number of talented and generous actors who have helped us keep Wooden Overcoats LIVE going alongside. 

It is our ambition to change these shows from additional fundraisers into self-sustaining events. This stretch goal will help us do just that.


We also want this stretch to bring something to you. If we hit the full £15,000 we will make a forty five minute Hallowe'en special for release on 31 October 2018.

Expect your humour gallows, your laughs grave, your comedy midnight black. Pop a speaker in the pumpkin, get the exorcist on standby. The Hallowe'en special will be sure to turn Piffling Vale from a village into a hooooooooowl.

Unlike the backers-only summer special, the Wooden Overcoats Hallowe'en special will be available to all our listeners. It will go out directly on the Wooden Overcoats podcast feed.


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    1. Wooden Overcoats 2-time creator on

      Hi Sheila,

      We will send out instructions to all our backers on how to listen to the summer special when we release it and if we hit our new stretch goal, the Hallowe'en special will go out on the main feed for everyone.

    2. Missing avatar

      Sheila Etheridge on

      If we contributed to the Kickstarter, is there a secret code we need to make sure we get those great episodes???

    3. Kevin Wilson on

      As soon as I saw "Halloween" I said "yes" and haven't stopped. This sounds brilliant!

      Also: thank you all for your hard work and planning. This must be an exhausting affair but I'm so happy I got a chance to contribute to something I love so dearly. You're all magnificent!