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Help Mahadev finish it's debut album! Indian, Middle Eastern, Gypsy, Jazz, Blues, Spanish & more all stirred together!

We want your help to finish this project and get the unique music of Mahadev out there! Mahadev is recording its debut album at TV Tray Studios in Simi Valley with Steve Rusch engineering.

Most of the recording is already done. We recorded over 3 hours of music! We have  picked the songs for the final album, but we need to mix it, get the artwork done and get it printed. The mixing is the most crucial part of the album and can make the difference between a good one and a great one.  

Once the album is done, we will have it available for sale at shows & online. We'll be sending it out to get reviews, to labels for potential distribution, and to help us get gigs and onto the festival scene for 2012. We already have possible representation for gigs/touring in the Pacific Northwest, and this will help to secure gigs, workshops and conferences...

The album is the culmination of years of work. All but one of the songs are original compositions by me and some of the songs go back a few years to my time in Baltimore, but most of them came from work done at California Institute of the Arts and collaborations with the musicians there. Everyone involved in the project - including the engineer as well as the owner of the studio - went to CalArts and although many of the tunes were started or sometimes written before coming to California, they began to reach their full realization with the wonderful musicians available to me at CalArts.

Although the songs are by me, the album represents the collaboration and spontaneous inspiration of all the amazing musicians here. I couldn't have done it without these incredible musicians, who are definitely all going to be at the forefront of the improvised music world in due time. The album will be mainly acoustic with the single cover tune is an unusual arrangement of a traditional North Indian Dhrupad song featuring trumpet, sax, bass, Indian slide guitar and 2 percussionists. For the album we've recorded music that covers styles from Indian-Blues-Balkan fusion, middle eastern, african, Indian-jazz fusion, and flamenco jazz, with improvisation on every track, ranging from contemplative and chill to driving and danceable.

The album features me on Indian slide guitar & classical guitar, Aaron Chavez on riq, kanjira (hand percussion) and kalimba (african thumb piano), Eric Klerks on fretless electric bass, Michael Mull on tenor saxophone and clarinet, and Chris Payne on cajon, frame drum & zabumba (percussion).  We were also joined by Clinton Patterson on trumpet.


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    All of the above PLUS a live performance given by at least Dave, and as many members of the band as we can wrangle up (depending on where you live)!

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