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I have run out of money to put into the shop but need an awning out front so the musicians and members of the community can sit outside
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I took over the shop in July and have used all the remaining proceeds of my flat sale to improve the shop which is an ongoing project, there is still much work to do, which can be done cheaply and with help from all those who have kindly offered it, but the awning is a professional job and is something that just must be paid for.

I have a couple of tables with chairs outside and I always have a pot of coffee on for customers and members of the community who visit the shop, including musicians and those with special needs living in sheltered accommodation locally who visit the shop with their care workers on a regular basis and get a lot of happiness from listening to music and being at the shop.  The outside space also provides somewhere for these care workers to sit and have a coffee and a cigarette while their clients enjoy the shop.

Since the end of the summer it has become apparent that I need some kind of shelter out front  due to the fact that it rains A LOT here in Manchester.  I have no funds left, and have the added problem that as soon as the awning is attached to the shop it becomes part of the premises and I will no longer own it.   It would also provide a space outside for small band shows from spring onwards that could be planned without worrying too much about the weather as long as equipment is protected from the rain.

This is a major expense for something that will transform the shop for me and those who visit and was hoping that you guys might help me achieve this by raising the money to pay for this.

Thanks in advance for your help. 

Big Love from me and everyone who benefits from my funny little shop xxx

Risks and challenges

A challenge may be that if the awning is damaged in the wind or by vandals I will need money to repair it, hopefully by this point I will have stopped putting all my takings back into the shop and will have the money to carry out repairs when needed

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