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My name is Wunmi, i am planning to go to Accra,Ghana,Feb 2010 to record my sophomore album.I would love your support to make my dream album come true!
My name is Wunmi, i am planning to go to Accra,Ghana,Feb 2010 to record my sophomore album.I would love your support to make my dream album come true!
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2 days... half way!.. oh yes we can.....BELIEVE!

We are now approx 67 hours to make $8,490!.....

Do you know someone who has a special event coming up and would be in need of a great band!?
Please tell them about me.. if you have seen my band and I..
You know we are a fabulous band to entertain any crowd...your friend / friends will be too thrilled..
for a generous pledge of $5000 !...My band and i will bring HOT PEPPER SAUCE to your party!.
2 such bookings / pledge BEFORE 11.59pm on Feb 7th will bring us on target!.........

If you and your friends have not tasted Nigerian dishes... all for a generous pledge of $2000! have me come serve up dinner or lunch for you and a few friends..... yes WUNMI in your Kitchen or you come to my place.... and I will treat to mouth watering dishes from my Native country!...

It is a new year and dance is one of the best tools for getting back in shape...
I will be more than happy to come teach a dance workshop!..
For a generous pledge of $3000... i will provide life musicians!... and you and your friends can enjoy a great workout with live music..

This are just some of the great rewards still available!..

I look forward to performing, cooking or teaching anywhere!.. for the Generous pledge!..

I am waiting..

deadline looming!..where there is a will there is always a way!

My apologies for being out of communication for the past 2 weeks..
I have like everyone been in a deep state of shock since the Haiti earth quake..
I continue to pray that HAITI finds peace in the mist of this nightmare.

Much as i so believe in my project and need everyones participation.. I did not feel comfortable soliciting for backers in the mist of the crisis in Haiti..
Just as i continued to struggle with what next.. I received a beautiful email from a dear friend who asked me to go back to the comments and positive reinforcement i have received from all of you who have backed my kickstarter project....he reminded me that there were people looking to help me fulfill my dream. he said "Believe it or not, their dreams are fulfilled as well. Accept graciously, give graciously. It's the breathe of our psyche."

And as i have been reminded i do have an album to record and dreams to fullfill!

Oh yes it is tight.. $10,055 dollars to raise by Feb 7th..
But i know we can do it..... and on this i make a promise to you all that as well as doing volunteering work while i am in Ghana recording .. i make my own pledge to you... If we do reach the full $15,500 before Feb 7th, i will dontate all of the profit from my next show In Ghana to Doctors without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).
To their Emergency Relief Fund, to be used in the Haiti earthquake emergency and in future emergencies.

I am ready to finish what we started.. Lets do this..Please email your friends share my project with them.. Let them know about me..I need everyones participation for real!...

I will be online everyday feel free to reach out to me..Emails, SKYPE, FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, KICKSTARTER...

We can do times of urgency all we need is someone to lean on.. I can't thank you all enough for your love and support..

love and more love,


I have been in Lagos , Nigeria for the pass week but sadly due to daily power cuts and fuel shortage I was not able to access internet /emails/ Kickstarter.
I traveled by Ground Yesterday to Ghana and finally went online to see new pledges !..
My gratitude to everyone for your generous support.

What with new world crises..... I know even more how truly bless to have you all support my project.
I can't thank you all enough..
To my new backers welcome on board the Ghana or Bust train.. I look forward to taking you all on a magical African fusion sound plain....

I'll also like to thank everyone who attended Jan 4th Sabar dance class fund raiser! in NYC
thanks to my master dancer teacher Babacar M'baye....
They raised $350 dollars
3 people who didn't come but sent in donation Shurla, Florelta and Maleuka ,
and folks who danced their lovely butt off!..Susanna, Aveila, Sandy,Lahi, Connie, Suko, Tobie, Cayenne, LIlte, Magali, Beth, mayo. Shirin, Hikaru, Assikero ,Kuddara, Shatina,Rajonna, Dion,Elthera,Oinuka, Annie, Kern, Tiffany, Shakuntala, Sabine, Florelta, Maliaka, Marianne, Jeffrey, Joan ,Ali, Elaine and Kori who also donated in advance.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart... i felt you all... Babacar thanks for making this happen.
with every step my goal inches forward.... Please continue to spread the word.... Let folks know
they too can hold fund raise on my behalf and then pledge it on my kickstarter!

The coming together of people to make dreams come true is a powerful affirmation of the power of the collective.... I am truly touched by all your support and love.
With this blessings i will create an album filled with positive,inspiring energy!

I look forward to sharing the making with you all!.

One love,


Birthday month !..

Dear All,

Firstly, THANK YOU to all the backers and WELCOME to those who have most recently joined the train to Ghana!. Wishing you all a Peaceful, Happy, Healthy,Productive Bless New Year!.

I am happy to announce despite catching a cold that almost robbed me of my voice. I was able to complete my 6 days feature guest with Roy Ayers at Jazz Cafe London Uk!. as well as singing back up on Roy's 'Everyone love the sun shine' and 'Black Family'
They also played my version of Fela Kuti's 'Upside down' ... wicked way to see in the New Year on Stage... Priceless!

Holidays are over......
So it's time to ramp up the energy and get some money flowing!!!

And it begins tomorrow Monday Jan 4th My Sabar Dance teacher Babacar M'baye (Senegalese traditional dance class in New York) has kindly offered to donate all the proceeds from his first Monday night class to my project!
Class takinf place @ DANCESPORT-22 West 34th Street/ 4th Flr,
Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm
Cost: $14.00
Please spread word and if you are in town go support ! Class is wikkid i love love love it!.. and the energy is out of this world..wikkid way to begin the year..

Other news this is my Birthday month... My big day is Jan 18th!.. this will be the first year in a very long time that I shall not have a birthday show... well not in NY or London.. but i am working on a way to upload the life recording of my first show in Ghana!
As soon as i figure this out you all will get to see this..

So okay we are now 35 days to deadline Feb 7th!...I am optimistic that we can reach our goal in time. However, I now strongly urging you to get in touch with anyone whom you think might be interested in backing "Ghana or Bust" and send them to this page. The countdown is on......

Sending you all best wishes!..
may this year bring forth more blessings for all.

love always,


Year coming to an end.. new beginnings

Waoh it is exactly a month since i launch my project!..
We now have 45 days to go!
The lessons and blessings intermingle with ease... what ever doubt i had before i launch
has gone for good...
Everyday i marvel at all the love and blessings shared with me.. I am truly humbled......
Thanks again to everyone of you for backing my project....Feed back is very positive!..
One thing i do know for sure..I AM LOVED and this is a BEAUTIFUL thing!
Please continue to spread the word..!
I am going to be BBC radio this Sun!. on Dotun Adebayo programm!

Wishing everyone a bless and joyous holiday season.. May the New Year bring forth more peace, clarity, understanding, love and abundance of happiness...

Love always..