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Bring the show back to New Orleans- Limited run!! MARCH 5th Read more

New Orleans, LA Theater
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This project was successfully funded on February 10, 2012.

Bring the show back to New Orleans- Limited run!! MARCH 5th

New Orleans, LA Theater
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A Different Woman is back!  Monday, March 5th at the Shadowbox Theatre, 2400 St. Claude, New Orleans

After a fantastic tour of Canada, which you wonderful Kickstart supporters were instrumental in making a reality, I have been repeatedly asked "So, when are you going to do the show again?" And, inspired by my friend Kim Boekbinder's ingenious method of booking performances, I've decided to conduct a limited pre-sell of tickets to ONE PERFORMANCE ONLY of "A Different Woman: a True Story of a Texas Childhood."

Want to see the video again? click this link!

  In the past, it's proven tricky to book a show and then hope an audience shows- there's a lot of up-front cash to pay for venue reservations, program printing, etc., so in the interest of making sure there's more than a verbal interest in the show, I'm setting a very modest goal of 25 pre-sold tickets. In the great tradition of Kickstarter, if I make my goal, I do the project, if I don't make my goal, no one's out any money. 

 Also, at the request of numerous service-industry and performer friends of mine, I am selecting an "off-night" to do the show. So all you "I got a gig that night" folks have no excuses now! <ha!>

  Now don't think 25 tickets are all I can sell- if I sell over 50, I will look into adding a second date. And be advised: tickets are $12 here- if you wait and buy them at the door, they'll be $15 ,so save yourself a few bucks and make this project a reality! (And even though the reward will only say "1 Ticket to the show," if you donate any multiple of $12, you will be eligible for that many tickets. So $24= 2 tickets, $36= 3 tickets, etc. Sorry for that confusion!)

Need more convincing? Check out what the critics have said:

"Russell, a born storyteller, inhabits Beasley on stage. What a woman. What a show." 4 1/2 Stars- Edmonton Sun

"This combination of brisk good humour and horror matches its renegade protagonist. Beasley's forthright and declarative style is well within the compass of the actor, who is vivid and engaging." 4 Stars-Edmonton Journal

“Beautifully written with care in language and delivered consummately. One leaves the theatre admiring Gertrude Beasley and also admiring Veronica Russell. Hamilton Fringe is blessed with an outstanding production…. This is a must see.“ ARTWORD

 “A riveting story spun by a great storyteller…. This show will have you hitting the history books to find out more, because when the show’s over, it’s not enough.” -The View

   “ Veronica Russell has gifted her audience with a powerful, polished show, and a story worth hearing about. Rarely will you feel as safe in the hands of a storyteller as you will in the audience of A Different Woman.”–Paige Louter   

  “Veronica Russell’s acting is captivating.[Her] voice is beautiful and commanding, vividly depicting Texas life in the early 1900s. It all comes through very effectively with Russell’s command of the stage.” –Mooney  on  Theatre

---“Russell’s memorable performance is understated, steadily paced, and ultimately deeply moving.”    ---Montreal Gazette

---“…not only amazing, but absolutely heartbreaking. (Russell) commands the undivided attention of her audience,… and has set the drama bar at an incredible height.”---Bloody Underrated

---“You will not see many performances, in or out of a Fringe, as assured and hypnotizing as Veronica Russell’s in this true story of the childhood of Gertrude Beasley…”---Charlebois Post

---"Growing up in West Texas was no picnic for this feisty proto-feminist. Russell's subtle retelling keeps the story compelling and her audience sympathetic."--Village Voice

---"...such a strong theatrical experience. ...a story of fortitude and determination, and, as humorously and smartly performed by Ms. Russell, the result is a quietly powerful mix of horror, humor and perseverance, and an intense journey into a world few New Yorkers get to experience by a first-hand source." --- Broadway World

---“...something of a miracle...her story deserves the audience it never got, and one hopes that through Russell's work it will finally be heard." ---

---"Russell holds us spellbound... A Different Woman is local original theater at its best."-- Gambit Weekly

---"A one-woman wonder. A Different Woman: a True Story of a Texas Childhood is the best one-person show I've seen... Russell holds us hostage with her spellbinding talent. This is a show and a performance that could stand on any stage, anytime, anywhere, and enthrall." -- New Orleans Times-Picayune

---“It is a stunning portrayal and one that deserves to be seen to a packed house.” –The Examiner


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