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BANNED in 3 countries, DESTROYED by authorities,& SHOCKING to great literary minds of its day...the1925 memoir of a Texas schoolteacher
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Pre-Sales now up for March 5th show in New Orleans!

Posted by Veronica Russell (Creator)

And, it's another Kickstart, so you know if it doesn't go all the way, you're not out any money! (And I just need 25 tickets to sell to make this happen- I don't think that's outside the realm of possibility!)

Tickets are only $12 on the kickstart, but will be $15 at the door, so you get to save a few bucks, too! 

As I mentioned before: Anyone who pledged on the original Kickstart and was supposed to get free tickets, but couldn't make the show will ABSOLUTELY be welcome to redeem that backer perk at this show, but please contact me in advance, so I can get your name on the list for the person at the door.

Thanks so much, all! --------------------Veronica

Whew- better late than never, huh?

Posted by Veronica Russell (Creator)

Hello to all my backers, and other interested parties!

Looks like I finally have the DVDs in the can- with any luck I'll be having them delivered to me, and all sent out by Mardi Gras. (That's for all you $70+ backers!) You will also be receiving the rest of your backer perks at that time- my plan was to mail the packages all at once, so apologies if you think I'd forgotten you all!

  On a related note, I have received numerous inquiries upon my return as to "when are you going to do your show again?" And I was a bit reticent, as it's tricky for a one-woman show to scare up enough of an audience to justify the cost of a space rental here in New Orleans. (This is not a rebuke, I'm just as bad as anyone at saying, "I'd love to see your show" and then events conspire to prevent me.)

  So the plan is this: I'll be putting up another Kickstarter soon to pre-sell tickets for a one-night show of "A Different Woman" here in New Orleans. If I sell at least 20 tickets, I will book the show- (I want to personally thank Kim Boekbinder for this epiphany!) If I sell at least 50 tickets, I will add another performance.

The date is not set, But I'll be letting you all know when it comes together. Hope some of you can make it! (If you are a backer from the original Kickstart who did not get to redeem your $50+ free ticket offer, I will of course honor that with this performance, so let me know, and I'll put you on the list!) 

Take care all, and I'll be in touch soon! -------------------------Veronica

SURPRISE! Montreal Redux-

Posted by Veronica Russell (Creator)

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Whew! Edmonton's got a BIG honkin' festival!!!

Posted by Veronica Russell (Creator)

Hey all! Sorry for the lull in updates, but we've been getting ourselves oriented here in Edmonton! Close to 200 shows in something like 40 venues- yowza!!

We had a WONDERFUL experience in Saskatoon- great audiences, and some wonderful reviews... (Hey, here's one now...!)

"PLANET S MAGAZINE: **** (Out of 5)

If there is an afterlife, Gertrude Beasley would be pleased. The adaptation of her autobiography, created and performed by Veronica Russell, would do her proud. Part re-enactment and part confessional, A Different Woman captures the character of a hard as nails Texas schoolteacher with fearless honesty and sumptuous texture.

Russell slipped in and out of the characters of Beasley, her mother and other members of her family seamlessly while painting a portrait of Beasley’s first thirty years of life. Her delivery was authoritative and confident, as if she was born in front of a restless Fringe audience. She took control of the room in an instant and held it at her leisure. In fact, I found her poise almost too perfect at times. When she did show the cracks in Beasley’s armour, just a handful of times throughout the play, her vulnerability was heartbreaking. Then with a little chuckle and a self-effacing wave of the hand, she was back in control.

Even though the energy dropped a bit near the end, it felt as though we were really in Beasley’s drawing room, reliving scenes from her life along with her. Told viscerally, but with authentically nostalgic turns of phrase, the story couldn’t have felt more real if it had been fully staged.

Gertrude Beasley’s life is definitely worth talking about, and A Different Woman is one worth seeing."

Add to that, upon arrival here, I had two great reviews laying in wait- the reviewers for the Edmonton Sun and the Edmonton Journal had both gone to Saskatoon to review shows in advance, so that really helped us hit the ground running!

(Oh, and you should definitely click on this link:)

So that's the story so far! I'll be keeping you posted as to the goings-on here. First performance is late-night tonight, so keep your fingers crossed that the night owls show up!

Thanks to all of you!----------------------Veronica

In the Heart of the Hammer!

Posted by Veronica Russell (Creator)

...literally!  (The little internet cafe we're frequenting here is actually named just that!)

Doing great here in Hamilton, and we're getting some lovely write-ups!

“A riveting story spun by a great storyteller…. This show will have you hitting the history books to find out more, because when the show’s over, it’s not enough.”-The View

“ Veronica Russell has gifted her audience with a powerful, polished show, and a story worth hearing about. Rarely will you feel as safe in the hands of a storyteller as you will in the audience of A Different Woman.” –Paige Louter

And then there's the one you just have to read in its entirety.... give it a look!

Thanks to Hamilton for your hospitality, and I'm so glad you're enjoying it!!

Next week, off to Saskatoon!!!