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Come with me to North Korea as I join an academic delegation with the goal of building academic bridges and cultural understanding. Read more

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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on August 13, 2011.

Come with me to North Korea as I join an academic delegation with the goal of building academic bridges and cultural understanding.

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About this project

North Korea is at an interesting turning point. They are truly interested in engaging with academic and business groups in ways that, until recently, they have never done. To that end, I will be joining an academic delegation next month (August 2011) for ten days. Because I study art history, I will be developing a really cool digital photo book from the time that will survey some of the important public and museum art of North Korea. All donations receive this digital book!

This is the kind of activity that will change our whole group whether from North Korea or with the delegation. And you can be part of this endeavor as you support me. By doing so, you will be part of building bridges and friendships with North Korean professors and students. It's cultural exchange at its very best!

But also, you are in for some GREAT rewards for your pledges! (see list of pledge rewards on the right hand column) Of course, the awesome "DPRK ART PACK" is the best, but there are plenty of other great rewards for those of you with more modest budgets -- but really want to be a part of this trip. Don't forget that every amount receives the digital photo montage and my personal observations. Lastly, if you pledge either $250 or $475, feel free to request a special souvenir item not listed, and I will try my best to get it for you!

Please let me know if you have any questions by sending me a message in the bottom right-hand corner. Join me now by pledging an amount listed to the right!  >>

Thanks very much for your time -- Peter

IMPORTANT: Please note that I cannot receive any pledged support unless I raise at least $1500 support by the deadline. That is: I can receive more than $1500, but I cannot receive any less than $1500, because it is the funding goal that I committed to. In other words, if I get $1450 in donations, I will receive nothing. It must be $1500 or more. Therefore, any help to the $1500 goal is greatly, greatly appreciated.


  • Yes. Many people do not realize that it is very easy to go on a tour to the DPRK, and it has been the case since about 2005. Only South Korean passport holders are restricted -- by both the North Korean government *and* the ROK government (South Korea). American passport holders are sometimes restricted in a few minor ways, but overall they are free to travel in and out on government-managed tours.

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  • Our group is made up of students, professors and other academics from around the world. We will be meeting together with some North Korean academics and also visiting some of the important sites that the government likes foreigners to frequent, such as the 60-foot high bronze statue of Kim Il Sung on Mansu Hill overlooking Pyongyang. (featured as the main project photo, with colorfully dressed North Koreans paying homage)

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    A cool digital photobook of the trip, with both pictures of the some of the most important art objects in the DPRK (both public and museum), plus my observations about these pieces.

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    $25 reward

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    • photobook + report (above)
    • PLUS: I will send you one postcard from North Korea and write a message to you in Korean! (I am an advanced Korean speaker)

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    $50 reward

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    • photobook + report (above)
    • PLUS: I will send you *three* different postcards from North Korea and write messages to you in Korean! (I am an advanced Korean speaker)

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    $100 reward

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    • photobook + report
    • three postcards sent to you from North Korea (above)
    • PLUS: A North Korean stamp set and set of pins

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    $250 reward

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    • Get all of the previous rewards
    • PLUS: Original propaganda poster (that is, NOT printed, but the original painted piece!)
    • and a North Korean t-shirt sent from North Korea!

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    DPRK ART PACK! Think of this as a “DPRK Propaganda Care Package” of North Korean items you choose from the list below. Before I leave from South Korea (let me know before August 10th), you can communicate to me what you want me to buy for you. I will send it to you upon return to the United States in the month of September. Order your own personal “DPRK Propaganda Care Package” by choosing four items from the following list:

    - A bottle of North Korean beer - Taedong (surprisingly tasty!)
    - A bottle of North Korean wine
    - A pack of North Korean cigarettes
    - One box of North Korean ginseng tea
    - 1 Propaganda book (English or Korean), a magazine, or a pack of five DPRK postcards
    - one set of DPRK stamps
    - one set of DPRK coins
    - a few bills of actual DPRK currency
    - five DPRK pins
    - a tourist map
    - a bag of dried fruits (DPRK)
    - One DPRK music CD or DVD
    - One DPRK movie DVD

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