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Seafood fraud is happening everywhere. We are building a traceability system for all restaurant guests to track fish from dock to dish
173 backers pledged $76,384 to help bring this project to life.

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Dock to Dish 2.0 End of Season Update

Posted by Trevor Swope (Creator)

Greetings to all Dock to Dish supporters and contributors to our kickstarter that (thanks to all of you) was funded this spring.  When we created this campaign we set out with lofty goals of revolutionizing the seafood industry.  Thanks to your support and lots of hard work over the last 8 months we are very proud to say that we have come closer to those goals through the successful implementation of end-to-end traceability at Dock to Dish Montauk.  This is history in the making and it couldn't have happened without YOU.  

It is with perfect timing that on the last day of this season an article featuring the new Dock to Dish 2.0 track and trace program was published in The Wall Street Journal.  For everyone that has been wondering how this program has been coming along, this article sums it up nicely.  

Another great place to view the capabilities of our track-and-trace system is on the Dock to Dish website where you can view our most recent track of both vessel and delivery van showing the path of sustainable seafood into NYC restaurants.  Also on the website you can view the species in that delivery along with all of the information regarding, who, what, when, where and how the fish were caught.

Again, thank you for your support and generous donations.  This project would never have happened without you and we want you to know that you have played an integral role in creating a true tide change in the world of seafood.

On behalf of all of Dock to Dish we would like to say once again - THANK YOU.







We Made It!

Posted by Trevor Swope (Creator)

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our backers. Your support means so much to us. Thanks to all of you, traceable sustainable seafood in Dock to Dish 2.0 will become a reality!  Thank you and way to go!

Through your donations you have paved the way for a revolution in the seafood industry that will fight seafood fraud and make traceability and transparency the norm.  As we've continually said, all of the sustainable practices in the world can be lost if there isn't reliable information regarding the provenance and supply chain of the catch.  With the systems that we'll be putting in place, real time, location based data will be made available to everyone, giving our members the most information possible regarding, when, where, how and by whom their fish was caught.  

Here's to all of you helping to shed light on what has historically been a dark and murky part of the seafood world - know that you played a vital role in the creation of a world of seafood defined by transparency and traceability! 


Trevor Swope