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$30,129 pledged of $35,000 goal
By David Surber
$30,129 pledged of $35,000 goal

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jaseena Elvin on

      Read the comments Michael. That will give you everything you need to know.

    2. Michael

      what happened? Hello?

    3. Michael

      Hello?anybody home?

    4. Michael

      is a real website and company?

    5. Michael

      What is going on here?!? Suspended!???

    6. Lonewolf22493

      @liow wee sheng i didnt see the email at the time. So excuse me for asking. There was no need to be a ass about it.

    7. Missing avatar

      Frankie Elmore on

      So many of the comments asked for a live demonstration, but how many are going to watch tomorrow. Seems like a lot of people worked hard to shutdown this campaign, but then you're not going to see him do the live demo?

    8. Michael on

      I received a $2680 inquiry from Alibaba, a site which I have never visited, for these headphones. Seems fishy when you claim to be creator of these headphones and then when you get exposed, all Hell breaks loose. Paperwork will be filed. Be prepared. I don't take these things lightly.

    9. Liow Wee Sheng on

      @Kartik Gaje

      That link you've randomly thrown in is a luminous aka "Glow In The Dark" earphones, not a LED-based earphone. Do some proper checks.

    10. Liow Wee Sheng on

      Many thanks to Frankie and James for going the extra mile to bust this scam. You've definitely saved hundreds of backers' money back here.

      @ Elizabeth DeJesus

      Seriously just check your email. It's already stated in BLACK AND WHITE, unless you don't understand simple English.

      "Accordingly, all funding has been stopped and backers will not be charged for their pledges. No further action is required on your part."

    11. Missing avatar

      Johan Henriksson on

      Will we still be able to see the live show? Or will it be presented to kickstarter?

    12. Lonewolf22493

      So, i just wanted to make sure.. our funds will not ne collected right? We wont be charged?

    13. Michael on

      I knew I was right to be skeptical. The price was too good to be true.

    14. Missing avatar

      Serenity on

      Good work guys, thanks for the save!

    15. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Jenkins on

      Thank god for your guys' attention and investment in research! I owe you many thanks!!!

    16. Missing avatar

      Johan Henriksson on

      Frankie and James, awesome that you look into this! Saving other people a lot of time and effort.

      Just to point out two things, you don't mention but probably have seen, but anyway:

      1. Foundation Luis Vuitton is one of the museums he mentions. Call them?

      2. Have you checked the other website mentioned, Organicaffinity.Com?

      Thanks guys for looking out for the rest of us.

    17. Frankie Field on


      @James Thurston, thanks for checking out that patent for me via the phone as states I did try online and had no hits but was hoping someone your side of the pond could take that further due to the charges I would have sustained. Well thats the nail in the coffin!

      I reported to kickstarter earlier this afternoon and told them to look at the comments to get a summary of the issue after my investigations into the patent, company and its business claims turned up alot of mismatches of information and they creator was unable to give an adequate explanation of these discrepancies...

      On a more positive note you can buy some lovely eye cream from David's 'headphone' companies amazon store for $140 dollars.... Good thing he didn't go into the vegan beauty industry before headphones it can get awfully crowded I imagine in recent years they'd even have to change their business completely to survive and... Oh wait organic affinity.. Hmm strange name for a headphone company who sell eye cream really isn't it!!

    18. James Thurston on



      @frankie field I'm in the U.S. and there is no patent under that ID, no patent ever filed under that number either, I checked yesterday online and called the Patent Office today to verify.


      I don't expect perfection out of people who I decide to back, but being honest and transparent is not too much to ask. This "creator" continues to bend the truth and then backs up his assertions with more false statements. It's pathological people! His dates and claims are are either straight lies or he is incredibly inaccurate... so we either have a liar on our hands or someone who is grossly negligent.

      Read through the whole comments section! He contradicts himself over and over again. He even admits to trying to sell these on a website and he couldn't get them sold so he came here to kickstarter, which is straight up against Kickstarters rules and terms! This is a prohibited item according to kickstarters prohibited items list.…

      Kickstarter should have shut this campaign down already! We're the only ones that can help that process and help HUNDREDS of people from getting scammed.

      Keep the thread going people! Don't let it get buried!!

    19. David Surber Creator on

      Hi Frankie,

      Organic Affinity was a Sole Proprietary company from 2012 until we changed to a LLC in 2014. The reason LV chose us is they wanted to make eco-friendly headphones and our BioBuds bamboo and bioplastic headphones are the most eco-friendly headphones on the market.

    20. Missing avatar

      Kartik Gaje on

      oh i See Frank did the same :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Kartik Gaje on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    22. Frankie Field on

      Hi David,

      Luckily never been burnt by a kickstarter so far but I am wary and do intensive research first, I find it only fair when I find reason for concern to share with the other backers.

      Firstly regarding the patent forgetting the country based date differences, you clearly stated in one post you have the US patent and then immediately follow up in the comment saying its an application (meaning actually you don't have a patent at all)
      I have searched for your patent application under :
      I was unable to find it perhaps being from the UK I was looking in the wrong place, but maybe for others you could provide proof of your application number matching up to a relevant patent application.
      However we should be mindful just because you apply for a patent does not mean it will be granted.

      I can see ORGANIC AFFINITY, LLC was registered in 2014(Company Number
      201424610147) under your name to an address in Sherman Oaks California but can find no records of an Affinity Design Labs founded in 2012.

      Regarding the Affinity Design Labs website its rather unprofessional for an established audio company who have done deals with so many companies.
      When I did a domain search on your website for audio lab using and I can clearly see the website was only created on 21st September 2015 and updated as recently 22nd September 2016.
      Between the years 2012 - 2015 were you not online?

      In the campaign you specifically focused on your business with Louis Vuitton, which apart from the media authored by yourself I cant find any trace of, If you didnt have a website or were only just founding it why did they approach you and not a larger powerhouse of the industry as we commonly see with other big brand crossover projects

      I eagerly await your response,

      Best Wishes,

    23. David Surber Creator on

      Hi Frankie and Kartik,
      I am sorry you were burned by previous kickstarters. We are a premium headphone company that is putting our reputation on the line to deliver a quality product to our backers. If you visit and go to the gallery, you will see photos of the headphones we make for Louis Vuitton, The Broad Art Foundation, YogiSurprise, Yamaste, Royal Books and Publishing, and many of our other happy, repeat customers.

      Regarding the patent date, It was filed last May, not October, as you wrote. Here in the US when we abbreviate a date, the month goes first, not the day, like the rest of the world. I called the Patent office yesterday and they are reviving the patent.

      Night Rhythm Headphones not only sound great and look cool, they are also durable. We have been using one of our prototypes for over a year and it still works great.

    24. Frankie Field on

      @Kartik Gaje, I'm afraid I'm of the same opinion as you, the updates from Dave have done nothing to alleviate my suspicions. There’s several areas to cause concern from my POV:

      Alibaba Listings

      We have a kickstarter campaign who have decided for their main image rather than use a photo of their own product, to just use a stock image from 2013 their EL wire manufacturer has provided.

      We have seen alibaba links to headphones that visually are near identical copies to the product shown in the hues section of the campaign, the only difference is the control box which on this kickstarter is black and branded even the earbuds and the earbud hook design match.
      However progressing from this point if you look closely at some of the images and video the control boxes do actually match the glow color and are not branded making them an exact match for the alibaba listings
      Confusion over Patent
      Has anybody rang up the patent office and checked out the application?
      I tried online and had no hits, unfortunately I'm UK based so could really do with someone from the US to follow this one up by phone.
      We went from Dave categorically stating they hold a US patent in their first response to an hour or so later stating they'd 'applied' for a patent which they'd received a letter for two days with a notice of abandonment. which would mean he'd lied in the first update.
      Incidentally we don't actually know what the patent application even covers, or why for a product dreamt of in 2014 conceived mid 2015 the application was only submitted in October 2016 .

      Previous business in Audio Sector

      Whilst I can see Daves other business organic affinity earphones does have a website, they have no contact details on there just a form.
      They are also a seller on Amazon with a grand total of 11 reviews (one of which is verified)
      Incidentally organic affinity on amazon also sell eye cream, very strange choice for a headphone company make what you will of that.
      Do we know of any registered address for the existing company I can’t seem to find one online
      Re The Louis Vuittons headphones, apart from what Dave states here on kickstarter do we have any proof of their existence?

      Apparent inflated pricing of final product RRP
      Regarding the frequency range and technical spec these are marketed as superior sound quality (£80 rrp), whilst we all expect this realistically will suffer slightly for the fashion aspect I would expect the spec to be better than on a set of earbuds I can pick up at my local poundshop (They’re not I’ve checked)

      At a pledge of $48 to go towards the mass manufacture, and completion of this project I cannot see where the money is going… even if all the above is coincidental, sounds like one hell of a markup to me

      On a final theoretical note, I imagine rebranding a low cost existing product from china would be quite cheap, and then selling them on via kickstarter as some amazing new technology could be quite lucrative…

      I hope I am wrong and will quite happily buy at full RRP if I find myself to be so, but after thorough research I am withdrawing my pledge. Looking at the fluctuating number of early bird pledges available Im not the only one

      I have posted my investigations so it is visible to any other backer having doubts and they’re not doubling my effort for information that’s already been looked into.

    25. Missing avatar

      Kartik Gaje on

      I & many like me were conned by USBidi earlier, these guys get cheap chinese stuff & the end product is not as wht is promised. i just came here to warn all you backers. rest is your choice. & the replies i saw are a familiar pattern as USBidi guys did to their backers.

    26. Danny Tarr on

      These are so awesome! Can't wait to bump some ODESZA with them!

    27. Erin Kenny on

      These are such a cool idea. Doing a live stream is a great idea- can't wait to tune in and check out the product in person!

    28. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Breedlove on

      Love this project! Can't wait to use these on my night runs.

    29. Stephanie Spaulding on

      Super stoked for the live stream!

    30. Missing avatar

      Tom Preston on

      @David Surber:

      Sounds good, thanks for taking the time to address everything. Looking forward to the demo video

    31. David Surber Creator on

      @Tom Preston

      Last spring we were trying to launch these headphones for retail in the US and positioned them to Big Box Stores across the country. The reason they did not take is that major retailers like Wal-Mart and Target were asking for a commitment of $3Mil in ad spend for pre-launch promotion, which we obviously didn't have.....

      So we built a website last March at and started promoting the headphones. We shot some videos and put them on Youtube and they have been up for almost a year. It could have been either of those places, but I suspect a leak at my supplier in China. I bet one of the employees that worked on the prototypes left the company and decided to knock them off and put them on Alibaba.

      I am planning to do a Kickstarter Live Demo next week shoing the different headphones and their functions if you guys want to tune in.

      The Patent number is application 62/334,294 filed on 5/10/16. I just got a letter in the mail 2 days ago from the patent office which is a "Notice to Abandonment" because they are claiming that I did not respond to a "Notice to File the Missing Parts" which I never received from them, so I am in the process of following up with them to see what they need and why I never got their original letter requesting more information.

    32. James Thurston on

      @David Surber could you share the Patent number or the filing ID? all patent, trademark and copyright information is already a matter of public record, so searching for the appropriate databases and federal databases that are all available online take a bit of time and I'd love to see that patent and its submitted date so we can move forward with no issues!

      Also @frankie field very interesting catch with that time stamp of 2013.

      @tom preston I didn't catch the Chinese on that main image either until you pointed it out!

      I want to remain positive on this project, the idea and concept has always fascinated me. Also thanks @lars thriskos for pointing that out and asking a great question.

    33. Missing avatar

      Tom Preston on

      Also, as James mentioned, it would be nice to see some actual real life footage of the headphones working as described (other than the promo footage).

    34. Missing avatar

      Tom Preston on

      @David Surber:

      Thanks for responding. Would you mind sharing where the designs might have been shown publicly? Even if the main image makes the wire look seems a bit odd that you wouldn't use your own image. Looking closer Im not sure how I missed the Chinese type across the iphone.

      Another poster mentioned below that the image was created in 2013...and you mentioned your conceptual phase started in 2014. Just trying to make sure its clear as I know a lot of us have been swindled on kickstarter before.

    35. David Surber Creator on

      I appreciate you concerns and commend you on your keen eye. There are a few companies offering EL wire headphones on Alibaba, and they have been for some time. We have been publicly showing photos of our designs for almost a year, and I am not surprised that they are now copying us.....Even though we do hold a US Patent for the design.......

      Regarding the stock footage, this was a stock image that came from our EL wire manufacturer. My Kickstarter PR company chose it as the main image, probably because it makes the wire look so cool. If you look closely you will see that the earpieces on the headphones are not the same as ours.

      They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, so I am sure that we will continue to experience cheap knockoffs coming from competitors in China. The Alibaba link you sent has a different splitter/mic piece than ours, if you compare it to our photos.

      We use a proprietary integrated chipset to control the EL wire that we have designed exclusively for our headphones. The cheap knockoffs you sent me would undoubtedly have high itch audio feedback coming through the wires from the current for the EL wire - a problem we worked diligently to overcome.

      I cannot attest to the sound quality of the Alibaba copies, but I know that our headphones have been through a number of inner earpiece and speaker refinements to ensure the best quality sound. I also do not know much about the Glow project, except that we have been working on our headphones almost a year before they ever appeared. They were claiming to use a Dow Corning Fiber optic cable, which is a different technology than we are using. Our company has been making great sounding headphones for over 4 years and we make headphones for Louis Vuitton, so we are very experienced with high quality.

      Thank you for bringing these imitators to my attention. I will send my patent attorneys and team in China out to attempt to make them take down the postings. Right now it is Chinese New Year so everything in China is shut down.

    36. Lars Thriskos on

      Well i think the biggedt Problem with glow was that many people dont geht their phones, a lot of them didnt get them after 3 years. This and the high price was my problem with glow headphones.

      Even if they have the same manufacturer, maybe we can help that this headphones are getting better. :) like @jamesthurston said, it would be nice to see some footages of them with a good known song ,so we can See how they work with the beat, maybe in normal daylight,in darkness so we can See the power :o

    37. James Thurston on

      Considering the conversation below, not only does this seem exactly like what happened with glow, but they look like they are even using the same manufacturer glow used. Some of the stock footage is even the same. Do you have a live prototype you can show us using where the light flashes to the music? Could you show us and maybe change through two or three songs as you do so we can see the audio responsiveness to different beats? That was the biggest issue with glow, not only were the materials awful because of the cheap manufacturing, but the light wasn't responsive at all with the music.. and if your using the same manufacturer I'm assuming you've got the same unresolved problem. Also isn't this like super dishonest? Like doesn't kickstarter have a group of people in charge to make sure scams don't get repeated? They really should have a group like that.

    38. Lars Thriskos on

      @tom preston yeah i saw it too in Baba :3

    39. Frankie Field on

      Just found:

      If you scroll down the listing even uses the same image as displayed at the kickstarter video... according to image file it was created in November 2013

      Also on reviewing the kickstarter video there is several shots where the control box does match the wire as seen on alibaba listing @0;07, 0:20, 0;38 1:58, 2:04

      It does say they're in final stage so could be a case of leaks etc from factories on prototypes but it would be nice for David to pick up on this

    40. Frankie Field on

      @ Tom Preston
      Thanks for posting anyway Im holding off removing my pledge atm and wait to see what they say re alibaba,

      I also would like more information on why they are rating the sound quality so high given the frequency range being rather average

    41. Missing avatar

      Tom Preston on

      @Frankie Field

      Not 100% sure and I don't want to cause a huge issue without giving the creator a chance to respond. I do know that manufacturers require a minimum order quantity, that one in particular requires ordering at least 200 in each color.

      Again, don't want to assume too much just a bit skeptical

    42. Frankie Field on

      @Tom Preston, would explain why green is standard and the others need to be unlocked!

      Currently reconsidering my pledge for 'unparalleled sound' I'd probably expect a better frequency range

    43. Missing avatar

      Tom Preston on

      Just throwing this out there, I backed glow too and I'm a bit concerned with this project. Your headphones seem to be the exact same as the ones listed here:…

      As well as multiple other Alibaba listings. Your product images on the bottom show the controls in a different color, but your promo images look exactly the same. Not trying to be accusatory but it seems a bit sketchy.

    44. David Surber Creator on

      Hi Debbie,

      I am sorry that you are considering canceling your pledge. We could REALLY use your help to reach our goal! If you really want to cancel, here are the directions I read from Kickstarter:
      To cancel a pledge for a live project, visit the project page and click the blue “Manage" button that appears next to your pledge amount. From there you can click " Cancel Pledge" to the left of the blue "Change your pledge" button.

    45. Missing avatar

      Debbie Robertson on

      Can you tell me how to cancel my order/ backing?

    46. David Surber Creator on

      Hi Joel,
      Thanks for your support. Yes you can turn the lights on and off anytime you would like. There is a push button that allows you to turn them off and on and change from flash-to-the-beat to steady glow mode.

    47. Missing avatar

      Joel Anthony on

      Do we have the option to turn the light portion of the headphones on or off too?

    48. David Surber Creator on

      Thanks Lars! They definitely play music when the batteries run out, no worries. We tried to make red ones and they kept coming out looking pink so we decided to make pink ones haha:)

    49. Lars Thriskos on

      Just 2 Questions:
      So can they play the music if the battery is out of power? Would he cool

      2. Why are there no Red ones? would looove that color

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