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The best record of my life ever so far (um, EVER EVER) needs a village to get over the finish line! :)
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Brandi Shearer

108 backers pledged $13,270 to help bring this project to life.


A bit about me. Don't get excited. It's not like I've had a life of fighting crime or whatever. Except one time in Spain, 1967. But I don't like to talk about that. Those were dark days. 


But seriously folks, I can't say THANK YOU enough for your pledges and your generosity. You are totally wonderful. And I've got 7 days to make it happen! So please, feel absolutely free to forward to anybody you think is interest in patronizing the arts. !!

K video time.

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    1. Creator Brandi Shearer on July 2, 2011

      Ha Steven!

      You would not BELIEVE the amount of time I spent glueing yarn to a bottle for this vid. That it was horrifying is kinda cool!! :)

      Except I don't want to make you cry.


    2. Creator Steven Luna on July 1, 2011

      Beautiful film - I laughed; I played on my emotions like a violin. The haired bottles scared me a little bit (that was the crying part), but you totally won me back with the lemurs. Glad to see everything's still moving toward the "up"!