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Update #5



A bit about me. Don't get excited. It's not like I've had a life of fighting crime or whatever. Except one time in Spain, 1967. But I don't like to talk about that. Those were dark days. 


But seriously folks, I can't say THANK YOU enough for your pledges and your generosity. You are totally wonderful. And I've got 7 days to make it happen! So please, feel absolutely free to forward to anybody you think is interest in patronizing the arts. !!

K video time.

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    1. Me%20and%20dad%20sleeping.small

      Creator Brandi Shearer on July 2, 2011

      Ha Steven!

      You would not BELIEVE the amount of time I spent glueing yarn to a bottle for this vid. That it was horrifying is kinda cool!! :)

      Except I don't want to make you cry.


    2. Missing_small

      Creator Steven Luna on July 1, 2011

      Beautiful film - I laughed; I played on my emotions like a violin. The haired bottles scared me a little bit (that was the crying part), but you totally won me back with the lemurs. Glad to see everything's still moving toward the "up"!

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    Access to project updates, vids, bad jokes by me. Et cetera. And my eternal thanks.

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    * A hard copy of the CD, fresh off the presses! It's totally gonna have a sticker, too.* * Exclusive access to band interviews, recording vids, etc, as described above.*

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    * All above! * But your a CD signed to whomever you want! Your granny. The mailman. The guy at the deli. I take all comers.*

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    * A BS (haha) t-shirt made by . . . . me. That's right. I do my own silk screening these days. Don't be alarmed. * Signed CD!* * Backstage web access (we'll see if we can't get someone naked)

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    I'm SO excited about this. * A 7" vinyl record of the first single!! (I'm already hyperventilating. I've been waiting to press to vinyl for 867 years)* We're talking EXTREMELY limited run - sadly it's expensive. But you'll find one in your mailbox!* Plus! * A BS t-shirt* AND a * Signed CD*

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    * Two EXCLUSIVE nobody-has-em songs from live show in NYC last year. - MP3 form* * 7" single (still slobbering)* * T-shirt * Signed CD* * Exclusive web access.*

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    I'm even more amped. At this level you get *The ENTIRE RECORD on vinyl! Yes! It's true! :)* You can see why I can barely contain myself. :) * T-shirt!* * Signed CD* * Behind-the-scenes access! Watch me screw up during a vocal take. It's fun!*

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    Ok, dig it: * AN ACOUSTIC COVER OF ANY SONG YOU LIKE, and delivered to you via .wav or .mp3. I'm putting myself in your hands, people. PLEASE do not make me sing Kesha. * Vinyl! Hellz yeah! * Signed CD! * exclusive web access

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    Double happiness! * An acoustic cover of any TWO songs you choose! and delivered to you via .wav or .mp3! * Record on vinyl :)* * Signed CD!* * exclusive web access*

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    Sorry for the big jump!! But I dig this pledge. HERE I will: *Come to your home and give a private concert for you and your friends!" If you live in Guam or something, we'd have to discuss it more :), but I'm DELIGHTED to entertain you. AND: * Record on vinyl :)* * Signed CD!* * exclusive web access*

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    *I am actually completely, totally psyched about this reward. For real. Instead of a cover I will: Write You Your Own Song.* For anybody you like. Spouse's birthday? The most unique Christmas present ever? Shizz! * But! You and I will need to sit down together - or talk on the phone - quite a bit. I'll need your 411! ***PLUS all of the above!* So DOWN with this one, I am .

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    *A FULL BAND production of your song! All the above plus studio cats! We will rock it.* *AND! All of the goodies above!*

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