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The best record of my life ever so far (um, EVER EVER) needs a village to get over the finish line! :)
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Brandi Shearer

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Holy shit - finally! Fake hair, black eye and all.

Darling peeps, 

Because this is the music biz, there's been a delay finishing the record. Naturally. I only like to make records that give me an aneurysm, punctuality-wise. 

So - at long last! I'm feeling good, and I'm working out the last song (a very minimal acoustic situation). A cover of "Drive" by The Cars. Don't get too excited. I mostly just talk a lot. Which . . . is what I do I think. Too bad you can't get a job at that.

Mastering date is finally set (beginning of september) and afterwards graphics, duplication, shipping, etc should take about 8 weeks. I know - I'm pretty annoyed too. Now I'll be releasing amongst Xmas records from Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber and so on. Alas, I push on. :) 

SO SO SO SO SO excited to see the finish line!!! Thank you all. It's been a long process, but it's so worth it, and so important to me. Thank you.



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    1. Creator Gerard van Schip on December 21, 2011

      With xmas just a few days away I'm curious what I will be listening to this christmas. Please update us.