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The Most Punctual Musician in CA: Brandi Shearer Is SO Close's video poster

The best record of my life ever so far (um, EVER EVER) needs a village to get over the finish line! :) Read more

Los Angeles, CA Music
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The best record of my life ever so far (um, EVER EVER) needs a village to get over the finish line! :)

Los Angeles, CA Music
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Brandi Shearer
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Brandi Shearer

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And yeah - an even NEWER video (update 5) on tap. they're getting weirder. Sorry !!


New video update added. We're talking REALLY lo-fi. But you might like it! Or want to set me on fire. Toss up, no?


- OH HEY. Because I'm a little slow, I forgot to upload an example of what the new record sounds like! SO GO LISTEN RIGHT NOW OH MY GOD I'M PSYCHED. Click on the updates tab above. Click on play. Click on how awesome meshell and Carla are at RULING THE WORLD OF RAWK. Ta da!                                                               ***************************************

Hi peeps!

Ok – first of all. I’m making a damn good record. And I’ve been able to record because me’shell ndegeocello on bass, Carla Azar (PJ Harvey) on drums,  Chris Bruce (Sheryl Crow) on guitar and producing, 

Keefus Ciancia (Elvis Costello) on keys, and Eryn Young (The Youngs) singing like a bird . . . . . because they believe so much in this project that they’ve totally given me the bro deal for their services. I am so thankful. This record is the one I’ve been trying to make for ten years.

AND I am SO TANTALIZINGLY CLOSE that I slobber a lot. Well, drool. Hmmm. Still completely unsexy. That my mouth waters? Better. I think.


It’s so ODD, but music is free now. Basically. It’s suddenly a weird ass scenario up in here.

 This is my 3rd national/international release, the first I did under the direction of a label (hi – ending in flames!) and the 2nd I put out on my own dime. It got lovely reviews – from Entertainment Weekly, People Mag, NY Times, SF Chronicle, etc – but it’s a different game now.

This is the best writing of my life.  And . . . .it’s half done. I’ve paid for the first half (thanks Visa! It’ll only take me 10 years to pay you off. Don’t worry!) and now the second half needs a boost to actually make it into the world. Which, of course, is the most important thing to me right now. I so SO want to share this music with you.

 The second half comprises: mixing, mastering, graphic design, manufacturing and publicity, and itty bits of last-minute recording. As in WTF I actually played THAT note. Was I drunk? Please!! Give a girl a microphone and let’s FIX that situation. JEEZ. :)

Naturally, despite the fact that we need a new way of financing the CREATION of music, since it’s free now, it still costs something.

And it’s because of the patronage of people like you that I’m (hopefully) able to CONTINUE producing music for you.

Well, I hope I haven’t put you into a coma. Catch the vid above for more thoughts – beware, I made it myself so . . . . . LO FI AND EVERYTHING DON'T GET EXCITED.

I’m so grateful to you already. Many, many kisses.


 PS - Check out the vid (at the end) to hear a bit of the new music!!


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    I'm SO excited about this.

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    AND a
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    Sorry for the big jump!! But I dig this pledge. HERE I will:

    *Come to your home and give a private concert for you and your friends!" If you live in Guam or something, we'd have to discuss it more :), but I'm DELIGHTED to entertain you.


    * Record on vinyl :)*

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