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$4,040 pledged of $10,000 goal
By Joel Gregory
$4,040 pledged of $10,000 goal

The Time is short!

This kickstarter is coming to an end, and unless a miracle happens, it will most likely run short of it's goal.

I have learned a lot about doing a kickstarter.  One, is if you are a new miniature company, take time to show your product on a blog before launching it on kickstarter.  That way people have the ability to see and spread the news before seeing on kickstarter.  It thus has the ability to sink in and make an impression.

The amount of the kickstarter was for two basic things.  Getting the brewery molded and then getting stock of the brewery, as well as purchasing the packing the material need to box the item.  Second, it was to raise the backing for putting a line of Dwarfs into production.

When the kickstarter ends, the Brewery will go into storage.  The Dwarfs will be shown on our Iron Hill Miniatures blog. http://ironhillminiatures.blogspot.com/ (Something we are still trying to work the kinks out of.  I thought blogs would be easy, but now I need my grown children to show us how to correct our mistakes and get totally functional.)

I will be adding resin pieces to the Dwarfs preparing them to sell as sets.  The sets will be like the Dwarfs with the Brewer and Fire box.  Another set would be the two with the rope and the hot pot defense over the main gate.  I will make furniture that can go into a Inn interior - and there is another smaller foam building that I have access to that can be use for Dwarf Inn, or I just might make a new building that could be cast in resin. 

It will be awhile before I am ready to put the Dwarfs into production.  When I get all the resin pieces together and finished, I will let people know on the blog.  We will post more photos of the Dwarfs, as well as looking at getting some more sculpted.



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    1. Andreas Welch
      on August 30, 2013

      If you decide to re-launch another Kickstarter, be sure to post an update on this one so we can find it and don't miss it. I actually modified my pledge several times towards the end because I became confused with what I was going to get exactly. When I saw the project wasn't going to go, I decided to just not bother asking as my max pledge wouldn't have made the difference.

    2. Joel Gregory Creator on August 30, 2013

      It will take a couple of weeks, but by then I should start posting again on the blog information about the Dwarfs and the brewery. Once I have some of the resin pieces to go with the Dwarfs, I will begin to show them - of course they will always be shown against the back drop of the Brewery. So please stay tuned.
      The Brewery itself will cost about $2,000 just in tooling and molding. Thus it will take about 20 people committed to the project before it can see light of day, but I believe that could very easily happen.

    3. OlorinNight
      on August 30, 2013

      I also deeply regret the fact that the funding was not succesful.

      Like Gary, I hope that one day the brewery will be available for purchase, even if it must take months before this may now be possible.

      But, indeed, simply building your company, selling some stuffs to people will help make you known in the Mini's community.

      Then you can start speaking again about a KS for a couple month, to let the word (and, ideally, a few pics also) spread. Once all that has been done, then you can start the KS, and, hopefully, it will get much more money simply because much more people will be informed.

    4. Gary Price on August 30, 2013


      Kickstarter is indeed a fickle thing. I'm sorry your project didn't reach its funding goal. The brewery is going to be a beautiful piece and I, for one, hope to be able to purchase one soon.

      All the best,