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Online, multiplayer combat at its best. An incredible blend of MMO-style abilities and FPS controls. No grind, no treadmill, just fun.


9/8/12 UPDATE

Forge will not reach its Kickstarter goal by 9AM tomorrow morning. To make sure those of you wanting to continue playing and keep your Founder's perks are able to do so, we have partnered with PlaySpan/UltimatePay to enable you to Pre-Order Forge directly from our website. Because the physical rewards are no longer available, the in-game rewards have been reduced in cost substantially. 

We hope all of you that chose to support us here will do so directly on our website, and look forward to chatting with all of you via our official forums there soon. To Pre-Order from us directly, go to:

NOTE: It is important to remember that Kickstarter will not charge you for any pledge made here as the project will not reach its goal. You have not yet been charged and won't be charged through any action taken here on Kickstarter. The pre-order link above is the only place where you will be charged and is necessary to continue to enjoy the Founder's perks and help support Forge last stage of development. Thanks!


A note about DLC: More mini-expansion than required addon, and it never provides any gameplay advantage. You can read more in the FAQ below.

8/30/12 UPDATE

Forge is on Steam Greenlight and needs your vote!

8/24/12 UPDATE:

Anyone that pledges $15 or more will be given (as quickly as we see the pledge, create your key, and send it to you) access to the Alpha Preview which is now live!

PLEASE NOTE: We have to manually create and send every key for every pledge. Though we will do our best to be immediate, especially during sleeping hours PST we will be unable to deliver Alpha keys. Rest assured that the moment someone is able to return to key distribution duty your keys will be sent as quickly as possible.

We've sent out over 1600 keys already (everyone that has already pledged is getting theirs) and are looking forward to sending out even more. Play a bit, let us know what you think, and tell your friends. We need your help to make this campaign a success.

Read the rest of the update here:

8/14/12 UPDATE: 

We spent a little time with TotalBiscuit last week, giving him an early look at Forge. You can watch the video here:

Other reaction from the press:

MMORPG - "Face-Punchingly Good PVP"

Read more by following this link:

We're also happy to officially announce that we'll be partnering with to provide Dark Vale hosted servers in many world-wide locations. Find out more at this link: 

Other Videos:

8/5/12 UPDATE: 

Also, just a first glimpse at the very much work in progress map, Capital Siege.


FORGE plays like a third person shooter, but with the abilities, strategy and pace of MMO PvP combat. It is built with a focus on fun and accessibility, but with the attention to detail and balance of a deep, competitive game. Whether you're new to first person shooters and MMOs, or a veteran, FORGE will be easy to pick up yet offer much to learn as you play.

FORGE places you into an epic fantasy setting, taking on the role of a warrior from a culture unlike any you’ve seen, fighting for your right to return home.

FORGE is built to be enjoyable even if you have only a limited amount of game time available each night, keeping the low time requirements and ease of access of a traditional first-person-shooter (FPS). Skill is the only determining factor between victory and defeat, not whether you were able to grind out a set of armor or weapons better than your opponents.

Everything is packaged with AAA quality assets inside Unreal Engine 3, produced by some of the best talent in the industry, and delivered to you at an indie price.

Step into the role of the Assassin, Pathfinder, Pyromancer, Shaman or Warden (and soon Ravager) and dominate your opponents in a variety of gameplay modes.

This game is built for gamers that live for player-vs-player combat, but wish that all the weight of the endless grind and treadmill caused by typical MMO design would get out of the way.

One note: Everything you see here and on the game's website, has been built  uniquely for Forge, whether in game or not. This isn't just an idea pitch, we're deep in production as our gameplay video shows.


Like many in this industry, we’re not just developers, we’re gamers. We do this for a living because we’re passionate about the product as much as the process. We’ve been in your guilds, in your raids, and in your arenas and battlegrounds.

Like you, we’ve been on the forums, at conventions, or just talking with the guild about our hopes for each MMO game that’s been released in the last many years. We talked about how it ‘should be’, what we hoped it ‘will be’, and were always disappointed with what it ended up ‘being’. Not that they’re not great games, but the PvP experience left much to be desired.

So, we’re building what we believe the PvP experience should be. This is the game we as gamers, and developers, want to play and think you will too.

We’re here on Kickstarter to finish what we started; to build a game free of the pressures of outside publishers, investors, or anyone that has a tendency to mess up a beautiful project. 

We need your help.  We’ve already got a lot done, but we need you to get us over the finish line. 


Having tried every MMO or MOBA style game that has been released in the last many years, it became apparent that to get the title we wanted to play, one we believe we’re not alone in wanting to play, we needed to build it.

Our key goals: 

▪   Class Based

▪   MMO Style Abilities

▪   Even Playing Field for All Players

▪   Skill is the Only Determining Factor in Victory or Defeat

▪   Zero Grind

▪   Meaningful Progression and Customization Without Violating Any of the Above

There is much more under the hood we feel we’ve learned from more than a century of combined game development experience, and almost as much time spent playing these titles as well, but these are the key facets behind FORGE that make it the amazing title that it is. 

All of this is built on the Unreal Engine 3 for amazing visuals and rock solid gameplay, realized in a world rich with its own lore and history. While we have a grand vision for where FORGE will take all of us, we’re starting off with the purest version of FORGE we can provide to let you, and us, play the game we’ve all been waiting for.   


FORGE is set in an epic fantasy universe. It’s a multi-player FPS, using a third person camera, that focuses on MMO style abilities, fluid combat, and instanced PVP. The game will launch with 5 different classes and 4 unique maps. Players can choose from the Assassin, Pathfinder, Pyromancer, Shaman, and Warden classes, each with their own summonable companion.

At launch, FORGE will offer players the option of 4 maps, each with their own distinct gameplay – Capital Siege, Field of Ruins, Forest Ambush and Ymil’s Throne.  Each class will offer players 8 unique abilities to choose from in battle, with 1 additional ability specific to their companion to assist them on the battlefield.  Unlike most MMOs, there will be ZERO GRIND in FORGE.  Every player is on a level playing field from their first game forward, no matter how many games their enemies have played. 

Skill, yours, is what counts: No tab targeting. Movement is no longer on rails: Block an incoming attack by (crazy idea) blocking. No one you meet will have an advantage over you due to time spent or gear acquired. Stuns, interrupts, heals and protection, all of these tools are at your disposal, but their success is completely dependent on your skill in using them.

Zero Grind: Nothing is worse than a friend noticing a game you’re playing and mentioning they’d love to play it with you, only to find they have months of grinding to max level ahead of them before they can even begin the months of grinding the best gear that they need to be an effective partner. The endless treadmill of “win new gear! Why? So you can win more gear later!” just isn’t compelling enough. We’ll give you a reason to progress, but for customization, not power increases. The grind is dead. You’re just as powerful on your first login as you will be on your last, but with ever increasing, equally powerful options to choose from.

Instanced Combat: We don’t believe that multiplayer combat without set team sizes and timed objectives provides the best PvP experience. You end up with massive stalemates as two groups stand staring at one another with the occasional ranged volley going back and forth. Battles usually result only when one side has the other so outnumbered that they are able to ‘zerg’ the smaller group. That’s just not competitive. It may be enjoyable in a different sense, but it’s not what we crave or want to deliver.

FORGE focuses on skirmish sized battles where every player counts, while providing objectives and time limits to ensure that the fighting is intense and constant.

Stunning: Because we’re not designing a massive, open world game where you may encounter 50 to 100 other players at a time, we’re able to focus on high quality art assets from the very beginning without bringing your machine to its knees. FORGE is beautiful, in every last detail, and thanks to the scale of combat, none of this detail is compromised.

Some other highlights of FORGE:

Quality over Quantity – We believe it’s more important to produce a smaller amount of high quality content than to drown our players in a sea of mediocrity.

Fluid Gameplay - Unlike as with other titles, every technical and artistic aspect of the game has been built around fluid combat mechanics specifically designed for multiplayer combat.

An Ever Evolving World - While our initial release will focus on core gameplay, Forge has years of development work ahead of it, post-release, that will bring everything from a persistent world to the first territorial conquest mode that actually works for new players and vast alliances alike.

Continuous Support - We pledge to support the community in a way that lives up to the best of expectations. Frequent DLC available, at times for free, at times paid if we (and you!) truly believe it's worth it; expanding classes, maps, gameplay modes and even providing massive features you'd expect in games at 3 times the price.

AAA Quality - By teaming with SuperGenius and Digital Confectioners, our studios combined have ensured that the artwork for everything down to the motifs used on a building’s facade are nothing short of amazing and the gameplay is built to match.

Indie Price Point - We're gamers too, and we've also watched the prices of games balloon while the amount of content has shrunk. We have a different idea. We'll deliver a AAA quality game at an indie price, and make sure it's so incredibly addictive that you'll be playing it for years.

Experience Matters - We've assembled a world class team of developers with more than a century of combined experience building games.  Brought to you by developers involved with such titles as Mortal Kombat, Unreal Tournament 2003/2004, Unreal Championship 2, Unreal Tournament 3, Gears of War, Gears of War 2, and much more.

For a more detailed description of the game design and gameplay, we encourage you to check out our game webpage  -


We’re just like you. We’re passionate about games. We also happen to work in the industry we love. We decided to stop bitching and waiting for the games we wanted and set about building them ourselves.  We formed Dark Vale Games to do just that.  There’s no outside publisher changing our designs, no greedy venture capitalist demanding ridiculous pricing schemes or forcing us to drown you with an endless river of microtransactions, no…well, you get the point.  It’s just the team at Dark Vale doing what we love to do - building great games.  

Combined, the team has over 100 years worth of experience working in the most respected studios developing some of the most successful titles over the last few decades.  Our talented team has worked at Epic, Bungie, THQ, Midway, SOE, Microsoft and more.  

Bottom Line – We’ve shipped product before, repeatedly, and are on the cusp of doing so again. 


We’ve accomplished a lot in a short period of time. We formed Dark Vale Games, recruited additional help to form a rockstar team of developers and artists including a tremendous partnership with SuperGenius  (the talent there can be overwhelming to be around) and Digital Confectioners (some amazing dev talent living in the beautiful country of New Zealand) then started building FORGE.  We’re in alpha and intend to have a beta go live... soon. To get here, it’s taken a lot of time and, more importantly, cash. 

We were fortunate to have a relationship, thanks to a proven track record, that allowed us to easily raise the funds to get us where we are, but we need more to finish the game and bring it to the public. Rather than bring in more outside investors, who will greatly impact our decision making freedom, we’re turning to Kickstarter and you, the community, for help in getting us over the finish line.  One way or another, FORGE will be built and released.  If we can raise funds from the community, that would be you should you choose to back us, it allows us to continue to build the game the way we want to build it, the way we believe (and you’ll have every opportunity to tell us!) you want it built. 

It’s as simple as that.  We need your help and are grateful for the opportunity Kickstarter provided us to tell our story.  If you’ve gotten this far, we thank you for your time and attention.  At the end of the day, we’re building the game we all have wanted for years, and your help will ensure we can make it happen! 


It’s not chump change. To build the caliber of game we’re building, we’ve needed the best developers, designers, and artists we could find.  Salaries aren’t cheap.  We have a full time team of these talented individuals. Over the last several months, we have spent every waking minute of every day designing and building FORGE. 

We’ve also partnered with a kick-ass art studio, who have a dedicated team of artists, modelers, and animators responsible for most of the amazing work you’ve seen. This isn’t a part time job for them, this is their every day work. The same is true for Digital Confectioners and their development team. Factor in licensing fees to be able to run FORGE on the best game engine and platforms on the planet, along with marketing, promotion, travel, office space, equipment… it all adds up quickly. 

Our plan is solid and well executed to this point. We’ve already funded a big chunk of the development to date and this $300,000 will allow us to finish what we started, on budget and on time.  We’re not just a few guys with an idea for a cool game. We’re an experienced team from many corners of the industry with a well thought out plan and unique game that is already deep in production. Ideas are cheap, but execution is not. We execute.

So yeah, $300,000 is a big number.  But to deliver a best in class game…one worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as all of those great titles we listed as part of our collective previous experience, we need your help.  Should we raise more than the goal, we’ll be able to offer much more of the longer term goals more quickly. Features like guild systems, ranked play, automated tournaments, these are planned but not part of the initial release. Exceeding our initial goals will help bring these into the game at a faster rate. You have your foot on the gas pedal, press it down as hard as you like.

Additional funding allows us to give you a lot more of the game. Once we get near our first extended goal milestone, $500,000, we'll start unlocking them piece by piece.

Although it’s challenging to distill everything about who we are, what we’re building, and why we hope you’ll pledge to make FORGE happen, we hope you now at least have enough information to make the decision to back FORGE.  Even if not, please check out our site at,  sign up, and drop us a line – we’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.   

And one last personal note from the team at Dark Vale.  Those of you that are choosing to back independent projects in the most important way possible, with your wallets, along with the great bunch of folks at Kickstarter, are already making a difference for dev studios like us. Just by your being on Kickstarter, and reading about our game and the other amazing projects on the site, you’re making a difference.  There’s talk of a pronounced shift in the way creative projects are now getting the attention they deserve, and that’s due to Kickstarter and people like you.  Whether you choose to donate to FORGE or something else, we thank you for helping people like us have the opportunity to do something great.  So thank you, and please keep it up and help spread the word!    

-- The teams at Dark Vale Games, SuperGenius, and Digital Confectioners. 


  • We're planning on a late 2012 launch.

    Last updated:
  • We don't have a set date for the Beta yet. Given our planned 2012 launch date for the retail product though, you can backtrack and make a fairly educated guess as to the range we're targeting. If you've purchased the $30 tier or greater, you'll have access the day Beta goes live.

    Last updated:
  • No monthly fee! It's a one time purchase at an Indie price point.

    Last updated:
  • For us, DLC isn't something you're required to purchase to play the game, ever. It's mostly for aesthetic options or mini-expansions. Much like playing a game such as Team Fortress 2, DLC isn't required. It's there for fun. It's there for you to decide how and when you want to expand your game without requiring a whole sequel. These are our way of continuously supporting you, and the game.

    An example: We release a new faction with a new class, and a few new maps to match the theme. The maps and class are free, the class is added to the roster of the starter faction, but the new faction, which have new and unique armorsets and other visual changes, can only be unlocked via payment.

    Those that don't want the DLC, still get fresh content. Those that want a fresh look have new content to enjoy. Win-Win.

    Last updated:
  • EON11-S

    Intel Core i5 3320M Dual-Core Processor (2.60GHz), 3MB Cache
    8GB DDR3 1333MHz (2 X 4GB)
    Single 2GB GDDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M w/ Optimus 1.2 Technology
    320GB SATA 3.0Gb/s, 7200RPM, 16MB Cache HDD
    Media Card Reader
    Genuine MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit Edition
    Integrated High-Definition Audio with THX TruStudio Pro
    Built-in 1.3 Megapixel Video Camera
    Wi-Fi Link 802.11A/B/G/N Wireless LAN Module with Bluetooth - Up to 300 Mbps
    SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Ports
    45 Day No Dead Pixel Guarantee Free
    1 Year Part Replacement and 45 Day Free Shipping Warranty with DVD image and Lifetime Labor/24-7 Support

    Last updated:
  • EON17-S

    Custom Forge Paintjob
    1920 x 1080 17.3" FHD LED Backlit Glossy Display
    Intel Core i7 3720QM Quad-Core Processor (2.60GHz), 6MB Cache
    8GB DDR3 1333MHz (2 X 4GB)
    Single 4GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M (4GB of Total GFX)
    6X Blu-ray Reader/8X DVD+/-R/2.4X +DL Super-Multi Drive
    CyberLink PowerDVD 12 Ultra Playback Software
    1TB SATA 3.0Gb/s, 5400RPM, 8MB Cache HDD
    Integrated High-Definition Audio with THX TruStudio Pro and up to 7.1 Channel support
    SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Ports
    120GB Corsair Force GT - Solid State Drive
    Killer Wireless-N 1202 + BT Wireless LAN Combo Module - Gaming Network Card
    Customizable Backlit Keyboard Software with Three Lighting Zones and Seven Color options
    Genuine MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit Edition
    Media Card Reader
    45 Day No Dead Pixel Guarantee Free
    Built-in 2.0 Megapixel Video Camera
    Integrated Biometric Fingerprint Reader
    1 Year Part Replacement and 45 Day Free Shipping Warranty with DVD image and Lifetime Labor/24-7 Support

    Last updated:
  • GENESIS Desktop

    Corsair 800D
    Custom Forge Paintjob
    ASUS P8Z77-V LK (USB 3.0, SATA 6Gb/s)
    Single 2GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GTX 680
    1TB SATA 6.0Gb/s, 7200RPM, 32MB Cache HDD
    ORIGIN High-Performance Ultra Silent Fans - Black
    750 Watt Corsair TX750M PSU
    120GB Corsair Force GT - Solid State Drive
    12X Blu-ray Disc (BD) Combo (Reads BD and Writes to DVD/CD)
    CyberLink PowerDVD 12 Ultra Playback Software
    ORIGIN FROSTBYTE 120 Sealed Liquid Cooling Systems
    8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600Mhz (2x4GB) Dual Channel Memory
    40-in-1 Media Card Reader
    1 Year Part Replacement and 45 Day Free Shipping Warranty with DVD image and Lifetime Labor/24-7 Support
    Case Lighting: Remote controlled multi colored LED strip
    Intel Core i7 3770 3.4GHz/3.9GHz Turbo LGA 1155 Quad-Core Processor (8MB L3 Cache)
    Genuine MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit Edition
    On Board Audio

    Last updated:
  • It's certainly feasible thanks to Unreal Engine 3's OSX support, and we'd love to support OSX, but we don't quite have the resources to commit to that platform at this time.

    Last updated:
  • Valve has their own approval process, and it's currently undergoing a complete overhaul. They've stopped accepting new games until they release Greenlight at the end of the month. We'll be one of the first games on the Greenlight platform. We can't say for sure whether or not we'll be on Steam until after that happens.

    Last updated:
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