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$76,211 pledged of $300,000 goal
By Dark Vale Games
$76,211 pledged of $300,000 goal

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Announcing the Forge Alpha Preview

From now until September 8th, the doors to the Forge Alpha are wide open. Anyone that pledges $15 or more on Kickstarter will be immediately given a key that grants them access to the Alpha. Pledge today and play FORGE today. We will also be giving away a limited number of Alpha keys each day starting soon, providing you a way to grab one for a friend or two that may be sitting on the fence. We're also offering everyone who pledges unlimited access to our already closed beta, which will open soon after PAX. And with your pledge you'll of course have a pre order copy of FORGE at a price we'll never offer again, along with other perks.

It is very important to note two things about this preview:

The first

This is an Alpha. It’s not even a Beta. This means there are elements of the game that are unfinished or outright missing. The sound and UI are in some cases entirely placeholder. The sounds are there to provide a basis for the final sound work in terms of timing and other factors. It is possible you will run into issues we haven’t yet had time to address.

The second

Pledging on Kickstarter doesn’t immediately take funds from you. It’s a pledge, a sign of intent but not yet the act of purchase itself. This means that should you pledge and decide after playing the game isn’t for you, you’re free to cancel your pledge with nothing lost other than the time to see what the game is all about.

That doesn’t meant we’d like you to do that. Though the game is finished either way, this Kickstarter matters. It speeds up the delivery of many things that will have a noticeable impact on the game. There are things we would have to wait for that we could instead do now. The sounds we mentioned before? Kickstarter funds would be used immediately to improve the sound. The UI? Also improved via Kickstarter funds. The Ravager class? We can get moving on that rather than sitting with it stuck in concept/design. Forge will release either way, but everything about what we are doing in the next three to six months is greatly affected by whether or not the campaign is a success. You get to be a part of making those things happen before the game even reaches a retail channel. When this succeeds, and you see a much improved UI, that would be you having made that possible.

The best part? Forge will never be cheaper than it is right now. Our retail price is likely to be $25, and that won’t come with the same Founders perks we’re giving away here. As we have no subscription fee, purchasing Forge now via Kickstarter will cost you less than a normal evening dinner out.

Thank you

Thank you for your response to Forge thus far, for the energy you’ve put into letting others know about the game and just looking through anything you can find (which isn’t much!) to learn more about the game. Thank you to those that have pledged on Kickstarter already. Just as important, thank you to those that will pledge as a result of this release. It was a huge risk we’ve taken. It wasn’t free, many of the things we’ve had to do (set up servers, file distribution networks, license new software that is required for any live release of quality) were expensive, but we believe it is worth it.

Have fun playing FORGE!


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    1. Dark Vale Games Creator on

      @holden: You were probably playing on Forest Ambush, we've removed it from the rotation until we can address performance concerns and collision issues with that map

    2. Missing avatar

      holden on

      what is the minimum requirement to play? because it is to laggy to move when i try to play

    3. Adam Walters on

      When Forge is attempting to download updates I am getting "Reliable source serving corrupt data".

    4. Jussi Ahonen on

      Thanks for the key, been waiting for this ;)

    5. Missing avatar

      jorge on

      I just pledged, could you send keys again?

    6. Missing avatar

      Dante on

      I NEEED MY KEY!!!!!!

    7. Ogaday on

      Waaaah. So cool.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jake on

      I lied :( there it is, silly spam guard :P

    9. Missing avatar

      Jake on

      I haven't gotten my key yet, pledged yesterday. Hope to see it soon.

    10. TavernKeeper on

      Just awesome! Keep up the good work.

    11. Dark Vale Games Creator on

      Yeah, an email will be coming to you shortly if it hasn't already. :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Jack Williams on

      So do we just wait for an email to come through with the key and download link?

    13. Tanner on

      Thanks as well :)

    14. Missing avatar

      George Cheng on

      Thanks for the prompt response to our concerns!

    15. Dark Vale Games Creator on

      Everyone that has already donated is getting a key as well, we just have to go through each person individually as your keys are all unique. We have no way to send it out to everyone at the same time.

    16. Wil Woodward on

      They are sending out the keys by hand guys, that's why there is a slight delay.

      Be patient, and be ready for your weekend to disappear behind this awesome game!

    17. Soulwynd on

      I'm pretty sure we will be getting the alpha as well, but it's good that they're trying to bring more people on board and so should we. I'd rather see this continue Indie than falling on the hands of something nasty like EA.

    18. Missing avatar

      Anthony Lopez on

      Keys for those that have already pledged would be nice.

    19. Xavier Castillo on

      Exactly. I pledged almost two weeks ago...Do I not get to Alpha test?

    20. Missing avatar

      SpoonsFF on

      What about us that have already donated, how do we recieve our Alpha codes and download the game?