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$76,211 pledged of $300,000 goal
By Dark Vale Games
$76,211 pledged of $300,000 goal

Forge Pre-Orders : Last Day for Kickstarter Pricing


Today is the final day to lock in Kickstarter pre-order pricing at . 

This pricing includes the in-game perks that were previously reserved for much more expensive tiers now at one of only three low cost price points.

To the many of you that have already made the switch to our direct Pre-Order system we'd like to say thanks! To those yet to switch we hope to see you there soon.

Thank you

Campaign Closing - Backers Must Switch

Good morning. This is our final update to our backers. We thank you all once more for pledging on Kickstarter. As a reminder, your money on Kickstarter has not been charged and will not be charged as we did not reach our goal.

To maintain your pre-order and Founder rewards, everyone will need to pre-order at:

We've kept the Kickstarter Pre-Order price active for the next three days and have moved the very best game related rewards into this pricing structure. That means custom skins and free expansion content are cheaper than ever. More than 2600 of you chose to pledge on Kickstarter, and we're hoping all of you choose to Pre-Order at this weekend to lock in your Kickstarter pricing and continue to enjoy Forge throughout the Alpha (now extended well beyond 9/8), Beta and our Live launch!

Forge - Direct Pre-Orders Now Available

First, we want to clarify how Kickstarter works for everyone. Kickstarter pledges have not taken any funds from you. Tomorrow morning, when the campaign fails to reach its goal, no one will be charged. All pledges no longer exist from that point forward and are automatically cancelled. This means you weren't charged, and won't be charged, for anything you selected on Kickstarter.

We know you're still interested in having access to Forge during the Alpha, Beta and even Release (at a price well below retail!) as well as getting those Founder's perks we offered as part of our Kickstarter tiers. To that end, we've formed a partnership with PlaySpan/UltimatePay to accept worldwide payments for Forge.

For the next 3 days, we'll set the price for the game at our Kickstarter prices or below. You'll earn the Founder's Title, and depending on which version you purchase also the exclusive skins and free content. Since we no longer have physical rewards, these rewards have been reduced in cost tremendously ($30 grants you the exclusive skins that you and only you will ever have!). We even have a 4 pack of Forge for $60 that includes these skins.

The URL to Pre-Order Forge is:

Note that you'll need to log into your account before accessing this page. By pre-ordering here, you'll keep your access to the Alpha (which we've decided to not shut down on 9/8, but instead have people continue to play likely all the way up to Beta!) and keep your Founder's perks listed there.

To reiterate: Your pledges here, on Kickstarter, will not be charged. You're welcome to cancel them in advance if you're nervous about this, but Kickstarter never takes or charges any money without reaching the goal and there is no possible way for us to reach the goal by 9AM tomorrow morning. The pledges here will all automatically be cancelled tomorrow morning when it fails to reach its goal. Your purchase at will be the only time you are charged and is the only way to maintain your Founder's perks and continued access to the Alpha, future access to the Beta and lock in Founder pricing.

Those of you that took the time to support us here, we hope you'll do so directly through our Pre-Order page. It is still going to the same company and same game as this campaign, and still makes a tremendous difference in development. We're proud to consider all of you a part of our starting community, and look forward to continuing to talk with you on the official forums.

Thank you, from all of us at Dark Vale, SuperGenius and Digital Confectioners.

Forge to take pre-orders directly

To everyone that has taken the time to back us on Kickstarter and spread the word, thank you. We've seen two questions asked regarding Kickstarter and wanted to provide a quick response as part of this update.

- Is the game going to be completed if we don't reach the goal?

The game will be completed even though the Kickstarter campaign has not reached its goal.

- If we don't reach the goal, how to I back the project and purchase a copy instead?

We will be taking pre-orders directly on our website starting tomorrow. We don't have a link for you just yet, but will provide one via an update either later tonight or tomorrow. We are partnering with a global payment processor, well respected and widely used, to offer global payment options for anyone that would like to continue to receive the most important game related benefits we can offer. 

We will be pricing the pre-order in line with our Kickstarter prices for the first 3 days to give all of you time to transition over without any increased cost. 

Keep an eye on your inbox for more details in the next 24 hours, and thank you again for your support!

Forge is on Steam Greenlight!

Hello everyone,

We need your help. We hope those of you that have played have enjoyed the game, and are very grateful for your pledges. We have something else we need your help with. Forge is now on Steam Greenlight and needs your vote!

The link is

Log into your Steam account and vote for Forge! Tell your friends, family, anyone you know you believe would be interested and has a Steam account.