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The World's Lightest Electric Skateboard. Just 9 lbs, up to 20 MPH,  10+ mile range and a mobile App to control & customize your board
Ride The Future with the Marbel Electric Skateboard
Ride The Future with the Marbel Electric Skateboard
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542 backers pledged $365,966 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Christopher Slabe on

      I have opened a case with the State of Florida's Attorney General Pam Bondi. Please send all of your documentation regarding lack of receipt of board and/or upgrade and/or none refunds to:

      Office of Attorney General Pam Bondi
      State of Florida
      PL-01, The Capitol
      Tallahassee, FL 32399-1050

    2. Rico Hui on

      so they just get away like this?

    3. Missing avatar

      Emil Ziyou Tso on

      It’s amazing that it’s 2018 and I’ve not received my board nor any refund. No response from Marbel either. Truly remarkable!

    4. Missing avatar

      LAU WAI LUN on

      Refund ! Refund ! Refund !
      Give me back my money !!

    5. Missing avatar

      LAU WAI LUN on

      Refund ! Refund ! Refund !
      Give me back my momey !!

    6. Michael

      When am I receiving my product?

    7. Michael

      November 21, 2016
      Any word on the wall mount and 100mm wheels? I am waiting for the 100mm wheels so I can use my board.
      August 6, 2017
      Any New Updates? It has been 2 years since last update.
      Where is the wall hanger?? the App?? the 100mm wheels??
      November 8, 2017
      When am I receiving my product?

    8. Michael

      When am I receiving my product?

    9. Michael

      November 21, 2016
      Any word on the wall mount and 100mm wheels? I am waiting for the 100mm wheels so I can use my board.
      August 6, 2017
      Any New Updates? It has been 2 years since last update.
      Where is the wall hanger?? the App?? the 100mm wheels??
      November 8, 2017
      When am I receiving my product?

    10. Missing avatar

      Petex on

      @Michal Dvorak, yep I'm in EU, ready for war against Marbel.

    11. Michael

      Marbel. What is the status???

    12. Missing avatar

      WonJoon Chung on

      It's been over 3 freaking years. Given that the support amount isn't small. I say we go sue Marble.

    13. Michael

      It has been over 3 years since the Campaign started. Where is my reward!?

    14. Michael

      Any New Updates? It has been 2 years since last update.
      Where are the 100 mm wheels?? The App?? The Wall Hanger??

    15. Missing avatar

      Ryan Huang on

      So what is "possible"?

    16. Jeppe on

      I have recieved an email that refunds on orders through kickstarter is "unfortunately not possible"

    17. Michael

      Hello? So what is the status of Marbel?

    18. Missing avatar

      aaronshih on

      Hello there
      I am a supporter of Taiwan, when it is expected that it will come, or please refund

    19. Elliott Norris on

      @Just call me Al - I totally agree, but why take the effort to out of the blue email me? I have to say, seeing all the Marbel 2.0 promo stuff did vex me...!

    20. Missing avatar

      Just call me Al

      @ Elliott Do you honestly think they'd ship after all these years? Doubt it.....

    21. Elliott Norris on

      So, today I received a mail saying they've had issues with all international orders due to certification, but these have now been resolved with the Marbel 2.0. They also stated my order would be upgraded and met with the new 2.0. If all this turns out to be true, it could be very good news. Has anyone else received this email?

    22. Missing avatar

      Michal Dvorak on

      It has been full THREE YEARS since I've supported their KS campaign. No board yet and honestly, I do not believe there will be any. The company has sent me a few written promises regarding delivery timing, but none of them was fulfilled. When I have asked for a refund, they have stopped responding completely.

      I'm actually quite upset when I receive their mailing campaign presenting Marbel 2.0 or any such bs, as it is obvious they just try to buy a time and avoid legal cases. I'll be looking for ways how a EU customer can effectively sue a US based company. Anyone else from EU here? Feel free to contact me.

    23. Missing avatar

      kristian jeffrey on

      I can understand developing a new physical electronic product is hard. So to give a company three years to iron out the problems and ship is pretty fair. To not respond to emails or ignore them when a request for a refund comes through is not just incompetent its fraudulent. I'm going to pursue a refund through my credit card supplier whilst every day I'm visualising hotting myself over the head with my imaginary electric skateboard for being so fucking stupid that I believed it was real to begin with.

    24. Evan on

      two weeks on and still no reply from the fantastic people at marbel. Im glad they keep providing updates for a board I haven't received...

    25. Evan on

      Petex, for every 5 emails i send i get one generic response the same as yours. I feel sorry for Misti,
      Imagine having to lie to everyone everyday..

    26. myles youn on

      so.....anyone get their zboard2?

    27. Teemu Seppälä on

      Any idea on how to force them from abroad for refunds to be realized? I want my money back.

    28. Missing avatar

      Adrian Sue on

      Anyone in the Tampa area can go down and check out my board? I think the only way is to go to the factory and sort it out, would be happy to come to some arrangement

    29. Missing avatar


      I get emails about The Marbel 2.0
      and still didn´t get my Kickstarter !!!
      We should take an advocate... they sell there stuff and don´t care about fullfill there backers.

    30. Michael

      May 20, 2014
      Project launched
      3 Year Anniversary is quickly coming up!

    31. Missing avatar

      Petex on

      Yeah I totally agree, won't spend another penny with them! Got the following response today from them in response to me chasing a status update for the 56th time! :
      "Thank you for reaching out about the status of your shipment. I know that earlier this week an update was sent out. Currently they are working on getting more information to me and you both regarding the newest shipping schedule. I am sorry that I don't have any new information to provide and as I am waiting on the same information to be passed down to me.

      I will note your account regarding your request so that we can try and get some information to you as quickly as possible.

      I again apologize that I don't have more to offer but I hope some positive news will be coming shortly from our owner that I can pass on."

      Sounds like all previous message.. Ie getting palmed off!

      Interested to know what other international backers are getting in regards to responses or progress etc

    32. killing kyler on

      stay far far away from the company.

    33. John Hawley on

      Never received any proactive communication regarding my board to Australia. Got sick of waiting and requested a refund. Account was changed same day to refund processing and has been like that for months. Have sent numerous emails as well and received the same bullshit response every time saying it is with the accounts department. Don't believe a word they say.

    34. Missing avatar

      Petex on

      International backer here, just like the rest if you I've been strung along since 2014. Must have sent 100ish emails/support tickets. Each time it's always... it will be in a few weeks... Or were waiting for parts!
      I've also filled in the wheel selection for 2.0, (about 3 weeks ago) but the lies have started already, 3 emails already sent and each one seems to push back delivery further. I'm still in the 'upgraded' step on mymarbel.
      Anyone else made any further progress?

    35. Pal Kutvolgyi on

      I just received (and filled) the form to pick the wheels, apparently for a 2.0 version. Kinda surprised to finally have some news (International backer).

    36. Missing avatar

      aaronshih on

      Order to now nearly 3 years have not got, please withdraw my money!

    37. Guillaume Beuwtay on

      I just received (and filled) the form to pick the wheels, apparently for a 2.0 version. Kinda surprised to finally have some news (International backer), wait and see...

    38. Missing avatar

      Adrian Sue on

      I found this interesting, posted in the Stary Boards comments

      Maybe something can be finally done

    39. killing kyler on

      this company has had my board for the last 5 months and hasnt shipped back or responded to any emails. scammers

    40. Missing avatar

      Darin on

      Looks like both the twitter and instagram accounts were taken down @ridemarbel. And the new version 2.0 is now being sold on the website

    41. Missing avatar

      phillip on

      why would you fight among yourselves? We've all been dicked around by marbel and on an individual basis our options are limited. but as a group - they are not.
      everyone who back a project here knows the risks associated with the project - nobody expected to be lied to in the even there were problems - which is what happened and ppl are pissed - like myself.
      we've been taken for some money, and treated like we've been scammed.
      simple. i'll never see my refund that is 1 year+ "being processed by accounting".
      I would have preferred an email response saying - we cannot give you a refund, we don't have the money. Instead i was strung along; as have others.
      so we bitch at each other - or we group together and move on getting refunded or shutting them down.

    42. Missing avatar

      David A Brown on

      Hey Myles, stop being a d*ck bro. Besides physically going to Marbel HQ, I have sent well over 40 emails at this point to Marbel, Misti, the Marbel accounting dept, etc. All I have received was 2 broken ass boards with craptastic build quality, no refund, and some carpal tunnel syndrome from typing all of said and emails and letters. Marbel sucks and doesn't care about the very backers that helped them. If they did, they would have gotten back to us by now. So stop trolling and go ride your crappy ass soon to be broken board down a steep hill and test how well Marbel engineered the brakes. My bet is your end up in crashing into something when your board fails.

    43. Missing avatar

      Shizuka Gu

      Below is a message Misti gave me in November.
      Do you think they really post an update this month?

      Misti (Marbel Technologies, LLC)
      Nov 15, 8:29 AM EST

      I am sorry. The Kickstarter updates are not done as all customers contact us via email as well. As with most projects I personally have backed, the KS pages are not updated continually at that point. I am sure that you will see some updates there before the end of the year though as update to the full status of things in closing out the year.


      Misti Moss

    44. myles youn on

      oh man you got me there Evan, i'd feel very very very bad if i didn't get my board. as an investor to a startup i probably wouldn't communicate with the project team to see what's wrong with oversea orders. I definitely wouldn't take a trip to Marbel HQ where they could just literally hand me a board(even though i so easily drop 1.2k on a project in the blink of an eye). i wouldn't write a professional statement of concern to Misti or another representative. i would just sit here in the comments and talk about how i don't have a board instead of learning what the issues are. ill just have to become a backer on every other electric skateboard project on kickstarter. statistically one of them has to deliver.

      hey yknow what, i'll go to marbel HQ on my next long weekend. I'll send an email to see if they could provide me with some of their time for a tour. all of you can stay where you are and ill ask the questions.

    45. Evan on

      I still don't have my board.. you can say what you want about start ups and supporting them, but f**k me stupid,, you would think they would at least let me know whats going on..Myles I cant believe all the shit you wrote, let me know how you would feel if you still didn't have your board.

    46. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Sumiller

      Quick update about my board.

      Rode almost 600km already within 5 months and It's still working fine except that my battery is not showing correctly.

      I rode it in the rain 4 times already and yes that was stupid from me.My board accidentally got slammed on the ground while resting it on a wall . It also fell once from a 20 step stairway and believe me, it's still working fine.

      There was loose connection once but that was when I rode it in a very heavy rain.

      This board is sturdier than I ever thought and I think Kevin really quality tested my board before handing it out to me. I know Marbel is real dick if don't have your board and is also a dick when you have it, but the board is so light that I can't compare it with other boards in the market right now. This is the reason why I love my Marbel board.

      By the way I once forgot my 360 camera at their HQ and Misti and Kevin were so kind to send it back to me.

    47. myles youn on

      here are some screenshots so it doesn't look like i'm pulling things out of my ass.

      1. : email i received from Misti maybe like a day after emailing them NOVEMBER 1ST

      2. : email i sent. NOVEMBER 1ST

      3. : shipping receipt, blocked out nearby Fedex location so i don't get hunted by animals NOVEMBER 2ND

      4. : email i sent with tracking AND concerns about the buzzing noise im sure many of you have NOVEMBER 3RD

      5. : Misti explains buzzing, says its normal (still a little unsure if normal, but idc at that point) NOVEMBER 4TH

      6. : tracking outline DELIVERED ON NOVEMBER 7TH

      7. : return statement, all repairs they did. NO MORE BUZZING NOISE OR BATTERY DRAIN OVER TIME. it says NOVEMBER 10TH but i actually received it on NOVEMBER 11TH (no screenshot to prove this one, you just have to take my word on it)

      8. : email response from Misti in regards to additional parts/wheels that i wanted. NOVEMBER 15TH (8:25AM)

      8 1/2. : email conversation with Misti NOVEMBER 15TH (i replied at 8:39AM and Misti responds at 8:58AM = responds in 19 minutes which is faster that most people i work with)

      9. : proof of remote strap

      beyond this point is my overview on everything i've seen.

      So i know many of you are still quite mad and you have every right to be because there is a lot of your money involved. but there has to be a point where you can't get any angrier. i'm going to assume most of the flame/hate mails/threats/petitions/etc have been sent and if you haven't sent one you still have every right to, so stop reading this and send it now and then come back. get it all out boys and girls.

      kickstarter is a place where project creators have a chance to make their dreams, ideas and passion a reality that they can share with the world. sure some might do it for money, but the goal for a majority of projects is to share and connect. kickstarter is NOT an online store where you come to buy new fancy toys that aren't mass produced. First and foremost kickstarter is where people gather to help fund a project AND IN RETURN YOU ARE REWARDED with said project or shirt/cup/whatever projects give out for < 20$. that's why the terms 'rewards' and 'backers' exist here.

      Now onto marbel. everything about the campaign started and ended normally as most project do. and like many many many many other projects, marbel also could not stick to their original production timeline. *enter the mob*. sure there wasn't much transparency and YES THERE WERE MANY FAULTY BOARDS SHIPPED OUT INCLUDING MINE AND NO WRIST STRAPS, but this meant that marbel did really exist and they weren't some fake ass group of thieves like that one project a while back claiming that their product could help you control dream sleep.

      Marbel Inc is in fact a real company, yet we as a backer community did not let them stand back up when they fell down (in regards to faulty boards/oversea shipping). at some point i believe most backers wanted them dead irl. how can a company send out monthly progress reports without getting threatened even more? i myself wouldn't want to talk to you guys either.

      these five individuals are using everything they have to get back up. no fking salary at all as Harold Gerber said. im sure most of you are working/have some support and get some sort of pay, but they get nothing. i can bet they enjoy working at marbel more than you do at your paying job. thats why there's no refunds. because Matt and his gang want this to happen. do you know why they started the 2nd gen? because the first gen was so fked, you all got mad, and they want to make it better despite one the harshest backlashes i've seen on a project i supported.

      if you're in the area you can literally go to their workplace as that one guy did and see whats going on. i'm not saying that you should, but it will help you move on. if you haven't sent out your portion of concerns/flame/lawsuits just go do it. if your board is faulty like mine was then send Misti and email and she'll forward you the warranty form if applicable. if you are willing to pay for the shipping then do it. or don't, it's your problem that can be solved as easily as mine. (i coughed up more cash because i wanted to make sure 100% the board was delivered in the same condition i last saw it. ship it however you feel is right).

      i wrote this rant because I'm honestly disgusted. I frequently came to the marbel comment section at the beginning to see the creators communicate with the backers but it slowly turned into a cesspool of hate/hostility. so i only came to read some comments once every few months. unfortunately it was still the same. sad really. Marbel was forced to become a mirror that only gets yelled at shows only what it sees. when my board was fking up I emailed them with genuine concern and appreciation and they responded back in the same way AND in a timely manner.

      don't use kickstarter if you aren't ready for a serious commitment that WILL ALWAYS have bumps both big and small. i'm afraid this site is not for the impatient and those who don't know the slightest bit about startups. go buy a boosted board, i'm sure many of you have already.

    48. myles youn on

      @david A Brown

      just a prank bro, relax lol

    49. Tom Courtney on

      Hi I'm a backer and one of the perks is to be listed on your site as a supporter. I have been all over your site ( and I can't find my name anywhere. I was wondering when you were going to add this to your site. Thanks

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