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Help us transform our collection of recipes into a cookbook everyone can use! Photos, stories and recipes from our community to yours.
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Late Summer Update

Dear Friends,

It’s been a while! The summer has certainly been a busy time for us. Lauren has been teaching a class of seventh graders full-time in Durham for the past few months, and getting ready to start law school in the fall. Monica is at the Jackson Center transitioning into a new full-time position through AmeriCorps.

In light of so much change, putting together A Place at the Table has been a slower process than anticipated. Not to worry, there is definitely a book! We have gathered some really touching stories and some delicious recipes. But at the end of the day it’s all about doing justice to our storytellers and making sure to have their memories and stories presented in the best possible way. This takes a lot of time, but is necessary to creating something truly meaningful.

Right now we’re putting the stories in order, figuring which pictures we want beside them, and how to group the recipes. When we have the final draft we will send another update. You all will be the first to know (after the publisher). Thanks so much for your understanding. As a little taste of what’s to come, enjoy some tips on how to make biscuits from Ms. Joyce Long.

With love and a whole lot of butter,
Monica and Lauren

Let's say it this way
If you have 2 cups of flour...
Go with 3 cups of flour
I can divide it better
3 cups of flour
Then you would
Sprinkle a little sugar
To give it a little sweetness
And then use maybe
Half a teaspoon of salt
And then for the shortening
You would use a half a cup of shortening
Then you take
Use either knives to cut it into
Do you know how to do that
So you can either use knives
Or they have a shortening cutter
Which I use
So you just cut it up until it crumbles
Remember it needs to crumble
As far as the milk is concerned...
See I don't
I cook a lot of times without...
I mean
I'm trying to help you out
And so therefore
You put a little bit of milk
Maybe less than a quarter of a cup
And then see how that is
And you can use a fork
I use a fork actually
But you use a fork
And then
When it gets to be a little
When it gets to be moist
It's got to hold itself together
Then you put it out on a
Pastry sheet
And put flour
A little flour
Not a whole lot
Then you kind of roll it out

And you can cut it out