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A series of typographic posters featuring famous peoples from history comprised of their meaningful quotes and musings.
A series of typographic posters featuring famous peoples from history comprised of their meaningful quotes and musings.
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    1. Ivy Fortmeyer on

      Is Curie not done yet or something?

    2. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      Are these happening? I haven't heard anything in a long time.

    3. Harm Donkers on

      Received my Einstein poster today (Netherlands )and it looks great! Thanks!

    4. Peter Dosh on

      Small update would be nice..
      and Curie as preview maybe too.

      Thanks Devin

    5. popkhorne on

      Received my poster today, looking great!

    6. Missing avatar

      Sven Peter on

      Haven't received anything yet and have never been contacted after the survery :( (Einstein, Tesla; Germany)

    7. Gabriel Meunier on

      Just received mine yesterday (Einstein, Canada) and it looks gorgeous!

    8. Missing avatar

      Donna Gresh on

      I haven't been personally contacted since just after the New Year. I'm STILL waiting for Curie.

    9. popkhorne on

      Thanks for the update Devin, looking forward to get my hands on Darwin.

    10. Devin Creator on

      A big batch just went out again in the mail last week so everyone stay tuned. We're almost there, thanks guys for hanging in there!

    11. Sam AlMulla on

      Hey Devin, I still haven't gotten my posters yet.
      Can I get an update as to their shipping status?

    12. Nic Hayes on

      Thanks for the update Devin, Looking forward to getting mine!

    13. Devin Creator on

      Hey guys, more posters go out everyday, I'm trying to contact everyone individually who hasn't received yet...don't worry, I intend to make sure everyone gets their shipment! Thanks for hanging tough with me!

    14. Missing avatar

      M. Egmond on

      "I will definitely keep you guys more in the loop moving forward."

      I guess this isn't happening. Almost another 2 months without an update. It's good to see some people are still receiving posters (well, at least two), but without updates, without tracking information it's impossible for the rest of us to trust anything is still going to happen. Why is it so difficult to post a short message, or to get these things out the door? If there are (more) problems, at least let us know!

    15. Brit Masters on

      Seriously Devin, update and ship me my posters or my money back. This is several months overdue now with almost zero communication from you. I love your designs and think they would look so cool on my walls, but I have to actually get them for that to happen. Please get on top this immediately.

    16. Louka Parry on

      Hi Devin, I echo others here in wanting to find out when final delivery can be expected. Looking forward to them all.

    17. Missing avatar

      Peter Hogan

      hi, any update on when these can be expected?

    18. Paweł Łukasik on

      I've got mine today! :)

    19. Missing avatar

      Gregory Krieg on

      Not received any of mine either, would love to hear an update

    20. Missing avatar

      Trista on

      I've never received a single poster.

    21. Missing avatar

      Donna Gresh on

      I received the Einstein posters, but am still waiting for my third, of Marie Curie.

    22. William Karavites on

      Same. Still waiting. Can't wait to hang them up though!

    23. Brit Masters on

      Still haven't received my posters. Devin, please update on the shipping process.

    24. Joel on

      Also just leaving a comment to say that I haven't received any posters either. My decor is really hurting without these :)

    25. popkhorne on

      Anything happening on the poster front?

    26. Christopher Krüger on

      Hey, any updates? I completed the survey when the turing picture was made available and have not heared anything since then.

    27. Missing avatar

      Ben Goldberg on

      Hi devin - any updates? I haven't received a thing

    28. Jeffrey Bower on

      Been getting a lot of head turners when they see these pop up as my desktop wallpapers! :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Melanie Rendall on

      Hi Devin, would be great if we could have another update. On Jan 5th, you stated that you were planning to send out the remaining 25% of orders. I am waiting for a Turing poster to be shipped to the UK - would be helpful to have a rough idea of when it might be dispatched. Many thanks.

    30. Missing avatar

      PragmaticBen on

      Received my posters - the level of detail on them is outstanding and quite impressive!!

    31. William Karavites on

      Any idea if we can tell if we can track our shipments?

    32. Paweł Łukasik on

      No poster for me either :( An update wouldn't hurt...

    33. Missing avatar

      Guygasm on

      Also looking for an update. Still have not received anything. Einstein and Tesla.

    34. Missing avatar

      PragmaticBen on

      Any update? Still have not received my posters.

    35. Brit Masters on

      Thank you for the update Devin. Letting us know there were problems isn't a big deal---this is Kickstarter, problems are expected in any type of entrepreneurial venture. What's problematic is not being open about them as that leaves your backers wondering if anything is happening at all. I appreciate your work in making these beautiful posters happen though.

    36. William Karavites on

      I suspect I am one of the backers who have yet to receive their posters. As Melanie said below would there be awake and check if ours has been shipped or not?

    37. Devin Creator on

      Hey guys, I do realize I owe you an update, I'm so sorry for the delay. I sent out an update today which hopefully explains the delay.

      I would say about 75% of the posters have shipped and for those that haven't yet gone out, I plan on sending them out with a special gift as a way of saying thanks for your patience.

      I will definitely keep you guys more in the loop moving forward.


    38. Brit Masters on

      Devin this is sort of ridiculous. I realize you are a very busy person, but it is now three months from your proposed delivery date. I don't actually have a problem with this though. What I have a problem with is your utter lack of communication and updates in regards to where you are with this project and when you would even hope to actually be completed, much less think about shipping. At this point I really have no trust in that this project will be completed at all. Please respond with either a detailed plan of action or my money back.

    39. Missing avatar

      Melanie Rendall on

      Hi. I ordered a Turing poster to be shipped to the UK. I would really appreciate it if you could give an update about when I might expect it (I had originally ordered hoping it would be a Christmas gift).

      It would also be helpful if you could provide confirmation of shipping of people so we know to expect it.


    40. Paweł Łukasik on

      Nope. No Darwin, no Einstein. None :(

    41. Stephen Modd on

      Has anyone had the Darwin download link yet?

    42. Andreas Varotsis on

      Has anybody got the Darwin poster, at all?

    43. Missing avatar

      SonofSum1 on

      As per a number of other backers I don't appear to have received the darwin link that was mentioned a month ago?

    44. Charles Alvis on

      I opened up my tube today and was sad to see that Albert has some damage. It appears that the poster moved quite freely in the tube thus causing a tear. How do I go about getting a replacement?

    45. BRASKY on

      Albert showed up in the mail today and is even better in person then on the screen! Well done!

    46. Lisa on

      Hi Devin, hasn't been an update in a wile, I don't mind waiting for these fantastic images (as I know there's no much creativity involved) but could you let us know approximately when we will see these posters? I ordered Marie Curie. I don't care if it's March, I just want to know when to expect it! Cheers

    47. Kay Johannes on

      My Einstein and Tesla posters came today, and they are WONDERFUL! Thank you so much!

    48. Missing avatar

      Ben Goldberg on

      Echoing socaldemz, I'm looking for a status update as it is late December and these were due out in November. Can you please advise?

    49. socaldemz on

      Have any of the posters been shipped? Haven't seen any updates in some time...

    50. Andreas Varotsis on

      So, has ANYBODY got the Darwin link? It doesn't seem to exist...

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