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Project PERCEPTION NEURON brings you an adaptive and affordable Motion Capture System by using one of the world's smallest IMU.
Project PERCEPTION NEURON brings you an adaptive and affordable Motion Capture System by using one of the world's smallest IMU.
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      Oshri Even Zohar on


      UNITY 4.6.1f1

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      Tobias Baumann on

      @Oshri What Unity version and OS are you using?

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      Oshri Even Zohar on

      Hi :)

      Possibly the wrong place for such a comment, if so , where?: ....

      Installed SDK OK. Running DEMO2 on UNITI and getting :

      DllNotFoundException: C:/Users/Oshri/Documents/Unity_test/Assets/Plugins/x86/BVHDataReader.dll
      PNDataParser.OnGUI () (at Assets/PerceptionNeuron/Scripts/Util/PNDataParser.cs:200)

    4. Team PERCEPTION / NEURON Creator on

      Last post came from Tristan / Team Perception Neuron. Thanks :)

    5. Team PERCEPTION / NEURON Creator on

      @Matthew Lake Yes Axis Lite will support 3DS Max Biped format output. We already have it in our internal version but didn't put it into the released Axis player yet. We are still doing a lot of experiments on data rate right now. We need to find a balance point amount fps, energy consumption, stability and signal quality of the wireless data streaming, chip-set working temperature and ease of use. We might choose to go either way of these: 1. constant fps (say 60 Hz or higher) for all working scenario; 2. programmable fps (say 60 for 30 / 40 Neuron, 96 for 20 / 10 Neuron). We will decide which way to go after some durability tests.
      @David B and Nicholas Smith, the finger straps / Neuron sockets and the wrist straps / sockets are detachable from the glove. We intend to design it this way for hygiene and convenience purpose. You can replace the base glove (when you need to wash it, switch to a different size, or from left hand to right hand) or even wear the straps on your naked hand. We suggest to use the finger straps with the base glove because it's more comfortable and it's easier to put on because it's one piece.

    6. Sean Thompson on

      Thanks for another awesome update, exciting stuff! I have to say from a communications point of view Perception Neuron stands head and shoulders about the other Hardware Tech Companies I've backed on KS. Keep up the great work, and let us know when you start taking pre-orders, we'd like to buy some more kits as soon as we can. TC

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      Matthew Lake on

      Hey Team Perception!
      Excellent to see the great progress that is been made and the consistency of the motion capture data.

      Early on in development I asked about the support for 3D Studio Max biped and Tristan told me it would definitely be, yet this latest update there is still no native support for it out of the box - is this still on the table? Am I missing something? Any information would be greatly appreciated as I am unable to review the raw data myself inside of my 3D application and obviously it's a concern since I backed the project.

      Also, in technical terms - it was stated the data was recorded at 96fps, is there any fluctuations on this? Resulting in animation speed increases at random intervals, or is this a locked data rate? Additionally; the data was sent to a PC with an i5, 8GB ram and Intel GPU - is data streaming via wifi to the PC a better solution for the how reliable the data is recorded or does recording it directly to an SD card give better results?

      Thanks for your time.
      - Matt.

    8. Team PERCEPTION / NEURON Creator on

      I had some of the same question for Tristan. Some of the other questions I will wait for him to jump in and explain because its beyond my understanding for now.
      With regards to the glove it IS TWO separate parts. His explanation "the glove is separate from the finger sockets. so actually you can wear the sensors on your naked hands but we suggest to wear it with the glove because of the hygiene issue and the glove holds everything in one piece. easier to put on and take off. the finger socket straps are with velcro on the back which stick to the glove firmly but detachable." Preventing the Neurons from shifting is KEY! This is the biggest cause of error we had in testing, even on the body. You want those sensors once the system is calibrated not to shift up, down, left or right Or you will get bad mocap... and who wants bad mocap! lol!
      And Yes, the Hub is wireles, wired or onboard recording via micro-sd. Read the spec sheet.
      And software SDK questions = Unity, Unreal and Oculus to start.

    9. James Murphy on

      @Nicholas Smith - I suspect the shift to a half-finger glove was borne out of high demand for a design that could handle long-term rigorous use as well as improving comfort and more consistency due to less shifting of the Neurons along the length of the fingers. I'll bet with a little creativity one could return to a more skeletal appearance even if that option is not built into the final product. I'm sure if Tristan could have achieved the durability and consistency he targeted without any glove component he would have done so. I agree it would be great to have a minimalistic appearance but definitely prefer performance gains over aesthetics for this product.

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      Lawrence Faulkner on

      Recording 30 Neurons at 96fps? Great!! I think that's an improvement over original specs.

    11. James Murphy on

      @Thorsten Zimmerman - re: wireless - The video embedded on this page demonstrates wireless transmission of the mocap data to a PC and into the Perception Axis (lite?) software. The product has always been designed to be wireless. The Neurons themselves are not wireless but communicate through the Hub which handles all the communication, whether wireless, USB (seen in other videos on this site), or direct to microSD card (a stretch goal we reached). Expect to have wires connecting the Neuron intersects/mounting junctions as that core quality hasn't changed since the beginning, only the physical shape and fit within the strap/harness system. These updated renders are as near the actual shipping product that we can envision right now. I imagine minor tweaks are still possible but not likely.

    12. Thorsten Zimmermann on

      Video and renders look just great. Backers final version will be wireless?

    13. Thorsten Zimmermann on

      Do you have any news on which software developers will be using your SDK for creating VR experiences/games?

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      Iwan Suryolaksono on

      Will there be any motion files which can be directly import to 3DXchange and running on IClone? It will become instantly amazing. Thanks for your demo.

    15. Nick Smith on

      So it looks like you've gone back to a full-glove design? The last design iteration used finger clips, if I recall correctly.

    16. Nor Calm on

      Love the data sheet. That's definitely professional polish ... Tristan and the gang should be proud.

    17. Beezhan Tulu on

      You guys ROCK. We Love and Respect you.

    18. D. Russell on

      Nice update, thank you! So are we on schedule?