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By Joseph Smiley
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BiLingual Dice

Promoting the preservation of culture, and languages world wide through a kickstarter funded hand-eye coordinating communication learning, and memory building game set for classrooms, and homes of people bound to encounter the multicultural scenario.

 Karl Smiley: "So; it's like flash cards only one rolls the dice, and the answers are on the other side?"

Here are:

 the two older prototypes that have been put together by yours truely for the project. The new model will be massed produced via large toy company, be it Amercan, or foreign, using an injection molding process , or high speed 3D printing production.

P.S. Pardon, only have a persnickety tablet at my behest for this expression of my work. Compared to a conventional laptop it is fairly consumer oriented. Makes hacking out the details a rough totem pole of the quality prefered to have brought to you for representation;) 

 I have been singlehandedly moving residences, in the mean time~ cut & paste is not working from Tablet so I'll try and get to a libraries computer kiosk~

... and Finally appropriated the where with all~

Here are a few links to articles on hand eye cordinated learning: 




Thank you for your consideration, and/or support.

Risks and challenges

I have been working at getting this accepted into world education since 2005. Just getting up the courage to create this kickstarter has it's own fluidity. Improvements from here, directly through this project will improve the overall quality of life for all involved. I have faith in this beleif. Care to join me?

Any amount of attention helps:)

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    The knowledge that you have become a part of something that helps people preserve culture, and the languages spoken, and written around the world. And perhaps a thankyou email from yours truly. Maybe someday we will see them being used to promote hand eye coordinated learning, without the use of energy consuming devices:)

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