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A collection of 28mm villagers and their secret Witch personas for all of your pulp, horror and fantasy games from Midlam Miniatures
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The Arrival of the Baron - The Day of the Witch Hunter Stretch Goal

Posted by Midlam Miniatures (Creator)

As the Baron went to investigate the cries, he found a scattered crowd of villagers by the river, lamenting the fate of 'Old Agetha' who was tied to a crude wooden structure which sporadically dunked her into the river.  The poor woman had passed out.  

"Stop this!" Cried the Baron "What is the meaning of this barbarism!"

A small group of mean-looking rabble of men parted to let a well-dressed sharp featured man step forward.  His eyes flickered over to Baron with disdain.  

"I am Vincent Hobson, witch hunter. And you would do well not to interfere with my investigations.... Baron.  For none may interfere with my good work, save for those who would be revealed as servants of the evil one..."

The Day of the Witch Hunter Stretch Goal

The Village of the Witches Kickstarter is going strong, thanks to you all and we are pleased to announce our new stretch goal!

Should we reach £9000, then we will include one of each miniature free with every Village of the Witches pledge (and two of each miniature for those who back 'The Village of the Witches x2').  

Anyone backing 'The Villagers' pledge will receive one free 'Vincent Hobson, Witch Hunter' miniature, while those who back 'The Witches' pledge will receive one free 'Master Darkweezel' miniature.  

Backers who pledge for a single or double miniature will be able to choose one of these miniatures as one of their options.

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