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The Cult of the Kraken Lord returns with 10 new 28mm scale Acolytes and Beasts, along with 10 of The Chosen, afflicted by His curse...
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Mastering the Cult of the Kraken Lord and the Royal Gnomes

Posted by Midlam Miniatures (Creator)

It was only as the waters began to recede that the true horror of the events began to unfold.   Houses and streets were lined with thick slime, and amidst that were scattered bones, gnawed and picked clean.  Fear soon turned to anger in Midlam, and mobs who cared little and understood less, roamed the sodden streets, attacking anyone they thought may be one of The Chosen.  The Town Guards hunted down and killed as many cultists as they could, though they feared that somehow, too many had eluded them.  They also joined city's Rat-Catchers as they ventured into the sewers, with the task of trying to track and kill the terrible hunting beasts that had carried away so many.

Perhaps the Cult of the Kraken Lord had finally been mastered...

We have currently received the cultists miniature masters back, they look good and have send them for production moulds and we are awaiting the Chosen masters back.  We will let you know how that goes hopefully by the end of the year.

We are also pleased to announce we have just launched our final Kickstarter of 2018, The Royal Court of the Common (or Garden) Gnomes.

A follow up to our 2017 selection of Gnome warriors and civilians, we have introduced Gnomes with new weapons as well as Gnome nobles (Gnobles?) and more Gnome civilians.

We will be returning in February 2019 with new projects, so until then, happy adventuring!


The High Wizard of Midlam

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