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The Cult of the Kraken Lord returns with 10 new 28mm scale Acolytes and Beasts, along with 10 of The Chosen, afflicted by His curse...
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The Return of the Kraken Lord has Funded!

Posted by Midlam Miniatures (Creator)

The windows of the dwellings were shuttered and bolted, which was a mercy for the citizens of Midlam.  For across the lightning-wracked sky, large ethereal tentacles swayed and curled through the heavens, the sight of which could drive a man insane.  Perhaps the only window open was the atop the tower of the Wizard Gudgrief, who stood, staff aloft the ledge shouting unnameable spells into the turbulent night.

Across the city, doors were broken open and hooded cultists wielding cruel-looking weapons captured and carried away the inhabitants.  Meanwhile, the City Guard were deluged with mobs of strange misshapen folk, under the direction of a mysterious cloaked figure, while strange dog-like amphibious beasts claimed the lives of any foolish enough to venture outside.  And, all the while, the waters rose...

It was the Baron, and a small group of loyal guards, who broken into the ancient subterranean chamber that Gudgrief and the Wizards' College had located through strange and arcane means.  It was here, that constant sacrifices needed to summon the Kraken Lord had been taking place, so much so, that the floor of the chamber was slick with blood.  

There was to be little mercy granted these abominations by the Baron and his men, and many were the wounds and bitter blows suffered in return.  Some of the guards, fell to their knees, choking as saltwater filled up their lungs and gushed from their mouths. This evil magic was only ended when the last of the tentacle-faced cultists fell.

Thunder rolled through the skies and the Kraken Lord reared and seemed to solidify and become real, before fading from view.  The Baron took the few men that remained and headed out into the city, where the CIty Guard began to rally and force back the mobs.  Some of the people seemed to revert back to their human forms, though others remained unchanged and those that were not slain, retreated into the dark sewers.

There would be a great accounting of loss over the weeks to come, but the Kraken Lord had been defeated once again.  However, it could not be assumed that all of his cultists and his hideous progeny, The Chosen, were destroyed.  To the Baron it seemed inevitable, that the city's resources must be put forward into finding ways to sever the link between Midlam and the Kraken Lord, once and for all...

The Return of the Kraken Lord has Funded!

Once again, thanks to your help the Cultists of the Kraken Lord has been pushed back!  

Many thanks for helping us fund our latest Kraken Kickstarter and reach our stretch goal to unlock Sir Berris and his hunting beast.

Our first step will be to get the metal masters produced and we will keep you updated as to the progress of the Cultists and The Chosen at each and every stage!  

As always, we take note of any suggestions for future releases, and while there is lots to do, we hope with your help, to get many more miniatures made!


The High Wizard of Midlam

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