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The Cult of the Kraken Lord returns with 10 new 28mm scale Acolytes and Beasts, along with 10 of The Chosen, afflicted by His curse...
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Visions of the Cult of the Kraken Lord...

Posted by Midlam Miniatures (Creator)

It had rained heavily for days over Midlam, and the dwarven-built sewers, which had never previously failed, began to overflow, bringing dank wretched matter to the surface.  

The people began to abandon the lower floors of their houses as the waters began to rise.  Those that looked out into the street below thought they saw shadows moving through the dark waters, causing ripples in the surface.  It didn't however seem to bother the cloaked and bandaged figures that waded knee deep in the black waters, that moved with unknown purpose throughout the night. 

In his tower, wracked by lightning, the Wizard Gudgrief was deep in contemplation, he was attempting to reach out, across the astral plane, in an attempt to locate the heart of the awakened Cult of the Kraken Lord.  When the vision came, it came in a brief sickening flash, he saw a gathering of cultists, a sacrifice, a chalice full of blood... and he realised with deepening concern, that their ceremony had begun.

We are pleased to say that regular Midlam artist Graeme Neil Reid is working on another painted masterwork for the exclusive art card that we will be shipping out to all backers at no extra cost, and we can offer you a small glimpse of the Wizard Gudgrief's vision...

The Ceremony has Begun...
The Ceremony has Begun...

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The High Wizard of Midlam

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