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The Cult of the Kraken Lord returns with 10 new 28mm scale Acolytes and Beasts, along with 10 of The Chosen, afflicted by His curse...
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Stretch Goal for the Return of the Cult of the Kraken Lord!

Posted by Midlam Miniatures (Creator)

The streets of Midlam were cold, dark and unforgiving once the night came.  In the poorest sectors, houses grew outwards as they rose, blocking out the stars and allowing little moonlight through.  Lamplighters would not come here unless paid extra, and that payment was rarely forthcoming.  The City Militia, more often than not, would somehow manage to miss this area off their patrols.  It was something of a footpad's paradise, although Isaac Greyblade was having little luck tonight.  All his prey seemed to be safely bolted behind doors and shutters.  Still, the night was young, and eventually the drunks would come tottering out of the inns, staggering into the streets in blissful carelessness, with a few pennies in their pocket, if he was lucky.

Something akin to a large hound padded down Black Baker's Street, pausing to sniff at the discarded waste of the day.  It moved in altogether too fluid a way to be a dog, for there was something vaguely amphibious about the creature.  Its whole body stiffened as it caught sight of a huddled shape in a nearby doorway and it became sly and calculating in its movements as it approached the shivering mass.  It was readying to pounce, when it sniffed again.  A low moan came from the figure as it saw the beast, and tried to ward off the would be attacker with their arm, which rolled bonelessly in the air.  It had distorted over the last few weeks into a terrible tentacle, that seemed to possess a life of its own, bringing untold misery to its owner.  Although the figure might have welcomed oblivion, the beast moved on, hungry for a different flesh.

Isaac the Blade had his mark now, a distinguished looking gentlemen in fine clothes who walked unaccompanied, no doubt up to no good himself.  Isaac looked behind him, and saw... nothing, perhaps a stray dog, but nobody who could tell a tale, for sure.  Tonight may just be a profitable one.  He stuck to the very darkest parts of the street, and slipped from hiding point to hiding point in short fluid bursts.  At one point, the gentlemen paused and made as if to look behind him, and Isaac froze and almost imperceptibly pulled back behind a wooden support beam.  He had not heard Isaac, of course, but no doubt that blasted dog was still sniffing around.  He waited a moment, and then began his final push of speed towards his prey.

The figure whirled round quickly, taking Isaac aback, although he noticed no sword in his hand and so pressed forwards, ready for the killing blow.  But, fatally, he stopped, stunned, and struck through with a terrible icy sensation.  The figure, in his fine hat and cloak, wielded a weapon more terrible than a sword.  Fear penetrated deep into Isaac and held him fast.  For the gentleman's face was lost, lost in an unfathomable sea of writhing matter.  His heart tightened, threatening to burst, and he stepped backwards, backwards into the grasping maw of the beast.  It happily took poor uncomprehending Isaac and began to devour him.

Sir Berris looked down warmly at the hound as it stood over the footpad, feasting on him merrily.  Once it had paused, sated on its prey, he patted it lightly on the head.

"Good girl... good girl..."

Stretch Goal for the Return of the Cult of the Kraken Lord!

We are pleased to announce the Stretch Goals for the Return of the Cult of the Kraken Lord!  Sir Berris, leader of The Chosen and Kzaurk, a female hunting beast of the Kraken Lord.

Should we reach £6000, then we will include one of each miniature free with every 'Return of the Cult and The Chosen' and 'Greater Cult and the Chosen' pledges.

Anyone backing 'The Return of the Cult of the Kraken Lord' or 'The Greater Cult of the Kraken Lord' pledge will receive one Kzaurk (Female Hunting Beast) miniature free of charge.

Anyone backing 'The Chosen' pledge will receive one 'Sir Berris' miniature free of charge.

Backers who pledge for a single or double miniature reward will be able to choose one of these miniatures as one of their options.


The High Wizard of Midlam

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      There it is! the "I want to play an Ilithid character" guy's miniature!