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Explore a beautiful, vast and ruined world riddled with unknown dangers and lost technologies. Inspired by nightmares and dreams alike.
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A quick update!

Posted by Heart Machine (Creator)

Drifters! It's been a bit of time since the last update. We have a few things below we would like to share.

First, new GIFs:


There are two reasons for the longer-than-usual timing on the update:

1) Focus. We chose to keep anything besides development as a secondary concern in order to execute and it's been extremely productive for us. (For instance, we chose not to attend PAX Prime this year in order to remain focused, even though it would be lovely to engage with everyone there.) The whole team has been blazing though tasks as we gear up for the September beta. 

2) Health. As I've made public here and elsewhere on the internet, I suffer from serious health issues. Some months I'm able to do everything I need to, others, not so much. These last two months have been particularly rough for me, so updates and other Kickstarter/community related responsibilities that aren't paramount to game completion temporarily fall by the wayside in order to focus what energy I have into the game and maintaining physical stability. 

The positive component of such a downside remains the incredible support from the team. They've been keeping Hyper Light bursting and on track while I tend to recovery. I'll always have to deal with the terrible challenges my body presents, but it soothes and motivates me knowing that my team has my back.

Come next update we should have a solid beta release date for everyone to look forward to. See you then, Drifters.

On E3, Surveys and Betas!

Posted by Heart Machine (Creator)

Hello again, Drifters. June is ending soon, and one of the surveys has made its way to you once more. Some details within to help clarify questions you may have on the process and progress.


It was a blast to be there, though thoroughly exhausting. One of the most exciting moments was seeing Hyper Light up on the press conference stage shows for both Microsoft and Sony. Crazy times. Thanks again to both platforms for hosting and featuring us.

At the Sony booth
At the Sony booth



The $10 tier Survey went out this week. Some clarity on this tier (and the process in general):

  • Purpose: The Surveys allow us to collect critical information so we can distribute rewards (digital and physical, depending on add-ons) throughout development, once they're ready. The game is not done yet; release is still a ways off, with a date not yet announced. We're working incredibly hard each day, and we don't want to set a date until we are sure we can deliver!
  • Additional info: Kickstarter is somewhat limited in what it can do with forms, plus we can send each tier Survey only once. It's a bit harsh, I know. Thus, we need to stuff in all necessary questions into one single form for each tier; some people have physical reward add-ons from the before the campaign ended, and we need address/other info. If you don't have any physical rewards, please just put "none" in the spaces and it will be lovingly ignored.
  • If you added $5 to your pledge during the campaign to get a console copy, please just mark the system of your choice in the section that is titled "If you pledged for an extra copy..." and say so in the last section of notes.
  • We can't support adjustments/additions to pledges post-campaign: This was an issue covered last time around, but it deserves another quick spotlight. Unfortunately, KS doesn't allow us to accept additional pledges after a campaign ends, so upgrades become a very complex prospect, needing to be handled through an outside source to manage the large amount of backers we have. This could lead to potential issues with finances, something we don't want to chance. More importantly, this would take away a huge chunk of time from developing the game, as I would have to manage this system myself (we’re a 4 man team!).
  • "Early Backer" means you get the game at a deep discount for being an early supporter of the project; you'll get it at the same time as all backers.
  • Rewards: Some rewards will take longer: the art book, for example, will be ready shortly after the game releases as we want to be able to include plenty of final art. Others will be distributed throughout the process, like shirts and digital wallpapers. We'll continue to keep everyone in the loop through updates.

I hope this helps to clarify any questions that may arise. If/when more pop up, in the comments and through the message system, I'll continue to point people to this section to help keep it all consistent.

Beta Time

Early in the year we announced plans for the limited beta to hit during the mid-summer, targeting June. Since taking the game to both PAX East and E3, we've gathered critical feedback, which has motivated us to refine or rework certain systems and designs before putting it out to a larger audience. We want to put our best foot forward (for you to break to pieces), so we're going to hold the limited beta in the month of September. 

Here's a breakdown of what kind of fancy madness you'll be getting into with this pre-release bit of the game: the beta will include a cross section of the Challenge Mode, with increasingly difficult ways to power through select maps, racking up points while doing so. We're presenting a variety of weapons to play with (rail gun, diamond shot, roly poly, an exploding jar of flames among others), and increasingly murderous enemy waves to scream at - with some larger jerks tossed in to really break your soul.

Final Bits

We'll continue to keep everyone posted on beta progress throughout the summer, and keep posting fun items and broken moments on the devlog and other media. Stay tuned, lovely souls.

A few new things for May!

Posted by Heart Machine (Creator)

Drifters! E3 fast approaches and now seems and opportune time for an update on our progress, with a few lovely pieces of concept art neatly stacked inside.


Below are some concepts and designs that may change, may never be, or may be implemented precisely as intended. These come from mega-sketch talent team member Casey Hunt, who's always scrawling on poor dead trees:

You can find more on our devlog:

Also, here is Beau's rad first pass (temp sprites of course, brutally out of focus) of a giant spider enemy with individual moving parts:


We're currently gearing up for E3 (as is everyone else, I'm sure), then the summer beta for Hyper Light. We've been hard at work with heavy optimizations that will hopefully allow the game to run as efficiently as possible on as many systems as possible. Keep in mind that the primary point of the beta is to get as much useful feedback as we can digest, breaking down what works and doesn't. You will break things, and it will be awesome to see the silly stuff that happens.

We plan to do a limited/timed release over Steam for the beta, as it's the most streamlined platform to push any patches, and allows us the best control over key distribution to the wave that signed up. We'll keep everyone updated once further details are available on exact release date plus when keys will start going out to backers and humble bundle supporters.


A fair few backers have asked if they can upgrade their pledge as they may have purchased a new console, or wanted to grab a particular reward tier that they couldn't previously. The short answer is this likely won't happen; it's a time-consuming process that would take away increasingly precious time from developing the game. Kickstarter does not allow users a path to upgrade post-campaign, so we would have to go through our own custom PayPal solution (costly, highly time-consuming) or a custom system like BackerKit (also costly and time-consuming), plus change a significant chunk of orders and estimates in our budget.

I hope the requesters understand the costs and our priorities; we're a very small team dedicated to building the best experience we can. I would personally be handling these upgrade systems instead of working on art, design and production.

Final Bits

GDC, PAX East and E3 have been at the forefront of our brains these past months. Now that they're (mostly) done on our end, the team is ready to slip back behind our searing computer screens, sans travel and hand shaking, for a good long while. It seems a proper expectation for these official KS Updates is once a month, with the usual micro updates scattered throughout on our Devlog/Twitter/Instagram/Moon Base.

On that note: Sleep well, Drifters, and don't let the giant rock spiders crush you while you rest.

Three quick things!

Posted by Heart Machine (Creator)

I wanted to mention one other project that's live which deserves a look:

Also, clarity on the surveys since we have received a few questions and messages: the two t-shirt tier surveys ($60 and 62) were sent. We will be sending out surveys for the other tiers as soon as we can, and will make announcements for each set in this space so you won't miss anything. Getting the add-ons (such as $10 to $15) to be as straightforward as possible is important. We want to make sure it's correct the first time, as surveys can only be sent once!

PAX has been fantastic! Thank you to all the backers that have come by so far; you have made the show completely wonderful for us.

PAX and everything else

Posted by Heart Machine (Creator)

Drifters! We have had some busy months lately. Between GDC and PAX East, everyone here has been pushing hard to get a great build ready for everyone to play.

PAX East

In case you have not seen the relevant post or tweet, we're at the Indie MEGABOOTH! Come by, play the game, say hello, grab a t-shirt or button and bump elbows!

Destructoid will graciously be doing a live stream on Friday at 2-6pm, PST.

They'll have a build of the game streaming on twitch, and we'll also do a call in on the show floor to chat with everyone.


Since GDC and PAX have been our focus these past couple months, we have had less time to engage with everyone here. Longer response times for messages and emails, more radio silence on our devlog. We'll be resuming a more regular posting schedule, along with videos, streams and the contest we've been wanting to do for a good while after we regenerate our brains from the conference. It's been amazing to get the game out there; we've had invaluable feedback and a great response, plus it's helped shape development and our future decisions for the better. Once back from PAX we can dive as deep as needed with major events behind us.

Upgrades and Rewards

We're planning to find a good solution that keeps it simple for you and for us to offer upgrades to a few different tiers - primarily from the $10 to the $15 console tier. It's important to us that everyone gets the game on the platform they want, so stay tuned as we sort through the (less than simple) process.

The t-shirt tiers have been fulfilled for the most part; there are a few backers that have yet to respond to the survey, and if you're one, please do so ASAP!

Some Notable Projects

These are some projects that I think deserve a gander:

Final Bits

GDC was amazing, invigorating, and encouraging. So many talented people showing and discussing amazing things. It's allowed us to hone in on what we need to refine, build upon, or even rework. PAX I'm sure will garner even more integral feedback for us to process and improve the game in ways we may not have considered. Until next time, you handsome souls.