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Explore a beautiful, vast and ruined world riddled with unknown dangers and lost technologies. Inspired by nightmares and dreams alike.
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December Update with GIFs of Joy!

Posted by Heart Machine (Creator)

Drifters! We took a bit of a break on Updates last month (post-Preview house cleaning) so I'll be pouring on the holiday cheer with images and as much information as possible on this one.




This was the first year for the Sony PSX event in Vegas, and it went swimmingly for us (and, it seems, all who attended). The booths were well thought out and the crowd was supremely pleasant. Here are a couple of pre-show photos for your eye-stalks:


The Preview turned out to be our first big test as a team, a sort of soft launch, and an invaluable tool for us to measure and judge a huge variety of components, systems and tools for the game. We received a great amount of feedback, which has informed much of how we are approaching the rest of development.

As a fun glimpse into the inner workings of an event like this, we have compiled a few stats from all the play-throughs on day one of the Preview:

Day one new players: 1768 players

Number of character deaths: 48,737

Enemy deaths: 752,610

Special cape unlocks: 27


Early in the year, when we were still planning for a potential mid-year release of Hyper Light, I had sent out the first chunk of rewards; distributing the bulk of the t-shirts and all of the plushies. Since our release time-line and development schedule shifted, rewards and surveys have as well, allowing us to better coordinate, backers to pickup their platform of choice and give us a bit of breathing room during our heavy development periods. (The Preview Build, for example, was a major undertaking for us.) 

Moving forward, we will resume survey sending in January, one tier at a time with plenty of space in between, reminding backers in an update before each is sent. This method gives everyone a chance to answer before we send the next survey, thus helping us balance and keep track of the information flood.

Wallpapers, prints, and any remaining t-shirts will begin their way to backers earlier in the year. Rewards like the art book (physical), OST (music is always being tweaked until the final build) and game box will come close to or just after the release of the game, since all of these types of items depend on assets that won't be completely final until the gold-state (release ready copy) of the game.

Final Bits

What a year long and strange and wonderful year. The team and I have had the great pleasure of meeting many of you backers and supporters, showcasing at intense shows like PAX, E3 and GDC, engaging with press from all over the world, and releasing our first (mostly) public piece of the game into the wild (a terrifying and exciting and tiring thing to do). It's been such an incredibly positive experience overall, with the best moments reserved for hanging out with such lovely supporters.

I wish you all a warm Holiday, and a lovely New Year. We will speak again in the new dawn, Drifters.

Preview for Mac, Stats and Sounds!

Posted by Heart Machine (Creator)

Drifters, hello! I hope the preview has been a blast for all who had the chance to play it so far. We've been steeped in feedback, planning and development so it's about that time for an update.

Preview Build

We want to thank everyone who has participated so far; the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for us. All of the thoughtful, critical feedback, error reports and videos have provided tremendous insight. 

I was anxious about doing this preview, worried it may give the wrong impression, that it wouldn't be enough. After release, I'm relieved. I'm so very proud of everything the team has done to get to this point, and I'm more excited than ever.


The Mac build is up and running on Steam! Yes, now, today! It took a bit of tinkering (and waiting due to backend validations). You'll be good to go on Mac OS X (Lion/Mavericks/Yosemite), though you may need more powerful hardware to run this well for now, as it's not a fully optimized build/engine yet; that comes much closer to release. Please give us any feedback through


Some interesting numbers have been extrapolated from all of the play-throughs so far.

Number of Drifter Deaths: 20,669 

Number of Enemy Deaths: 315,902

Players who got the special item: 54

A Few Articles

We had some good press articles pop up in the past couple of weeks, if you'd care to check them out:


Release date has been a point of conversation recently on a few sites, so it seems appropriate to clarify. In February we stated we were delaying from the original June 2014 release, to an unspecified date. We still have no firm date announced, however our time frame is 2015, which gives us room to make sure we do things right. As soon as we know the exact month and day, we will post here first.

New Sound Design Video

Akash, our supremely talented sound designer, has been kind enough to make a follow up video in his series about crafting impactful - sometimes horrifying (enemy death gurgles) - sounds for Hyper Light:

Final Bits

We've had a busy month with the Preview build going out and Indiecade following so shortly after. We're settling back into our regular schedule, and we're more excited then ever. Thanks again, everyone. See you next month.

For questions about the Early Preview, please email us at

Preview Build Extended!

Posted by Heart Machine (Creator)

Drifters, we have one more update for you on the subject of the Preview.

Updated Details

After backer feedback and much discussion internally, we have decided to extend our preview build! This means it will run from the 3rd of October through the end of the month.

We had originally planned a brief window for this build in order to gather as much information on play-throughs without overwhelming ourselves with data and feedback, and to keep the content from getting old for everyone, as it is specifically limited in scope - keeping the story tightly under wraps, targeting particular systems and testing out others. 

However, allowing everyone who supported us at this level (and above) the time to participate and help inform the foundation of the game is important! Some wouldn't be able to join in on the 3 day weekend, thus, the extended timing.

A project for your eyes and ears to consume

A friend has a wonderful project currently winding down on Kickstarter. If you find this title worthy of your time, please consider supporting it here:

Final Bits

We'll keep doing updates as usual, on the once-per month cycle. Keep well, kind backers.

We Need a Week!

Posted by Heart Machine (Creator)

Drifters. It's been a very short time since our last update. 

As always, your support has granted us the time we need to do things right. After a long conversation with the team last night and this morning, we decided to release the three day Preview Build next weekend, October 3rd through the 5th.

Join us on the Twitch stream this Friday at 5pm PST, for an extended hang out to answer questions and comments.

See you then, kind souls.

Preview (beta) News!

Posted by Heart Machine (Creator)

Drifters! It's been a whole year (!!) since we launched our campaign (wow, time bleeds quick these days), and it seems apt to celebrate with this playable Preview build! If you supported us at the $25 tier or above, get ready for the avalanche of meaty murder before you.

Preview (once called a Beta) Build

Beta isn't exactly the right term; some game features are locked, some have been hidden, others are being refined, and content is always being generated for the world. So, to help communicate a bit better we're calling it a Preview Build.

The important thing is that you get an early playable slice of the game starting on the 26th of September at 12:01 am (EST)! It will run until Midnight (PST) of the 28th. Beware vicious things living in the depths.

You'll receive a Steam Key in your email (the one used for your KS account) before the 26th.


While we have said previously that this build would be for Windows only, we've decided to push extra hard and try our best to get it on Mac as well. However, since it's early days on OSX for us we can't make a firm promise.


If you have bugs, crashes, and other issues send us a line at We will address issues the best we can as they come in. You can also use the KS comments and Steam forums for discussion.


If you haven't supported/pre-ordered at the Beta Access level, you can still get in on this limited Preview through the "Early Access Humble Widget" on

We're working with Steam to see if we can streamline the process, and give direct access throughout the preview weekend. We'll keep you updated.

The Full Game

Though we're working incredibly hard, we still have much to do. More levels, more enemies, more weapons; so many things! We're excited to put this early build into your hands so that we may learn directly from you, our supporters, what's working and what can be refined. As always, we'll keep you informed on how the game is developing as we continue crafting the full experience.

Final Bits

We're planning a Twitch Livestream Friday afternoon around 5pm PST, where we'll answer questions, play games, and doodle some things. Our Twitch channel lives here:  More details will be posted on our devlog and twitter account. 

We wish you well on your journey. Until next update, enjoy the preview and be kind, Drifters.