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Explore a beautiful, vast and ruined world riddled with unknown dangers and lost technologies. Inspired by nightmares and dreams alike.
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June - Gameplay, E3 + Birthday month!

Posted by Heart Machine (Creator)

Drifters! June has made itself apparent, with major shows right around the corner ready to beam their devastating mix of flashing colors and lavish tomes of information at your eyes and brains through swirling clouds of sparkling backlit pixels. We've been toiling away, escaping briefly to share a bit of news with you.


I usually try and share some imagery (GIFs, screen shots, concepts) in these updates, since they show progress better than text typically can. A quick cap from our Eastern region, where frogs reside:


E3, PAX Prime and beyond

In awareness of our own physical and mental well-being as a team, we decided not to show at the E3 PC Gaming event this year. Instead, we chose to focus on finishing a major section of our game this month.

While E3 is an amazing event with great opportunities, it's also a stressful and difficult thing to balance during the development process, particularly with small teams like ours. It costs money and time to present at shows, and we are putting every ounce we have of both of those into the game itself. 

When we're ready, we'll have ample opportunity to share our game at other upcoming events (PAX Prime being a major focus) and through other outlets (thanks to the kindness of Sony and Microsoft). In the meantime, we'll keep working as hard and smart as we possibly can.

A Minor Aside

This month marks two team member birthdays: Teddy and myself share a day and year. Spooky, I know. We'll likely celebrate by holding a Ness/Mega Man V Ness/Ganon Smash grudge match and throwing controllers through windows. Hurray!

Final Bits

We appreciate all of the comments and questions (especially the positive) backers and supporters send our way. We're always trying to share as much as possible - within reason - about the process, our state of development and the game itself (without breaking the experience).

See you souls next month, once the dust of E3 settles, for more news and in-game clips. Until then, keep well.

April Showers & Delicious GIFs

Posted by Heart Machine (Creator)

Drifters! April has come and gone before we could blink. A bit of news and a shower of GIFs for you reside below.

This Month

April has been a bit tough on the health side for me, but development has been incredibly productive. Such a strange contrast to consider most days; I feel fortunate to have something I love pouring myself into as often as I can to help keep perspective on what's truly important.

We've been plowing through the Eastern region, which is loaded with water, fire and angry poison flies. Have some GIFs!

Splash tech
Splash tech
Weapon totally fixed!
Weapon totally fixed!
Checking his weapon
Checking his weapon
Time to die!
Time to die!
Super time to die.
Super time to die.

New Website

We launched an updated version of our site,, not too long ago. The old one was a bit long in the tooth, and never designed to sustain some of the features we want to explore. We'll be adding a few more items to it as we go, so stay tuned for more.

Polygon Article

We had the great fortune to participate in this super rad article over on

Here's the illustration I did for it:


There's a PC gaming show being put on for E3 by AMD and the fine folks at PC Gamer, and we're super excited to be a part of it! Details are light on it at this time, but I'm looking forward to sharing more when the time arrives. For now you can see the lineup of presenters here:

Final Bits

We'll be back again late this month with more presents. See you soon, Drifters.

It's March! New Shows, Enemy Design, Store Items and Hires!

Posted by Heart Machine (Creator)

Drifters! The year is ravenous with a hunger for time, as made apparent by the rapid appearance and movement of March. We have a variety of new information for you below.


GDC is such a fantastic show. We get the unique opportunity each year to share and discuss ideas, laugh and develop new friendships with so many amazing people from the games community - devs from across the world representing a huge variety of companies and communities, press from many outlets - all in one city. 

We spent an intense three days in SF showing the game behind closed doors. It was incredibly helpful and rewarding for us.

We also have a booth at SXSW (though the core team is staying in LA this time around), so please stop by and say hello!

Help Design an Enemy + Mid-boss Tiers

The time for backer-supported enemy and mid-boss designs has arrived!

I've sent out heads-up messages to each of the backers who supported us at these tiers, though there are still a few that we need a response from in order to keep things on schedule. If you have not done so already, please send an email to post-haste and we'll get started with details and Skype conversations!

New Store Items

Working in conjunction with the fine folks at we're happy to announce brand new items up on their store! This includes a new shirt (as promised) and two prints. They can all be found here:

They've been great to work with, so we'll likely continue with new items and other KS fulfillment down the line. Keep your eyes peeled.

Level Designer Needed

We had great success finding a supporting artist in the very talented Cosimo Galluzzi - We're still searching for a match on the level designer front, however. 

In keeping with the spirit of our first post on the subject earlier this year, if you're interested in working with us as a level designer please reach out to with the subject line "Level Design: Round 2". We're looking for someone with a great sense of geography and inspiring spatial design, possibly experience in environmental art. Hit us up!

Final Bits

We're blazing through development at a rapid pace, notecards draped across our walls, hardware burning bright through the night. We'll continue to keep you posted on progress next month. See you soon, Drifters.

A Quick Update!

Posted by Heart Machine (Creator)

Drifters! A short announcement between the larger updates seemed appropriate for this.

(X) Cross over

You may have seen what the fancy folk at the Starr Mazer Kickstarter posted not too long ago:

I'm a big fan of what they're doing (incredible pixel artist/animator, shmup combined with adventure game, great aesthetic and tone overall) so when they reached out to be part of the game I could hardly refuse.

The Drifter will make an appearance in Starr Mazer, in their hub zone.

Details are still being worked out to what extent (may be side story). There may also be a cameo in Hyper Light, but no promises for now. We're deep in development - every bit of time matters for the schedule. 

We'll keep sharing news about this venture down the line. For now, check out their incredibly well produced project here:

One More Notable Project

Drift Stage caught my attention (no affiliation between us): it looks, sounds and plays like a rad PS1/Arcade/super 80's Neo Tokyo hybrid. Its a project worth checking out, and it wraps today.

That's it for this update. We'll have more news soon enough. Have a lovely weekend, Drifters.

The New Year + hiring!

Posted by Heart Machine (Creator)

Drifters, it's 2015! A year of amazing events has passed and we look forward to all that awaits us in the new one.

What's Ahead

This is going to be a jam packed year, with much to do before the game releases. Besides the remaining development we'll be attending GDC (we received an honorary mention in IGF for Visual Design!), SXSW (Texas woo!) and PAX Prime; shows have been a great way to meet everyone and get the game into the hands of new people. We'll also have prints coming down the pipeline, as well as digital rewards. So many things!

Where We Are + Artist & Designer Wanted!

Last year we figured out exactly what our game is and how to make it. We started this year with a full scope check, where we made sure to ask ourselves how we feel about the state of the game ("great!") and what we have left to do to fulfill the vision (plenty). Considering we've never made a game as a team before I'm stunned by and incredibly proud of the progress we've made.

We decided that in order to keep up the pace, give ourselves some breathing room and ultimately deliver that we would need some help. We're looking to fill two supplemental contract-based roles: an artist and a level designer.

Artist: We're looking for a talented vis-dev/concept artist to help us generate in-game assets (heavy focus on environmental, not much for character). Previous pixel art experience a major plus (hurray pixels!). Los Angeles locals strongly preferred.

Level designer: We are looking for someone with a good sense of pacing and geography, who can craft interesting combat encounters, with a strong eye for visual design. 2d design experience is a plus.

Please send examples of your work to with the subject line "Work request: Art" or "Work request: Levels" by January 21st.

Here's a quick peek at one of the regions:

Backer Enemies

We'll be sending out a survey soon for the $500 and $1000 enemy and mid-boss designs, so keep your eye lids peeled back when searching your inbox. Once those have been filled out we'll follow up individually via email for further details on the designs. Keep a look out!

Final Bits

I'm very much looking forward to the artist and designer responses. We'll be back next month with more GIFs and development updates. Have an excellent January, Drifters.