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Explore a beautiful, vast and ruined world riddled with unknown dangers and lost technologies. Inspired by nightmares and dreams alike.
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Sony Europe Update Part 2

Posted by Heart Machine (Creator)

Sony Europe had a problem/mixup on their end with the game and dlc codes for the EU versions. After a night + very early morning of emailing and pushing with them, they have fixed their internal problem and sent new codes for both the main game and the Alt Drifter DLC. I will be distributing these through BackerKit ASAP.

Sorry for the problems, everyone; not how I wanted launch to go for you backers.

Quick update on EU keys for PSN

Posted by Heart Machine (Creator)

UPDATE: Sony has just responded, and have said they fixed the problem on their end. I'm figuring out what the next steps are for us and backers. Sit tight, please.

It appears that the code banks that Sony Europe provided us for the main game were potentially incorrect. I have been working to get this fixed with Sony ASAP. I'm doing as much as I can to push this problem through their team so you can redeem your game codes properly. Thanks for your patience.

PS4 + Xbox One Launch time!

Posted by Heart Machine (Creator)

Drifters! A release date has been set!

PS4 + Xbox One

Hyper Light will launch on PS4 and Xbox One on the 26th of July! You lovely backers will get codes right before launch (likely Monday), with details to follow on regions below.

I realize the date leaked last week from PSN Store updates and other sources. We just got a trailer up on the official PlayStation channel. Please excuse us not notify you backers earlier in the week, but we have been TIRELESSLY trying to finalize all the many many details and requirements that are needed on both platforms before launching. I wanted to make sure I had time to sit down and write this whole thing out.

Just for some background, the entire process for both PS4 and Xbox One has been rather brutal and deeply exhausting, especially for a super small team like ours on an accelerated timeline:

The QA took longer than we had hoped (the wonderful team at The Research Centaur did a lovely job, as usual, on both ports), with many oddities cropping up throughout that Aaron (our port master), Beau and the fellows at YoYo games helped push through quickly.

Ratings for regions was another another bump that caused some headaches and took time.

Then we had to go through the CERT process on both platforms (so much paperwork, so many little things we needed to learn). We failed the first round, which seems to be a normal occurrence with games going though CERT, as there is always something that needs fixing within the hundreds of requirements or a bug that crops up we simply did not see, or one region finds something objectionable that another did not.

All the people at Xbox and Sony (on the NA and EU side) were incredibly helpful pushing this through as quickly as they did. We were fortunate to have great people helping pull us through this intense process, answering all of our questions and dealing with stress-filled devs like us.

So! We will be out on Tuesday! Whew, good grief, what a relief. Maybe now we can sleep for a few days? MAYBE?


We will have codes out for backers in North America (including Latin America) and the EU regions before this Tuesday for both platforms. 

There is one exception, with Australia/NZ being held up on Xbox One due to the ratings board. I've pushed hard to get this out at the same time, but it just didn't happen. We are doing the best we can to get their approval for a rating to release in that territory on Xbox ASAP. It should NOT be much longer after release, so apologies for the delay on this. PS4 is fine, and coming on the 26th, as they do not have the same requirement for this particular region. 

I will update backers as soon as we have word that we have a proper rating and can push through the process on the Xbox side.

Asia:  This territory necessitates more help from Sony/MS and a seasoned partner out in the region. Asian territories like Japan require a CERO rating (better to actually get this through a Japanese company) and can have stricter requirements with games, which lead to us finding a publishing partner in the region. This helps us immensely with translation during the CERT process, with all of the requirements that loom for publishing the game, while also making sure our own Asian language translations meet their stringent requirements on the platforms. With a publisher we push through in this region much quicker, and it's a daunting enough task we likely wouldn't have been able to do so alone.

We will have news about release for PS4 and Xbox in Japan/related Asian territories as soon as we can. It's deep in the works, so please know we're working hard trying to cover all of the territories our backers live in as quickly as we can!

Final Bits

I'm about ready to go to sleep for a week. Aaron M., our port guy, has been incredible through this entire post-PC adventure. I'm sure he needs a month of sleep as well.

We'll be back again next month with details on all the remaining rewards and tiers and other items when I have some breathing room and brain space, you fantastic souls. See you next month, Drifters.

Birthday Update Time! New info on consoles and the future!

Posted by Heart Machine (Creator)

Drifters! It's a celebration for both myself and Teddy today, with it being our 32nd year of life on this earth. Details about ports, rewards and the future to follow below. 

Vice Doc

Several months before launching on PC, we had a few Vice folks following us around. It was interesting, intense and not something I had initially warmed to. However, it seemed vital to document at least some of the process behind the launch of Hyper Light, even if for our own records. It turned out rather nice, and you get to see a small glimpse of the stress and behind-the-scenes process:

Thank you to Sebastian and crew + Vice for putting this together and featuring us, handling this with care.

Platform Progress 

PS4 + Xbox One - We are incredibly close to wrapping up our QA/pre-cert process with the fine folks at The Research Centaur. We also are very near getting our age ratings in Europe and other territories - a process that takes plenty of time and money and hoops to jump through depending on the ratings body. This means we can submit for certification on both platforms incredibly soon! 

It took several weeks longer to get things running smooth on these systems since GameMaker can be a bit funky and we are pushing this engine beyond it's limitations in many ways. Thanks to the folks at YoYo Games for sticking with us on the whole process and fixing each new bug that cropped up. 

Our window is still summer time - more likely in the later part - depending on how quickly we can get through the final approval process and red tape on each system. We are so close! While I'd love to give an exact date, we want to make sure we pass through cert before we lock that down. There will be more details next month with an actual release date announcement instead of just a window.

Vita - A more difficult platform, due to it's limited processing power and memory. Much optimization must be done in order for our game to run smoothly for the entirety of the experience. Luckily, we have external support taking charge on this port so we aren't ripping our own hair out. We're getting closer, but again, this is a Fall release at the earliest considering the amount of effort being poured in on this port.

Wii U - We are finalizing last details on this port by next month, and will have more info then.

Teddy Farewell

I posted this on our devlog in early May, before Teddy left for the northern lands:

Again, best of luck, Teddy. Sorry we can't finish EarthBound together now.

On The Future

As mentioned in my post on Teddy and the future of Heart Machine, we have started to consider our next project. 

To be clear, our primary focus and priority remains delivering excellent ports for Hyper Light on other platforms. These are either very nearly done (PS4+Xbox One) after much work over the past months, or in good hands moving forward. Requirements for myself on these fronts is limited - I must keep close track and push the individuals helping to maintain quality, continue through QA and Cert to ship on a platform. Essentially, full time development on Hyper Light for the other members of the team is no longer a factor, and we have a hole to fill in membership.

Our other big focus is Kickstarter rewards. These are very actively being finalized (prints, Art Book, any remaining shirts or hiccups in rewards, etc), and fulfilled this summer. We have amazing vendors like FanGamer, iam8bit and WeLoveFine supporting us. All of these remaining items are being handled with the necessary support and care to deliver on our rewards for all you backers. 

This allows me to spend some part of my time during each day on ideas beyond Hyper Light. Looking towards the future of Heart Machine and planning appropriately is incredibly important to maintaining our studio well beyond just this year.

Since you incredible backers have always been the first to know our status, I figured here would be a good place to post this news:

We're seeking a talented programmer with Unreal 4 (Unity can work, though prefer the former) and C++/C# skills, preferably on the West coast. If you fit this role, please reach out to with more about yourself. We can discuss further details in a more private manner if we are a match.

Again, this is forward-looking, and means we have opportunities ahead that we need to start planning for now. Remaining items for Hyper Light and this Kickstarter are the main priority, and will continue to be until we deliver on the remaining rewards.

Final Bits

Quick reminder: for any issues or questions about your backing, please avoid using the Kickstarter messaging system (it's unwieldy and impossible to organize in a sensible way) - instead, email and I will followup as quickly as possible.

It's been a tense month dealing with ports for the first batch of consoles, and it'll be a relief to get these out and into your hands so very soon. We are so excited about it!

We'll be back next month with more details on remaining rewards like the art book and prints, as well as updates on final dates. See you next month, kindly Drifters.

Physical Box details!

Posted by Heart Machine (Creator)

Drifters! I'll have multiple announcements today, but let'e get started with the snazziest one first.


We've been working with the kind folks at iam8bit for a while now, getting some special items together:

The SNES style box and manual has been upgraded: everyone will now receive a fancy 18x24 printed foldout world map in addition to the manual and box itself! 

The biggest news is that we were able to get a super hot teal reproduction cartridge made with the new vendor. This cart is a BRAND NEW item that we were only able to get into production very recently with the help of iam8bit. 

For clarity: you'll get the box + manual + map if you were in a tier that included it (or added it on during your Survey) without any further action on your part. Also, you either already received your Steam Key/Humble link via email, or will be getting your console code close to our release for those platforms, without any further action on your part. 

iam8bit will be shipping these boxes + manuals + maps out to your address from the surveys. If you'd like to also add the cartridge with your box + manual + map, backers will get a special link via email just for cartridge orders, with a discount + free shipping on it. This cart is a brand new physical item, not even considered during the KS campaign, and adds a fair amount of cost and value to the package, so we're offering a way for backers to nab the cart at a discount as a thanks for supporting us early. 

We also have a massive 4 disc limited run vinyl we're producing with them; it's almost 140 minutes of beastly OST. 

Finally, they'll be helping us produce the KS exclusive prints this summer and will ship to your address from your survey with no further action on your part. In addition, we made a couple more exclusive prints that will be going up on their site for order soon.

I'll be back a bit later with more news on other subjects we need to cover this month!