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Explore a beautiful, vast and ruined world riddled with unknown dangers and lost technologies. Inspired by nightmares and dreams alike.
24,150 backers pledged $645,158 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Robyn Vilhelm Kooistra on

      You should do what feels right! I'm cheering for you and have nothing but faith in your ability to do what's right for you, your team and your game.
      All best

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      Philipp Ludwig on

      As far as i understand, you changed the the meaning of beta into preview version. Is that correct? Which as i see it, is not that good. I would like to play the Preview Build, but i thought Beta Backers can participate in a full Beta Phase/Beta Build of the game with no time limitation.

      I can see the reasons why you (Devs) are stressed because of showing your game. You want to leave a good impression of it and not have people jumping on a hate-waggon because of minor issues or things people dislike.
      But i think, this wont happen and im sure you will give out a high quality game, but i still hope we will get an unpolished beta with issues and bugs or things we dislike. Because thats what the Beta Backers want to have.

      Im looking forward to the preview version very much and was checking my emails every day twice, i normally check them once a month (oO).
      Now i see, it will start at a later date, which is ok for me. I just hope, that beside the preview version, there will be a beta phase for us to enjoy aswell.

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      Sebastian Hurst on

      Not complaining here. and you sound like a very reasonable guy.
      First off, don't kill yourself, I trust no one here wants anyone to die making this game

      Second, thanks for the updates! I trust by now, most of use except that games NEVER make their project release dates, better to be late then to be cancelled or worse, a steaming pile of poop because they put time line ahead of quality. Shovel knight kept us waiting, but it turned out good and they made a great game! So take the time you need, we can wait.

      Thirdly, as you sound like a reasonable and polite person, could you please schedule a 2nd chance at trying the preview, or better, schedule the window to try a full 7 days? I personally will be out of town that weekend and will miss the opportunity to try the game on the weekend of October 3. But instead of accusing you of being a thief, I will simply ask you to please consider giving those of us who will miss the chance to try your build a second chance to preview your build. Maybe even give a 2nd preview after adjustments are made. That is all, thanks for your work on this, I can imagine that it take A LOT of work to do it!

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      Jasper.D.Hols on

      Is this for all backers?

    5. Missing avatar

      Fosforo on

      so exited! i really want to play it :D

    6. Kayla H. on

      Dangit! I'm not sure I'll be recovered enough from my wisdom teeth extractions to play it. :( Fingers crossed!

    7. Christian Dumont-Vincent on

      Hang in there guys. I can not wait to play the first playable build!

    8. Mike Taylor on

      Keep it up! Excited to play and happy to be a backer!

    9. Missing avatar

      Philipp Glenz on

      The Day Shadow of mordor comes out and a long weekend ahead, i dont think i will spend only 1 sec in some pixel game. Thx paid to play the beta and you killed it for me, because its in fashion to delay releases

    10. Trevor Fraser on

      Happy to wait. Take care of yourselves.

    11. Brian on

      I'm in no rush since I have no time to play anyways. As long as you guys are showing progress, that's all I really care about.

    12. Missing avatar

      Paulo Victor Bueno Iozzi on

      Dammn it! Next weekend I will be traveling and won't be able to play. I was really hopping to play this weekend. Now I'm very sad =/ You should make at least two diffent weekends for those who won't be able to play.

    13. Heart Machine Creator on

      Just to address a few items:

      The preview build is something we care deeply about, so of course we want to have it as polished as possible, regardless of other circumstances, as it's our biggest public showing yet. This is not a demo, it's a critical juncture in the game's development, much like all of our public showings have been.

      We also won't reveal all of the features of the game, nor the dive much into story, as it's a focused section specifically setup to test scenarios and tools, and provide just a small hint at what is to come.

      The game still has much that needs to go into it, but this is a way to engage with everyone, show what we've been up to, and get some needed feedback.

      As for transparency with us: we can answer any questions in a more personal manner on Friday, which is the intention. I have health issues that need to be considered, and I've been disregarding them keeping up with everything that needs to be done for this preview. I must get more rest than I have been able to in the past few weeks to maintain myself.

    14. Andrew Ferreira on

      @Matthew Sullivan and Matthew Haws: I suspect this is not the real Beta that you paid for. They're calling it a Preview Build and letting those at the Beta Backer level and up to try it out. I'm sure a "real" Beta will come later after more feedback and bug fixes. As for why they pushed it back a week? Probably to polish it a bit and make it less buggy/crashy. Take care.

    15. Travis Whalen on

      Can't wait! :D WOO!

    16. Miguel on

      Those of you interested in pixelated adventures (all of you of course!), please check out and support Blossom Tales, a colorful "Zelda meets Princess Bride" ARPG! : )

    17. TeddyDief on

      Hey gang, Teddy from the team here!

      Yes, confirming that the livestream is THIS Friday, Sept. 26th. Matthew, we do very much want to be transparent! We hope you'll join us to ask questions, and for those of you who can't, we'll save the livestream on our channel so you can watch it later. I'm happy to field all these questions then. As always, we're fans of being open and communicative, and just want to consolidate that into one focused Q&A since today we are laser-focused on developing the game for you fine folks.


    18. Matthew Bowie on

      * Why aren't they transparent about why the "preview' build" had to be pushed back?

    19. Matthew Bowie on

      I doubt that, James.

      The "style of the game that HLD is" shouldn't excuse features being hidden, especially when the sole purpose of a beta is to let players go wild on the game, find problems, and tell the developers about them so that they can fix it. Besides, what's so unique about the style from any other Kickstarter video game that allows betas? Why aren't they transparent about WHY they had to do that? And if it wants to be portrayed as a demo, then it should be charged like a demo; given out for free to the public.

      What about the three day limit? Are they elaborating why it's only three days or why it had to be extended other than what was essentially "we had a talk and we wanted to push it to another weekend"?

      Betas shouldn't be restricted. I didn't pay $10 additional dollars to play the game for a confined amount of time. The beta was VERY falsely advertised.

      Heart Machine isn't transparent enough about their game, and it's all the more shady to me.

    20. Steve Hosnander on

      Oct 3rd? that's the day Smash 4 releases on the 3DS, hopefully i'll have time to check out the preview build. I will check it out, but i was hoping it could tide me over till the smash release, but oh well. Defiantly excited to try out the preview build :D

    21. James Lewis on

      So the Livestream will be THIS Friday, Sept. 26th right? For those of us that showed up last Friday, we want to make sure that the date is correct.

      For those complaining that the "beta" has been changed to a "preview":
      With the style of game that HLD is, it makes more sense that the early access be more of a small vertical slice of the game. "Beta" is a term used by marketing teams and publishers for early access to test online servers and gameplay strains and bugs. From what i understanf, HLD will have very minimal online capabilities, if any. Calling it a "beta" is misleading for those who expect a certain thing with that. This early access is not so much a "beta test" version of the game running at lower framerate and textures. Its a small peak of gameplay features, characters, and wprld. It would probably be more appropriate to call it a "demo." Much like the demos included in Nintendo Powers and the GameCube mini discs of old.

      As for it being limited to only three days: beats me. But I'm sure HM has their reasons, and they are for the betterment of the final product. Have patience and await the amazing adventure that will be HLD.

    22. TheDevilatyourDoor on

      First off, this is a preview build, beta, whatever you want to call it. I accept it for what it is. This isn't a paid product you put your money towards. No, you put your money towards the possible completion of this game. This is a risk you take when backing ANY project. The only time I'd be TRULY and righteously upset is if they were to abandon the game and never release it. Even then, this is a possible risk investing your money into anything.

    23. Mike "Kaysick" on

      Man I won't even be able to play it! :(
      I'm going to Big House 4 which is a huge Smash tournament and I'm leaving on October 3rd and coming back like the 6th. I've been waiting so long to play.

    24. Matthew Bowie on

      And of course never mind that the purpose of a beta is to help fix bugs, not be a restricted hype piece. We paid for a beta, not a preview build...why couldn't you leave those locked parts open for us to break it, "thus making it stronger and rich with scars" like you originally intended to happen during the funding period?

    25. Patrick Nathan Darby on

      Well, at least I can look forward to more grueling over-time work this weekend instead of trying out HLD when I get home.

    26. Estevan Hernandez on

      For me its better that its October 3rd because the original weekend was impossible as I'm going to be in Yosemite. But really the 3 day limit, I don't think any of us saw that coming. Idk why I imagined it would be longer but that is what I expected.
      A lot of us feel cheated by this, idk if it is a legality thing or a technical hurdle but it would be very nice to be able to get our grubby greedy hands on the demo a little longer.

      If we would have known, the many backers who won't even be able to play the beta they paid extra money for could have planned for it. It does feel sneaky..

      I know that you're all working hard. I'm still excited for this game regardless.

    27. Cody Jones on

      Take as long as you need. Keep up the good work!

    28. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      I thought the Twitch stream was supposed to be last Friday.............

    29. Didis29 on

      Oh no I couldn't access to the game this weekend (I won't have internet because the installation will be the 7th during my birthday =P)! Can you give me a gift and make it continue the week after?=P

    30. Matthew Bowie on

      *You didn't say it would be for that period of time (why won't let they us edit comments?)

    31. Matthew Bowie on

      Why is the beta restricted for three days? You didn't say say it'd would, and I'm sure the near 2600 backers that paid the $25 including myself didn't anticipate it. I can only feel cheated about this.

    32. Dylan Sampson on

      Great, it went from me having a whole free weekend to myself to play this game to it being available on a weekend that I'm totally unavailable.

      I totally agree with the other commenters. I'm pretty displeased that I paid $25 to also get an early beta and instead get shortchanged to a three day preview, not even one I can use at my leisure. Delaying it from this summer to this fall? Okay. Changing it from a beta to a "preview" and then switching weekends at the last minute? I wish I could get my money back and get the next tier or two down.

    33. Missing avatar

      Joseph Williams on

      If you need a week that's fine don't kill yourselves. I just hope you have enough money to keep taking the extra time you've been taking.

    34. Matthew Sullivan on

      @Daniel I put the money out to be able to enjoy this, Im not expecting anything from the creator other than an extended timeline for this as the time restriction is arbitrary. I am also very patient, I don't care if this takes HM 3 years to develop this as long as they enjoy the work they are doing but this 3 day restriction is in poor form as I said my life doesn't revolve around games and I have real world obligations.

    35. Kyle Bennett on

      If it's a beta that's expected to have bugs and locked content, why do you need an extra week? For that matter, why has it gone from a beta to a 3 day teaser build? Treating backers that paid more then double the final price of the game like this is not a good start. Triple A developers get away with it because the general public couldn't care less, they just want to play the games. People on kickstarter on the other hand are hard core gamers, and don't take kindly to being toyed with by indie devs thinking they're hot shit enough to act like Triple A.

    36. Alex Dunn on

      Smash Bros. weekend? Poor choice. XD

    37. Missing avatar

      Daniel Chavez on

      Quit whining. develop a game then you'll know what the pressure is like. Just be patient.

    38. Matthew Sullivan on

      I wish kickstarted let you update comments.

      Im not trying to put down all the hard work all of you at Heart Machine have put into this but come on this should at least be available for a week.

    39. Matthew Sullivan on

      So why is this restricted to 3 days, I paid extra to get access to the early beta so why am I being short changed? Also next week when this becomes available I have a wedding to attend so I feel like I just wasted my money paying for something I wanted but wont be able to enjoy. My life doesnt revolve around this game and this is ridiculous as I have been eagerly waiting to try this out.