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Explore a beautiful, vast and ruined world riddled with unknown dangers and lost technologies. Inspired by nightmares and dreams alike.
Explore a beautiful, vast and ruined world riddled with unknown dangers and lost technologies. Inspired by nightmares and dreams alike.
24,150 backers pledged $645,158 to help bring this project to life.

A few new things for May!


Drifters! E3 fast approaches and now seems and opportune time for an update on our progress, with a few lovely pieces of concept art neatly stacked inside.


Below are some concepts and designs that may change, may never be, or may be implemented precisely as intended. These come from mega-sketch talent team member Casey Hunt, who's always scrawling on poor dead trees:

You can find more on our devlog:

Also, here is Beau's rad first pass (temp sprites of course, brutally out of focus) of a giant spider enemy with individual moving parts:


We're currently gearing up for E3 (as is everyone else, I'm sure), then the summer beta for Hyper Light. We've been hard at work with heavy optimizations that will hopefully allow the game to run as efficiently as possible on as many systems as possible. Keep in mind that the primary point of the beta is to get as much useful feedback as we can digest, breaking down what works and doesn't. You will break things, and it will be awesome to see the silly stuff that happens.

We plan to do a limited/timed release over Steam for the beta, as it's the most streamlined platform to push any patches, and allows us the best control over key distribution to the wave that signed up. We'll keep everyone updated once further details are available on exact release date plus when keys will start going out to backers and humble bundle supporters.


A fair few backers have asked if they can upgrade their pledge as they may have purchased a new console, or wanted to grab a particular reward tier that they couldn't previously. The short answer is this likely won't happen; it's a time-consuming process that would take away increasingly precious time from developing the game. Kickstarter does not allow users a path to upgrade post-campaign, so we would have to go through our own custom PayPal solution (costly, highly time-consuming) or a custom system like BackerKit (also costly and time-consuming), plus change a significant chunk of orders and estimates in our budget.

I hope the requesters understand the costs and our priorities; we're a very small team dedicated to building the best experience we can. I would personally be handling these upgrade systems instead of working on art, design and production.

Final Bits

GDC, PAX East and E3 have been at the forefront of our brains these past months. Now that they're (mostly) done on our end, the team is ready to slip back behind our searing computer screens, sans travel and hand shaking, for a good long while. It seems a proper expectation for these official KS Updates is once a month, with the usual micro updates scattered throughout on our Devlog/Twitter/Instagram/Moon Base.

On that note: Sleep well, Drifters, and don't let the giant rock spiders crush you while you rest.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey on

      You can still choose what platform marucci78

    2. Jonathan Mckay Moran on

      When is the release date for the early access? I would like to be able to play this game before september, because I need to leave for 2 years then.

    3. Marucci78 on

      So I backed it early and now have no way to get a copy for Vita? That's a bit shady!! Why are the early adopters being penalized?

    4. victoria tao on

      I played HLD at E3 yesterday on Vita. It felt great as a handheld. The arena level I was in was very challenging but fun. I enjoyed dashing around and combo-ing the onslaught.
      Great job!

    5. Missing avatar

      Bobby on

      If we'll be unable to upgrade our tiers, will the soundtrack be available standalone at some point down the line, post-launch? That's really the one thing I regret not getting whilst the campaign was still going.

    6. Mashing Keys on

      It is a shame that early backers at low tiers cannot upgrade, especially to the beta tier. I, like many others, would not have been able to predict how difficult the process would be to support such a thing.

      Despite that, I'm still excited for the game, and will just have to watch beta streams or something to get my fix.

    7. Missing avatar

      Shinigami Panda on

      as always take your time and keep doing what you are doing!!!!!!!! don't rush it polish it until it is blinding to the beholder

    8. Timothy Lose on

      Was looking forward to playing on PS4, but can't upgrade now, I guess that's what I get for being an early backer...

    9. Halion J Abramovitch on

      bummer you wont have a booth, ill be there so hopefully ill run in to you guys!

    10. Alex Ting on

      Regarding upgrades : Humble Bundle can create little beta only upgrade widgets if you want! Ping me to discuss more ~

    11. Jason Capp on

      Will you be sending out a survey about which version of the game we want? I know the beta will be PC-only, but I was hoping to get this on Wii U.

      I absolutely can't wait to play this! Been eagerly anticipating the beta like crazy!

    12. Holly Rayl on

      Are you coming to PAX Prime?

    13. Sir Jordi

      I love this sketch book!
      Mine mine mine!

    14. Joe Fusion

      Awesome sketch pages, thanks! The animation looks great too.

    15. Missing avatar

      Frank Fella on

      Forcing people who supported you from the beginning to have to pay full price to play the game on the console of their choice is huge let down.

      You accepted PayPal during the original campaign, not accepting it now for upgrades is both disappointing and inconsiderate of some of your biggest fans.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      I like the way that enemy moves, though it's funny that I recently saw a comic about how every game has to have a giant spider in it for some reason. But as long as the final art is pretty distinct from that, I'd be psyched about it.

    17. Steve van Weelij on

      Please ignore my associate backer ´Marcin Wolny´ as this is clearly the first time he has come in contact with any form of game development and with that, marketing. We did not mean to be either rude or empty headed.

      Carry on.

    18. Marcin Wolny on

      Why are you going for all these trade shows? Overall it's quite expensive (even more so when you include expenses like plane tickets, hotels, food, etc.) - don't you think these money would be spent better on.... I don't know... MAKING A GAME?

    19. Giovanni Riccardi on

      I pledged the 15$ pledge because I own a Wii U, and it would be awesome to play the game on it, but I'm italian. Will the game be released also on the european Nintendo eShop?

    20. Heart Machine Creator on


      You can choose whatever platform you like, my good sir. This was mainly in regards for those at the $10 tier who want to upgrade to $15 or $25.

    21. Mobin Mobeen on

      So for Pledge $75 do i get PS4 version or no i have to add-on if i want PS4 version of the game?

    22. Gearsoul Dragon

      So, no upgrading? :( I must have been super broke the week this ended, because looking back on what was available I'm utterly heartbroken I didn't even get the golden sprite tier!

      I can easily see myself unable to afford the art book PDF tier(etc.) but... $5? I couldn't afford to throw another $5 in for something as cool and useful as that?? e___e

      At least I still get the manual! I'd have died if that wasn't part of my tier! xD

    23. Alex Neilson

      Ooooh! That spider is already beautiful. I can't wait to see what it looks like in the game :)

    24. Otoshigami No. 40723

      nvm. ignore the 1st comment.

    25. Otoshigami No. 40723

      hope Hyper light drifter would be a "WORLD PREMIRE" Trailer. lol

    26. Otoshigami No. 40723

      that's a bummer when I got that email for upgradable pledge in Backerkit. I was hesitant when I saw that list of tiers option. now that I know it, guess i'll just confirm my pledge. thanks for letting us know.

    27. Heart Machine Creator on

      Everyone who pledged for the beta tier (and above) gets access to it on Steam (Windows only right now).

    28. Mario S. Borbon on

      @heart machine whos E3 presentation will you be with? by this i mean will you be in nintendos indie show reel or sony or microsoft???

    29. Kyle LaBonte on

      Awesome! I have a question- if we ordered a beta tier on a console, will we still be able to beta through steam? (To be honest I kinda wish I had chose PC, as much as I love my Wii U)

    30. Missing avatar

      Daniel Chavez on

      Can't wait for release!!

    31. Hugh Trombley on

      Can't wait to see you guys at E3!

    32. Missing avatar

      Fabian Löschner on

      Do you have any plans for Gamescom, yet? I would love to see you and the game at E3 but sadly this isn't possible for me (I'm from Germany).

    33. Heart Machine Creator on


      We won't have our own booth, as it's very costly.

    34. Heart Machine Creator on

      @John Tod:
      We announced back in January that the release date would be pushed until at the earliest end of the year, as we need the time. Thus, summer beta, then release date announced when we're ready to do so.

    35. Eric Trombly on

      Will the beta have a linux build as well?

    36. John Tod on

      So, any updates on actual release date? June 2014 is rolling in soon.

    37. Halion J Abramovitch on

      Will you guys have your own booth at e3?