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Explore a beautiful, vast and ruined world riddled with unknown dangers and lost technologies. Inspired by nightmares and dreams alike.
Explore a beautiful, vast and ruined world riddled with unknown dangers and lost technologies. Inspired by nightmares and dreams alike.
24,150 backers pledged $645,158 to help bring this project to life.

So many things to show you!


Drifters! We have a fair amount of exciting items to cover. Thank you for waiting.


First item to share: a first peek at an animated sequence we're supremely excited about.

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Replay with sound
Play with

Sean W. has been taking this beastly thing to task. Eventually it will be stuffed with flashy color and effects. Note: these types of scenes won't be in-game, though will be featured in other ways!

A few new images

A preview sprite for your enjoyment:

Entrance for the Winding Ridge (still rough):

Tower that a dangerous cult of automatons has occupied:

Schedule: keeping everyone as informed as we can

After heavy development, much discussion and examination, the team and I have decided that we will not rush the project. There's an intense desire to create a polished, beautiful experience and we need more time to do so. We plan for the closed beta to come out near June, so you'll still savage hordes of beasts and explore a section of the world in due time. The Steam + PC release are first, as they were the initial platform; we have our sights set on the end of the year holiday season. Other platform releases are planned to follow shortly thereafter.

We've spent these past months working incredibly hard - on weekends and beyond - scheduling, planning and budgeting how we can best utilize the resources you, the backers, have so graciously given us to create the game everyone deserves. The original approximation of a June release was for a game developed with just myself and Beau Blyth, something much smaller; I would have been creating art for the next six months, with much rougher edges and animation. Since we have been given this remarkable opportunity, the project has evolved, requires polish and finesse that I was not originally afforded. We are able to make the experience whole, into the full vision I had wanted it to be.

The other major factor is health: I can't physically push myself to the brink; I live with limitations that most do not. The amazing thing now, after the success of this campaign, is that I have a team to support this project, to support me. This means that I'll have to pace myself to avoid crashing, a fact I was reminded of just this week. We're all working as hard as we can within reason.

I know some will be disappointed about a delay. For us it means creating as great and polished an experience as is possible. I remember yelling at Nintendo Power whenever Zelda: OoT was delayed, and now I fully understand why they did it and how it paid off in the end. In Miyamoto's words: "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad."

To give more context and connect with you fancy backers as much as possible, we'll answer questions via a livestream for an hour starting Monday Feb 3rd, 7pm PST at

$75 tier!

We've come up with some extra bits for everyone at the $75 tier and above: you'll be able to customize your in-game Companion (colors, body type) plus you'll receive a digital high res version of the world map!


Here's the final revision (save for one spot) of the plushy:

Rita Hunt is going to produce a limited run of 50, which will then be purchasable on her storefront. Depending on interest we may continue to produce more plushies, and use them for special give-aways and events. We'll have links and details on pricing once she has produced the first run.


I have been itching to hold a proper contest. As to not overwhelm everyone, we'll post details on the DevLog as soon as it comes together. The basics: it'll be an art contest, we'll feature all submissions plus choose the top group of work on a future update for everyone to see, and we'll have several prizes available, including the Drifter plushy, a print, and more secrets!

Sound designer Akash

Introducing the talented Akash Thakkar. Check out his first video over here:

Final bits

After such a large update, I'll leave you with a these few words; you're all incredible. Have an excellent weekend, Drifters.

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    1. Brian Trieu on

      I keep watching that same video over and over just for that music. This needs to be in my Vita so bad.

    2. Myca Arcangel on

      I am SO HYPED for that cutscene!

    3. Serket on

      Please do not rush this game. Brainstorm, prototype, test, polish, etc. to your heart's content and release it when you feel satisfied with the result. For those who are impatient it's also easy, just implement a way so they can up their pledge to one with beta access so they can get their fix and make it easier to wait for the game to be completed.

      Glad you quoted that phrase from Miyamoto and glad to hear you want to stick to that way of thinking.

    4. Missing avatar

      VkBest on

      "The Steam + PC release are first, as they were the initial platform"

      Where did you tell us this? I pledged because vita version, if you would tell us about "port" latter instead of multiple release I would´t pledge this shit.

    5. René Sebastian Shabastari on

      First of all, disappointed that only $75+ gets companion customization, there is nothing in that tier that makes sense to justify starting that high in the chain for exclusive customization and there was no hint of this at all, especially with the alternate drifter being [self] unlockable for all KS versions of the game. Some of us pledged a lot for the game and are close to the tier or even beyond with added pledging, but not literally in that tier or above.
      Consider giving all KS backers the companion customization, or at least 20/25/+ tiers on KS since those tiers actually include special companion perks, instead of some arbitrary high monetary tier. I think the KS backers earned it, maybe you can give the $75+ tiers one extra customization appearance and color, but restricting it entirely is bad form.
      Lastly, at minimum please allow people to add the funds to receive the companion customization by adding the necessary money through your paypal on the website. I personally will not do this but you are lucky to have loyal fans who are willing.
      I hope you are able to understand and make all or most of this happen.

    6. Missing avatar

      nin on

      I'm in @ $50, but would love to bump to $75, if there's some way. Also, don't worry about the "delay". Take your time and it'll be great!

    7. Blugrave on

      I would have gotten the $75 tier if I knew

    8. Missing avatar

      Brian Gutierrez on

      Worth the wait I don't mind the delays

    9. Josh Ankney on

      I can't speak for the masses, but I seriously couldn't give two f*cks if this game gets delayed for the reasons listed. This game looks unreal. To me this is a game that will go down in legend. The style, action, gameplay, music, and the work and passion put in to this game show a fully capable team that truly cares about delivering the best product, and experience they can. Keep on working, and more importantly keep pouring your heart in to everything you do!

    10. Cardboard Fortress Games

      i can't speak for anyone else, but i never, ever pay attention to estimated deliveries on anything i kickstart. i gave you my money because i am in love with your idea and i trust you with my money. i know that you will deliver something beautiful, and it's worth the wait... and it's NOT worth risking your health. please take the time you need - don't worry, we're not just here waiting for a game, we're also YOUR BIGGEST FANS! :) <3

    11. Beaujean Betouliere on

      Someone asked for Rita Hunt's website, you can find that here

    12. Elizabeth Luu on

      Is there any way to get that high res version of the world map if you're not a $75 tier backer?

    13. John Banta on

      all of this is way too much cool.

    14. David Ken Castellanos Anaya on

      'Rough' version? Wow. I can't wait to see the completed!

    15. Jonathan Mckay Moran on

      the next 5 months of my life will be spent preparing for this game. I hope they're ok with me recording myself playing it and posting it to youtube

    16. TheDevilatyourDoor on

      If that's the "rough" version of Winding Ridge....I'm impressed. Such detail!

    17. Steve Hosnander on

      can anyone point me towards rita hunts store front? i can't find it and i wanna stalk it until i see her selling those plushies :D

    18. Missing avatar

      Francisco Ramos on

      Take all the time you need. A great quality game takes time to perfect. You're doing a great job guys. Keep it up!

    19. Fimbul on

      Said it on other projects: Take as much time as you need (and as is in the budget) to fulfill your true vision. I backed your vision of a great game, not a time frame!

    20. Matthew Barker on

      ; ^; but, but I have the 64$ package, which I probably couldn't really >.> (don't judge me) but 75$ tier stuffs too... ; ^;

    21. Zak Borden on

      Any way to bump up to that $75 tier? Those are definitely some features I want.

    22. Luminisenc on

      Wow, the enemies in the animatic are adorable - the first ones anyways. I never liked (nor expected) the last dark shady ... boss thing.

    23. 6R3ND3L on

      Wonderful news! I am so glad that the vision is going to be fulfilled by taking your time with it. I am very happy that you and the team are not going to rush such a fun and ambitious project.
      Plushy looks Great!!
      Thanks so much for the continued updates.
      cheers :)

    24. Alex Wilgus on

      Be strong and weather the attacks of trolls. I don't want to play anything short of your full vision no matter how long it takes. Thanks for the frequent and saliva-generating updates.

      And thanks especially for Wii U support.

    25. dwsparks on

      Spending time improving the final product is not time wasted.

      Does this mean HLD will be better than OoT? ;)

    26. maneauleau on

      It's fantastic, pixels are to video games what impressionism is to painting. And your pixels sing and the music sparkles. Take your time guys, the important is the journey not the destination and we are enjoying your ride anyway.

    27. Missing avatar

      Kevin Ahearn on

      Amazing update. If I could add cash to my pledge to get to a higher tier that would be great!

    28. Ethan Lewis on

      Now I will have no time to play it...yay college...

    29. Zero on

      Wow guys, just saw that now you're shipping the artbook outside the US... I'm sure this option wasn't available when I backed. So one question : is it too late (technically I know it is but hey, you never know :p ) to change my pledge and choose the 109 + 15$ one ? Thanks, keep up the good work !

    30. Raül Meroño Pericas on

      I believe most of us will accept a delay as long as you guys don't push yourselves to death. If that extra time also means bringing a better game, then we all win on this. Please, be safe and healthy.

      Miyamoto did well, and I'm sure you will too. Take care and keep up the good work!

    31. John on

      From a fellow video game artist, I am glad that you are focusing on quality instead of being pressured to push the game out the door.

      I've been in many situations were that was the case with publishers and the product almost always ended less that I could like.

    32. PraveenSawh on

      Awsome animation. That is going to turn out great. Take all the time you need to making something you can stand by.

    33. Rullakebab99 on

      i can't get over how cool the art looks. hope there's a lot of love given to the story as well. you need a professional writer to oversee it, cuz there's a lot that goes on into story-writing.

    34. Time Warden on

      Take your time and make this perfect. The Miyamoto quote sums things up perfectly!

    35. Eric Jun Kinoshita on

      This sprite resembles me those Japanese animations. So crisp and dynamic, cool.

      Please take your time to give it the best polishing you can!

    36. Missing avatar

      Dimitri Pinault on

      Is there a way to add some cash to our pledge in order to reach higher tiers ? I'd definitely appreciate to =).

    37. Missing avatar

      Zach Heckert on

      I think many of us backed Hyper Light Drifter because we caught a glimpse of the massive dreams floating around in your head. I can't speak for everyone, but those massive dreams are what I want to see realized. You can't rush art... Take your time.

    38. UHREmperor on

      I'm all about not rushing. When this game finally comes, I feel like people are going to lose their minds with how awesome it is. That for those that may just stumble upon it on Steam, the Playstation Store, or the Nintendo eShop when it's all said and done, that you will have raised the Indie bar to a level that will firmly scream to all developers just how incredible the Indie devs truly are. Polish to me is more important than rushing and as you said, Zelda is never rushed and the results are unarguable, well unless you want to argue which is better in the series. I'd love to see Hyper Light Drifter enter that kind of pantheon. Keep up the good work and please, do put your health first. We love this project, but it wouldn't be here without you. You're more important than your dream.

    39. Matthew Bowie on

      I'm just going to say DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYUM to that preview video. Reminds me of SAO with all of that high amount of action. THIS is what backing a game is worth. :D

    40. Missing avatar

      Anthony Bello on

      I'm looking forward to an awesome game that resonates with HeartMachine's creative goals and vision. Take all the time you need, and Keep Rock'n, ya'll !!!

    41. Missing avatar

      Shinigami Panda on

      P.P.S. not only would i rather you not rush, if there was some way to get even more money to you to keep making more, I would. if only you could do a double kickstarter lol.

    42. Missing avatar

      Shinigami Panda on

      Take your time!!! Not only would I rather wait 2 years at the rate the awesomeness keeps pilling up. I want you to take that time and make as much as you can!!! Everything is so good don't even worry about the beta, please it would stress me a LOT more and make me regret my contribution if you DID rush.

    43. Missing avatar

      Shelmar D. Hunter on

      If I may speak for myself, I'm definitely happy about the decision not to rush your project. As long as your project comes out the way you imagined then it will be great. The update was great too! Loved everything about it. \( ‘з’)/

    44. Xero_Omega1 on

      Alex and team,

      Please take your time in making the game like you said. Games should be made with love and detail and should never be rushed. We have seen many games rushed and are always far from perfect or they are now trash. I enjoy all the artwork and animations you have been putting up, im so excited for the game. :D Keep up the hard work and don't push yourself too hard!! :D

    45. Missing avatar

      Rune on

      Dude the animatic looks awesome, I am studying animation myself and I know how much time it takes to create something like this, Take all the time you need to make your game, you want to look back at the time you did your dream game with enjoyment and smiles, not as the time you nearly worked yourself to death. Best of luck and I look forward to the art contest :)

    46. Lasse Zink Jakobsen on

      I'm happy for you and that you get to create your dream game. Everytime you post an update I get a surge of the hype and exitment that I had when I first backed the game. From the looks of the things we have seen already I am only getting more exited.

      A delay was inevitable really, seeing how much more money you got then what you thought you would. I'm only gratefull that you took the time to make it better, hell future delays is only a good thing in my eyes. Keep up the great work and don't push your health!

    47. Max Kämmerer on

      Please take as much time as you need!

    48. kcvriess on

      I'm slightly disappointed about the delay but that's out of eagerness to play. I don't mind waiting a little longer as I'm sure that the game will be a lot better for it.

      I would like to know how Disasterpeace's soundtrack is coming along. Any news or new samples?

    49. TheChosenOne on

      2015 will be fine. :)