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Explore a beautiful, vast and ruined world riddled with unknown dangers and lost technologies. Inspired by nightmares and dreams alike.
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$550,000 Wii U Goal SMASHED TO DUST! Alternate Drifter Reveal! Other things with exclamations!

Posted by Heart Machine (Creator)

Wow, Drifters! This has been a wild damn week! We blew past the Wii U stretch goal, and have 43 hours to go! We'll be live streaming on our official channel come Friday:

Festivities begin at 5pm PST with live drawing by members of the team (myself and Casey) and possibly a guest or two (Matt Nava of Journey fame) with lots of ridiculous things being said to throw one another off whilst doodling. We will be taking requests from the chat, and questions! We plan to go as deep into the night as people can stay alive (99 life Smash 64 round??), so maybe you'll adventure down this path with us?

Alternate Drifter

One thing that people have been very curios about is the appearance of the alternate character; well let me sate your cat-like curiosity with this concept sketch (not a final design of course):

More Concept Madness!

From Casey Hunt we have a few creature concepts to share:

 Keep in mind these are all concept works, so some or none may even make it into the game, and they will be altered heavily to fit the pixel limitations and in-game aesthetic. Still, rad creature design always gets me jazz-handin' all around. All of this badass work and more will be included in the Companion Art Book, which can be had digitally with some rewards, added on to your current tier for $60, or purchased down the line on our store once that goes live. Please remember that the game is still a ways off, so this book will be ready once we compile all of the amazing bits from various scraps of paper and bleeding hard drives.

$600,000 Stretch Goal and beyond

We know a few amazing friends who we want to have contribute to (and we are working to confirm all of them) a B-Sides OST remix album! Will Wiesenfeld of Baths, Luke Silas of Anamanaguchi, Ben Prunty of FTL fame, Ian Jones of Parisian, and many more we're in talks with and will reveal soon if their schedule permits; they have tours and fantastic adventures abroad and projects stacked high.

Remember, we've always tried to keep things reasonable and within our capabilities, so don't expect anything fantastical like a SNES de-make (unless we hit $1 million) or out of left field. Content and quality is king for a game like this and we continue to push for the best possible play experience and world building we can with the resources we'll have by the end of the campaign. We want to make this a deep and lucid dream for everyone to lose themselves in.


I'll be posting a graphic on the front page to show just what things can be added to your current tier if you so desire, but let's do a quick run-down:

  • Add $5 - Digital OST for the game
  • Add $15 - Additional Copy of the Game for any platform
  • Add $30 - Limited run t-shirt (no international yet)
  • Add $35 - SNES style physical box and manual (no international yet)
  • Add $42 - Limited Compact Print (11x14) (no international yet)
  • Add $60 - Printed Softcover Companion Art Book (no international yet)

I believe that's it for now. I'll be posting more rapid updates as the campaign nears it's end! See you soon.

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    1. Josh Raub on

      Dang! Is there any way to add $10 for the alternate drifter even though the campaign is over?! Being that I live in Japan, I was asleep when the update happened and missed my change. If it's possible, I'd REALLY love to add $10 and get the alternate drifter...

    2. Christian Alexander Thomas on

      Is there anyway to change my pledge now that the campaign is over.

    3. Missing avatar

      Aaron Pongvachararak on

      I missed getting the alternate drifter! I was going to pledge another $10! Can I still do it??

    4. Rodolfo De Nadai on

      Awesome!!!! Glad i pledge for the Alternate Drifter!! It looks great!!!

    5. Cynical Felidae on

      Don't think that's going to happen, Hortek.

    6. Missing avatar

      Hortek Nikeah on

      Any news on the alternate drifter addon?

    7. Jinx on

      @Bryce $115 Print tier doesn't include the softcover art-book nor the physical box and manual nor the t-shirt, at least to my understanding. Refer to the reference sheet near the bottom of the home page. The 'All previous rewards included' is very misleading in my opinion if the reference sheet is correct.

    8. Quadraxis14 on

      I love the Alternate Drifter design! Reminds me so much of Jehuty from Zone of the Enders. Absolutely fantastic!

    9. Sir Jordi

      and I agree that a game+ or alternative endings would be great!

    10. Sir Jordi

      @JD, thanks for the info! things much clear now, and indeed sounds a very good idea, only the 1M strech goal seems "a little" too far ^_^!

      now let's wait for the add-ons internationalization...@Heart Machine, any news?

    11. Missing avatar

      Bryce Austin Everhart on

      Since I have the $115 Print tier, does that include the softcover art-book? I'm only unsure because the consecutive art print tiers are all copies of the $100 print tier, which is technically below the art-book tier.

    12. Olly on

      please make the alt drifter an add-on!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      Seriously hyped about that remix album.

    14. Daniel Reuter on

      I want the Alt Drifter so bad but I can't afford to bump my pledge up $50 right now. ):

    15. Sharkey on

      It's the same thing, the $35 add-on is simply if you're in a tier that doesn't come with it.

    16. Ashley Nicholas Dodson on

      Is the $64 physical box level different from the $35 add on for SNES style physical box?

    17. Aaron Fourtner on

      I would love for alt drifter to be an add on. I don't really need an extra key, but would throw you some more money for the alt drifter, just not $50 more.

    18. Devon Archer on

      +1 For Alt Drifter Addon!

    19. djnforce9 on

      Almost at the final stretch goal already. Looking forward to one helluva game when it's finished!

    20. Missing avatar

      Matthew Jump on

      de-make - means they would actually go through and make a real playable snes game that would work on the real system. That would be crazy awesome - but cost wise maybe just crazy.

    21. Pierfrancesco Pedone on

      I too think that the Alternate Drifter should be an add-on.. asking for 70$ it's really too much

    22. Alef Ishara on

      why 75$ for alt costume :( i don't need the 2 extra copies ...i just want the alt costume, you should make a deal for people who just want that

    23. Dawn on

      Love all the add-ons, and can't wait till tomorrow!!
      The Alternate Drifter looks awesome!!
      A remix ost for 600k stretch goal? Sounds good to me! It'l be included with the ost download?

      Another great game, Taxi Journey needs your help!:

    24. JDTX88

      @Christian: Man, it cost a lot of money to get established music artist onboard. Heart Machine already has given us mass amount of content, let them get creative with anything that follows.

    25. Missing avatar

      Christian on

      no offense but for 600k we get remixes?

    26. JDTX88

      @Jerome, yezzir it does.

    27. JDTX88

      @TL - it's been discussed by they community again and again, it's time to give Heart Machine a break with trying to develop more in game content that is not in place already. Let them focus on fortifying what's there, quality over quantity.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jérôme VASSEUR on

      the 75$ tier includes the physical box ???

    29. Missing avatar

      TL on

      @JD - I know, but I'd rather have the game extended content-wise than any additional non-game goodies. Additionally, in most cases a "new game+" offers little new content, so beefing this up would be cool, I think.

    30. Ryu Yasumura on

      Would absolutely love an android version. There's a bunch of various android based consoles coming out that have game pads.

    31. JDTX88

      @TL - New game plus was one of the first stretch goals reached

      @Jordi - A demake is when take a modern game and remake it into 8-bit, 16-bit, and even older grade of games. These are done by indie developers and always offered free on the internet. Halo and Dark Souls are only two out of many games that have been remade.

    32. Ubersnug on

      Still no chance of an Xbox One version of the game?

    33. Joni William Ahonen on

      I agree with the requests for a Alternate Drifter Add-On. I am not interested in the offers between my current tier nor a third extra key, but the Alt. Drifter would be neat.

    34. Blugrave on

      The alternate Drifter skin should be an Add-On! I don't care for the other things in that Tier. $70 is was too much to ask for just a skin. Be reasonable please.

    35. Evan Thaxter on

      That concept art looks great! Keep up the good work!

    36. Markus Stadler on

      Can we have different languages?

      How about a German Translation for the Game?

    37. Missing avatar

      Sig Fried on

      My WiiU is going to get a lot of loving. Thanks for supporting it!

    38. Raül Meroño Pericas on

      Happy to have changed my $15 into $40. A double Wii U version with art book and OST in 8 months... Can't wait!

    39. Missing avatar

      TL on

      Also, are there any indications for the internalization of T-Shirts, Books, etc?

    40. Missing avatar

      TL on

      @Jordi: I suppose a de-make would mean that you could play it on the original SNES!?

    41. Missing avatar

      TL on

      An idea for a 600k or above tier might also be a modified or extended "New game+" option, possibly going Chrono Trigger on the endings or altering the game in significant parts, making new areas etc. available. This would seriously increase replayability and just make me so much more fond of this project (if that's even possible).
      Maybe you guys can take it into consideration?

    42. Nick May

      I've pledged for the book, but am in Australia. As my pledge was not rejected, does this mean that the international issue has be solved?

    43. Sir Jordi

      btw, what does "de-make" mean? (lost in translation..and google transl doesn't help much..)

    44. Sir Jordi

      go go Wii U!

    45. Sir Jordi

      What's the difference between the 109$ tier and the 60$ printed soft book? Huge difference, hum?
      Not international yet? oh my..

    46. Loweak on

      Yes WiiU Stretchgoal is smasheeeeeed ! I definitly take it on that platform ! Hope there a feature for the gamepad (or just be playable on the gamepad)

    47. Hosam on

      Yes yes yes Wii U

    48. JDTX88

      @Rohan: they gotta stop adding stuff eventually brother haha, they already got their work cut out for themselves making an already large and amazing looking game, theres lines to be drawn at some point.