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Explore a beautiful, vast and ruined world riddled with unknown dangers and lost technologies. Inspired by nightmares and dreams alike.
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A big announcement for U!

Posted by Heart Machine (Creator)

After completing talks with Nintendo and wrapping our minds around the time and resources needed, we are extremely excited to announce an official stretch goal for Wii U! Yes, we love this platform and it makes us giddy!

We are placing this at the $550,000 stretch goal: if we hit that all backers at the $15 level and above will be able to choose between a Steam key, a drm free copy, a PS4 key, a Vita key, an Ouya key, or a Wii U key! Super intense times!

We will have a few other bits on a boss reveal soon! Thanks for now, Drifters.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Carey on

      Looking forward to seeing this on the Wii U. What platform will the Beta access be on? Assuming PC, but wanted to check. Thanks again for making this awesome game.

    2. Wushvuzulle on

      Will you make some nice support of Wii U gamepad's technologies? Like, Additional menus or/& interfaces, touch control, extended social or gameplay features(e.g. The WindWaker HD).

    3. Missing avatar

      Sascha Saez on

      so glad we have it on wii U!!!can't wait to see some more...and to play it of course¨!

    4. Mohamed Eldin Masry on

      WII U stretch goal reached! Congratulations to all Wii U owners!

      Looking forward to playing this on Wii U and Steam, maybe even Vita if the mood strikes!

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris Ainsley on

      I have the same question as +Devon Archer.

      "Seeing as you have the humble bundle $15 thing up and running which is basically "Steam+DRM Free", will the "PC" choice now be "Steam + DRM" free as well? That is what makes sense in my mind and would be much appreciated."

    6. Michael Stenhouse on

      For Shantae, WayForward combined the money they made on Kickstarter with the money they made through PayPal to fund their stretch goals. Is this going to be the case with Hyper Light Drifter? I need that Wii U stretch goal to be reached!

    7. Eric Kramer on

      Backed the second I saw the potential Wii U support. The trailer is incredible, I really hope I can get a Wii U copy!

    8. Devon Archer on

      Seeing as you have the humble bundle $15 thing up and running which is basically "Steam+DRM Free", will the "PC" choice now be "Steam + DRM" free as well? That is what makes sense in my mind and would be much appreciated.

    9. Missing avatar

      Sig Fried on

      "Please let this hit the Wii U strech goal! Please let this hit the Wii U strech goal! Please let this hit..."

    10. Alex Wilgus on

      Really hoping this one comes through for us Wii U owners.

    11. Sivakorn Wattanapenpaiboon on

      Another question, how will Co-op campaign gonna work on DRM-Free version?

    12. Tyarian Rextalia Solvluna on

      @David Yup, you'll be able to choose between PC, Mac, Linus, and Steam for the early backer copy.

    13. Missing avatar

      David Kwan on

      so with the $10 early backer copy, I can still choose the steam key right?
      sorry just want to confirm

    14. Cleber Thiago Freitas on

      @Heart Machine, I'm don't read the comments often, but I do remember one time I read that you guys posted saying that a 3DS version would be possible in the 500k stretch goal... so far nothing and the 500k has gone... and now only the 550k for the Wii U version? Hear our claims, make a 3DS version as well...

      I would be glad to get a PC, Wii U and 3DS versions as well, I don't onw neither Vita and PS4... =/

      And also make the DRM-free copy + Steam key one... Keep it simple... This probably will chill out the guys! =)

    15. Mattias Krantz on

      congrats to the success on other platform, im only interested in pc but im happy for your team that the game is so well recieved and adopted to other platforms.

    16. Missing avatar

      Dellial on

      Thanks for your response, Heart Machine. I still don't understand your position, though. If you care about the simplicity of managing the PC copies of the game this much, then why not just merge the Steam code + DRM-free download into one option in your survey? Seems like that would be much less hassle than keeping track of who is supposed to get which PC version of the game.

      As far as I know, Steam should be more than happy to allow you to generate as many codes for your games as you wish, since one of their goals is to get even more people into it. Every Steam user is a potential customer for them and they know it. So just let them generate bunch of codes for you to include with every single package and that's it.

      Mighty No. 9 kickstarter here for example uses the services of the Humble Bundle store to handle their digital distribution, and it comes with both the DRM-free download and Steam codes by default. I have only the best experience with them (multiple payment and download methods, the way they handle the Steam keys, availability of the service, etc) and I think it'd be amazing to see something similar here.

    17. Erik de Vos on

      Great news! I hope we make it. I would love to play it on the Wii U.

    18. Calvin Maguranis on

      @Heart Machine: thanks for keeping us informed! Good to know you guys are considering and responding to the community!

      @lordfiSH: switching to XNA (if they're not using it already) would mean they'd have to redo the whole game framework, I don't think it'd be so simple.

    19. Missing avatar

      audiobrainiac on

      Would LOVE to see a 3DS version..... :(

    20. Missing avatar

      audiobrainiac on

      COME ON Wii U RELEASE!!!!!!!!!

    21. lordfiSh

      if you use Microsoft XNA Game Studio its easy to port to xbox 360, pls do it :)

    22. Heart Machine Creator on

      Just a few things addressed: the $10 price on kickstarter is special for you early backers . The standard price on all platforms will be $15 once the campaign ends . As far as the drm free copy we are trying to keep it simple for us to manage, so again come survey time you just choose whatever key or distro you'd like. On ps4 and vita crossbuy/save: we are looking into which options are best for us and are the least hassle to implement. We love the ideas, and at the very least will do cross save, we just need time to play with the dev kits and all. We will keep all backers informed on all of these items throughout the dev process!

    23. Carlos Enrique on

      Here are people complaining about the stretch goal cost for Wii U while you had over 3 million stretch goals for Mighty 9 for PS4/XB1/3DS/Vita. At least appreciate that they aren't asking for an arm and a leg here folks. We have a week to go and we'll def. hit at least 600k here or perhaps more, who knows. Lay off their backs, you'll eventually get your Wii U versions.

      I personally cannot wait to play this on my PS4.

    24. CMPST on

      @Sivakorn As many times as you want. That's the benefit of not having DRM. :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Joel on

      Alright, upping my pledge to $15 then XD

    26. Sivakorn Wattanapenpaiboon on

      Can I ask something?

      How many times can I install the DRM-Free version into different Laptop? (I have 2 laptops, one I use at home and small one for Uni).

      What will happened if I change my Laptop, can I reintall it on that laptop. I need to know if I might have to get steam version.

    27. Calvin Maguranis on

      I have to agree with everyone else about the steam+DRM free issue.

      Also it'd be awesome if you could add a video detailing the combat (this was promised in an earlier update).

      How do you expect porting to the Wii U week effect development? All these additional platforms have me a little nervous about the mid 2014 expected release. Maybe do several platform rollout phases?

    28. TheDevilatyourDoor on

      @Antoine Each system requires liscensing fees I believe and also it might be harder to program for WiiU. So that may play a part in the difference.

    29. Missing avatar

      Antoine T. on

      I have a stupid question.

      The first goal for the game was 27 000$.
      For PS4 and Vita, you needed 20 000$ (200 000 to 220 000).
      For Wii U, you need 100 000$ (450 000 to 550 000).

      Why is it that expensive?

    30. Missing avatar

      Ankiseth on

      Do I get a steam key with my 10$ contribution? Yes or No? I don't give 2 cents about wii U or anything else.

    31. Iain Farrell on

      Thrilled at this news, it's a game I'd love to play on my Wii U :)

    32. Sir Jordi

      but are you going to port Wii U in a way that takes full advantge of the Wii U pad screen?
      then it would be awesome!

    33. Sir Jordi

      great news!
      go go Wii U!

    34. Diosisback on

      I have a question: since digital games are region-locked, do we get to choose the PSN region?

      I live in Spain, but I use an US PSN account. I wouln´t be able to use an european code...

    35. Missing avatar

      Antoine T. on

      I promised to manage my pledge, I did it! Good luck for the Wii U goal, I really want this one :D

    36. Quidohmi on

      @Karstein Rosnes Ersdal
      Haven't you heard? Nintendo and Sony aren't terrible.

    37. jibaycay on

      @Adam I've got a brother. When I want he try a game, I give him the drm-free copy. Why? I hate to lend my steam account. Even with the Steam "Family sharing" feature, I'll not be able to play in the same time as him.
      And I don't consider this as piracy, it's my fuck**g brother dude, not just a random guy on the internet.

    38. Karstein Røsnes Ersdal on

      Cool news guys! How did you prevent a 6-month exclusivity deal with Sony and Nintentdo while still retaining your IP?

    39. Christopher "DarkWolfNine" Muzatko

      @Adam, let's say you have a major gaming rig. you have steam on it. (Yes, I know, you can add 3rd party apps to the list of your gaming. auto-updates are another matter), but if you are away and can play on you want, but they don't have steam, or care to have it installed. So you play your DRM-Free copy instead. (Just one of a bunch of scenarios that could be explained for wanting/needing/getting both) That might be one scenario that causes KS projects to include both sometimes.

    40. Brad Michinau on

      Love that the WiiU will be supported. And if Hyper Light Drifter will work on the dual screen of the TV and the WiiU controller, then hopefully it could also work with the dual screens of the 3DS? :) $600k stretch goal please!

    41. Adam Prenger on

      I'm sorry, but I don't understand why you need both a DRM-free copy and a Steam copy. You pick one and you play it. I honestly don't understand PC gamers most of the time.

    42. Christopher "DarkWolfNine" Muzatko

      Max, I agree. The $10 or $15 pledge should be offered (DRM-Free & Steam) especially if that is what the pre-order is. Which should almost be opposite, IMO. We need some incentive. Unless we feel full hearted on a/this project. Fairness tho'. I agree.

      @Bradley, I agree too. PC &/OR Steam = your pledge or $10 if you are doing add-ons. Then Console games $15. (that is where I say +$5 for $10 pledges who want a console version.

      @Zackasaur, I agree too. It would be nice to know if the PS4/Vita are counted as one purchase (aka cross-buy) or if they are requiring $15 ea.

      Love the additional WiiU option/info!!


    43. Missing avatar

      Sig Fried on

      YES! More Indie games on WiiU! More MiiVerse communities!

    44. Missing avatar

      Austin on

      Any plans for the 3DS? I feel as though there is a lot of potential for the 3DS to work with this game.

    45. Ethan Miguel “E.M.” Serkey on

      Btw, have you considered having an after-the-Kickstarter Paypal to contribute to stretch goals, like WayForward has?

    46. Ethan Miguel “E.M.” Serkey on

      Yes, yes, 1,000,000 times YES! I don’t like PC gaming much & barely touch my Vita, but I funded you out of love for & trust of WayForward. I have now doubled my pledge & will be pushing your project on m Nintendo-oriented Twitter feed, @NintendoGaymer.

    47. Zack Averyt on

      @Jose: I think it's a bit off that you have to go $15 to get console and only $10 on PC at all...but what do I know? I figure $15 probably isn't too bad for what this is shaping up to be anyway...and I had to get that Shantae cross-over content (the only reason I even KNOW about this game...good marketing there).

      I couldn't care less if it hits Wii U, I'll take the PS4 code anyway. My Wii U is for exclusive games only. :P

    48. Jose Carlos on

      wait, so 10$ backers only get a DRM FREE, and 15$ + get DRM FREE + STEAM KEY?? am I correct? if that's truth this is unfair, all the other projects give you the drm + steam key.

    49. Stephen De Carlo on

      There is no doubt in my mind that this goal will be met.