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Explore a beautiful, vast and ruined world riddled with unknown dangers and lost technologies. Inspired by nightmares and dreams alike.
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Another goal SMASHED! Steam support! OUYA support!

Posted by Heart Machine (Creator)

Fellow Drifters, not only have you have destroyed yet another stretch goal, we're also now Greenlit on Steam thanks to your votes! What a day. As we stroll right past the dust of one goal we approach another: the expanded modules and gear. More on this to follow shortly.

OUYA Support

We are pleased to announce that we will be bringing Hyper Light Drifter to this fantastic little box of indie love along with the other announced platforms! We're happy to support a great idea and a platform that really boosts such a wide variety of tiny developers doing rad and unique stuff. For backers wondering: you'll be able to claim a key for this platform if you have pledged at the $15 tier or above, so mix and match for Steam, PS4, Vita and OUYA as you please. Woo!

New Fan Art

We have a pretty great new image from one Darren Rawlings:

So intense!

On New Areas and New Gear

Broken Shallows - A snowy coastal ancient war zone littered with beached mechs, fossilized munitions and the skeletons of wasted air craft, this beautiful, harsh shoreline zone offers a broken glimpse at one of the great battles past.

Emerald Brink - This vibrant landscape is home to massive vegetation that looms over all other occupying entities. With hostile plant life, deep cliffs that slide into toxic mists and savage giant invertebrates, this is a no-mans land ripe with lost treasures from the past.

New Gear + Modules - We're expanding the Drifter's arsenal and capabilities with a few new fancy additions like the Viper's Edge - an explosive that shoots razor hard-light shards upon it's second bounce - and an acid dash booster that leaves a damaging trail upon it's use. We'll be sprinkling details about new gear as development continues, so brace yourselves for some fun components.

Last Bits

This week we're planning to provide new information about add-ons for rewards and all of the specifics for claiming them (pricing and how-to) for all that have requested it. 

Thanks again to you incredible supporters; we keep crushing and smashing our way into exciting new territories that I can't wait to share with everyone.

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    1. Calvin Lindfors on

      @SD, the hardware company is the one that typically licenses the codec on a per unit basis. I believe DTS specifically only does that. The fact that OUYA didn't license it per hardware unit and also didn't let the developer of the most popular media player app on their system that they were supposedly working closely with know that really doesn't make them look any better, it just means they messed up in a different way than I thought.

    2. Adam Luna on

      Any chance for choice to download 360???

    3. S.D. on

      The unlicensed codecs thing is on the XBMC app developer, it's nothing to do with Ouya the company. They distributed unlicensed AC3/DTS support in the app they published on the Ouya store. Of course Ouya is responsible for the apps in the marketplace! If an app violated patent licensing on the Apple App Store, Google Play, or on Steam (for example), those companies would pull the app, possibly without announcement. Instead, OUYA let the guy update the app rather than killing it outright.

      Also, it's not even an official XBMC release; it was an unofficial build of XBMC v12 ("Frodo") by an XBMC contributor named Christopher Browet. The first officially supported release of XBMC on OUYA will be v13 ("Gotham") and supported by Team XBMC. They are well aware of the patent licensing issue. Get your facts straight, buddy :-)

      @Samuel: Some people are malcontents. What can you do? As the internet would say "haters gonna hate" :-)

    4. Calvin Lindfors on

      I just don't want to see him waste time and money porting it to a system that in all likelyhood won't even see enough sales to get him a check for the revenue(You need to make a few thousand dollars for OUYA to send you your cut of the sales), let alone enough to recoup the porting costs.

    5. Missing avatar

      Samuel Nunes on

      @Calvin: you really hate the OUYA, don't you? :P I wouldn't like to get too off-topic here, but personally I have a very different opinion than yours: I think that the hardware is well worth it's price, and that the people behind it have been improving even if they made a bunch of annoying mistakes in the past. The OS also has a lot of room for improvement, but I find it stable and simple to use, so I have no complaints there. I do have occasional reception problems with the controllers, but no such thing like the blind areas you mentioned before (AFAIK that was a problem with early Kickstarter units only). As for the specs, even if it's not part of the top 100 mobile benchmarks and it can't run a 3 year old PC game, the Tegra 3 is no slouch. To put things in perspective, a much slower cortex A8 can run e.g. Quake 3 Arena smoothly, so maybe it's just "The Ball" that is not a very optimized game...

      In any case, there's no point in discussing the issues or qualities of specific platforms around here. We should be celebrating the greatness of Hyper Light Drifter instead. It's really inspiring to see someone's dream coming to life like this, as a product of sheer love and dedication. And it's great that it's getting bigger and bigger, and coming to more and more platforms.

    6. Missing avatar

      GiantenemyCrab of the Obsidian Order on

      For Android touch controls cant u just make a touch overlay of the buttons needed for play...if your porting to Ouya then it is trivial to port to all Android phones

    7. Andreas Larsen on

      @Angelo, thank you very much for clearing that up. That sounds really good, really looking forward to this game. The Bastion-esque gameplay was really what got me into this very beautiful and stunning title, the beautiful music from Disasterpeace and with the very unique art style just adds to it all. First time backing on a Kickstarter project but it sure wont be my last seeing all this awesome stuff.

    8. Mattias Krantz on

      Oh my! That fanart, its just... I dont know what to say, its so... Great!

    9. Calvin Lindfors on

      @Samuel: It's not even good as a low performance machine though. The Ball is a 3 year old PC game originally developed for free as a mod and released for $20, not a "AAA game". The fact that they had to completely redo even the lowest quality setting's assets and basically completely cut the lighting engine to get it to run on the OUYA is not a good sign. The OUYA isn't even in the top 100 on 3D Mark's mobile device rankings. And that's still ignoring that the lack of sell-through, the mess of an OS and the controller issues have absolutely NOTHING to do with graphics. For a real life example of how incompetant the OUYA and the team behind it is, just today they had to release an update to get rid of multiple audio processing formats because they never actually paid the licensing fees to include them. The OUYA may have had a decent idea behind it, but the execution did not live up to the idea, at all.

    10. Angelo on

      @Andreas At $40 tier, you get 2 copies of the game, so you can choose both PC and Vita when the survey is sent out on what platforms you want to receive from my understanding. Aside from receiving the rewards at the $40 tier, you also get the rewards on the lower tiers.There are going to also be specific add-ons that you can get whenever it is announced that you can purchase without changing tiers.

    11. Andreas Larsen on

      Just a quick question, i thought about updating my pledge to the 40$ one, and i was wondering what it would take to get both PC + PS VITA but still having the cool rewards?

    12. Angelo on

      I think a cloak/stealth module would be a nice addition to snipe enemies or use in covert missions.Since it's powered by batteries then the potential abuse is non-existent and would be a good idea to add more strategy/skill into gameplay.

    13. Stephen De Carlo on

      I've backed several games on Kickstarter, burt none get me as excited as this one.

    14. Missing avatar

      Samuel Nunes on

      Great news about the OUYA port! This is the type of game I was hoping for when I got mine! :-)

      @Calvin Lindfors: True, the OUYA doesn't have much horsepower, but to be honest I don't think the 3D "fancy" stuff has anything to do with whether a game is good or not. For example, it's a personal opinion, but I'd rather play a game like Voxatron, Braid, Limbo, or Hotline Miami than most of the boring AAA games from the past decade. And on that line of thought, I think the OUYA as a platform meant for indies was a great idea. Their problem is that they still don't have any of the cool indie games, which limits the platform's value, and explains the poor game sales' figures. But there's still hope, there are some Kickstarter-funded gems coming to OUYA at some point: Cryamore, Radio The Universe, Legend of Dungeon, Delver's Drop, and so on... now with Hyper Light Drifter it just got better!

    15. Guerric Haché

      Congratulations! I'm really excited and happy to see you doi so well on Greenlight as well as Kickstarter.

      Sorry if this has been asked before, but I just wanted to confirm: a Steam key will be available at the same pledge level as a DRM-free PC copy, correct?

    16. Toadtopia Games on

      I am so excited for this game.

    17. Calvin Lindfors on

      Here's a comparison of The Ball on OUYA vs The Ball on PC:
      Porting it might not be as effortless as you think if you actually want it to run well.

    18. S.D. on

      Is there a pledge level that will give me codes for the Linux version AND the OUYA version? Thanks! This is awesome news :-)

    19. Heart Machine Creator on

      Just a note on ouya: it's free to publish and porting it over will be incredibly easy, so of course we want to get it in as many platforms as possible. This doesn't take away from other platforms, so look forward to further announcements!

    20. Keith A. Chartrand on

      Wasn't seeing OUYA support happening

    21. JusticeBolt on

      @Alexander Seidel: Yes pc/mac/linux your choice.

    22. Missing avatar

      Alexander Seidel on

      So just to make sure, the 10$ pledge DOES include a steamkey, right?

    23. Lami on

      Upped pledge to get Ouya version. It really needs more cool games :)

    24. JusticeBolt on

      @Calvin Lindfors: Agree however :D

    25. Calvin Lindfors on

      Porting to the OUYA is about as useful as porting to the or the NGage. It's slower than most phones that use the same chipset, the management is a total mess, the OS is half-assed, the controllers have terrible reception and dead zone issues and most developers are seeing sell through percentages in the single digit, not even making enough to get a check from OUYA.

    26. Daniel Reuter on

      Congratulations on getting through Greenlight and on smashing another stretch goal! I don't really care about the Ouya support since PC is my preferred platform but hey, it'll be nice for them to have another game to play. That makes uh... three or four now? Only teasing but seriously I am very excited to see how well this project is doing! ^_^

      @Darren Voight: Lol.

    27. Missing avatar

      nin on

      No worries - I just upped from $10 to $40. :)

    28. JusticeBolt on

      @Darren Voight : Man! It's not even part of stretch goal!!

    29. Ivan Romero Jimenez on

      Great!! Ouya release!!! ^^

    30. Missing avatar

      Thaslaya on

      Ouya support before any Xbox platform? I think I'll retract my pledge

    31. Missing avatar

      nin on

      Congrats on the greenlight!

    32. JusticeBolt on

      I will post this news on a ouya forum! Maybe that will help.

    33. djnforce9 on

      Considering how quickly these stretch goals are met, I wonder if there will be any ideas LEFT to implement by the time the campaign is over. Looking forward to what appears to becoming quite a high quality AND sizable adventure ahead.