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Explore a beautiful, vast and ruined world riddled with unknown dangers and lost technologies. Inspired by nightmares and dreams alike.
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Goals Smashed, WayForward Cross-over!

Posted by Heart Machine (Creator)

$375,000 was rapidly surpassed, and now we sit on the brink of $400,000! Bring it on! Everyone continues to amaze and dazzle and make my eyes sparkle and shimmer, so today I present you with a few sparkly things of our own.

A Risky Cross-Over

Heart Machine is incredibly excited to announce that we're teaming-up with the talented folks over at WayForward! Backers $10 and over will receive an exclusive Risky Boots (of the wonderful Shantae series) in-game bonus quest! You'll get a special item as your quest reward to cherish and virtually polish/sharpen as you please: I'll keep the remaining details secret for now. 

Here's a first pass of the in-game sprite for her in Hyper Light:

She'll fit in nicely with our lore and aesthetic (once she gets a proper cape and new hat). I love a good cross-over; on their end you'll be getting a bad-ass bonus Drifter sword item as a quest reward. Check out the details in their most recent update.

Once again being able to work with such a stellar series and group of developers is another dream achieved. Head on over to their campaign if you haven't already and consider backing this lovely game.

Other Bits

We have a new sprite for Alizon to share, mastered by one Johan Vinet:

Look at that luxurious fur and those shifting tree-trunks he calls arms. Fella doesn't even need two hands for his massive weapon.

Also Landon Durnan over at BigSushi did a fun interview a few days back, and it's now online. Check it here if you'd like:

Reward add-ons

This has been a request coming up so we will be addressing this with specifics on costs for particular items soon! You'll be able to add a certain amount to your tier if you want a physical box, or t-shirt variant, or possibly the art book. We'll keep it as simple as possible!

Of Live Streams

We at Heart Machine love the community and continued engagement and intense energy. (Look at all that amazing fan art!) The exchange of ideas and feedback makes a better game for everyone. We're going to start a developer blog soon after the campaign and do some fun stuff on it: live streams of drawing sessions, coding, food fights, smash brothering breaks, posts on new systems to get feedback, unique doodles, more fan art posts, and general tom-foolery to keep everyone who has been such a great support right from the start informed and energized in as much of the process as possible. It'll be a blast, plus maybe we'll learn a few things from each other in the process.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Sascha Saez on

      I found it, for wiiU :)

    2. Sir Jordi

      I mean, artbook as an add-on

    3. Sir Jordi

      Great idea this crossing
      Artbook tier next?

      And any news about a Wii U port?

    4. Missing avatar

      Ben Jansen on

      Okay, so I was reading through the comments and I just had to stop in utter stunned silence. There was an argument (or debate, if you will) and it was resolved peacefully.....IT WAS RESOLVED PEACEFULLY! Am I still on the internet? Is this the real life? Normally I don't post comments on anything...ever, because of pointless arguments. I just wanted to say that I wish more people could resolve their differences like @Matt Krantz and @Nemrex instead of needless slandering. Good job guys.

    5. Rullakebab99 on

      Oh, this cross-over's fun. It's gonna be a treat to play all these games referencing each other and their respective campaigns. Kickstarter's so much fun! ^.^

    6. Mattias Krantz on

      @Nemrex, that reminds me! I must begin to play the last Tomb Raider soon :) it have been waiting in my steam library since the summer sale.

    7. Nemrex on

      @Matt Krantz And I completely agree with you. In fact, I consider Shantae one of the few female characters within video games to be fully capable of taking care of herself without any direct help, along with Lara Croft, Jade from Beyond Good & Evil, and Faith from Mirrors Edge, among others.

    8. Mattias Krantz on

      @Nemrex. I get all that and it is no news to me. But what im saying is that i think it is going over the top, we should stop womenizing in games, true! When portaiting female characters with exaggerated physic and thongs in games i to get offended. But i cant see why anyone would get offended by lets say someone like the genie, not me, not my wife... There is a big differens and just because there is some bare skin dosent mean its offensive... And that goes for both male and female characters...

    9. Calvin Maguranis on

      I backed this project the first week it was out and have been watching it very (borderline obsessively) closely! I have a few questions and comments on the game and it's development:

      -The trailer track really sealed the mood; it's what really sold the game to me. Rich Vreeland's preview is also fantastic, however I do think that the game really needs a few more tracks done by Will Wiesenfield: his style became integral to the overall feel for HLD after that trailer, imho.

      -Is there any way we could see a "worldmap" concept? It'd be great to really see what the world is made up of and just what we can get/have gotten from the stretch goals in terms of added content areas.

      -Can the SNES boxart be provided as a PDF for us lower-tier backers? Several lower tiers already offer PDF versions of the manual and artbook, it would be great to have this added in for the sake of completenss!

      -The $65k, $160k and, $300k stretch goals were all team member additions (one animator and two programmers, I believe): who are they? Can we get a team reveal?

      -Why are the keys OS specfic? I don't see why being on Linux, Mac OSX, or Windows should matter; a single key should work for these 3 platforms. For any/all consoles this model makes sense.


    10. Nemrex on

      @Matt Krantz While Shantae being not fully clothed does make sense since she is a genie, what Roy Natian and Ben Donnelly are pointing out is that there is a trend within video games, especially fantasy MMOs, that tend to have male characters being bulkier and more armored while female characters are skimpier and are less likely to have armor that doesn't cover them entirely, such as their midrift being unprotected. While this obviously panders to the male consumer base, the downside of this is that it alienates the female base. How would you feel if you play God of War and Kratos sports a large package the size of a tennis ball and it's pulled so tight you could practically see the details. Or a fantasy game where the knights are fully armored except from the waste down in which they only wear a thong. For many, this would feel awkward and uncomfortable, which is just how a female gamer might feel if she plays most games these days.

    11. Mattias Krantz on

      And sorry for being a Jerk but i think the political correctness trend is plain silly, why complaint over shantae' lack of armour? It is supposed to look like a genie.. If you see something womenizing in a fantasy creature, well that is just weird. Is there no freedom for the artists anymore?

    12. Mattias Krantz on

      Funny crossover! Im not so exited of the other project but helping each other out is always a good thing.

    13. Stephen Roesch on

      I've got a good chunk on each game.. I love it!

    14. Missing avatar

      Ben on

      @Roy Natian: Risky Boots is from a previously established series, and her costume makes a lot more sense in her own universe. That aside, I agree that the ladies should, in general, have proper armor.

    15. Nedrick Mclaren on

      This will be such a stellar game, I am glad I found it.

    16. Roy Natian on

      Love the game and art and all, but do we *really* need another female game character that's half naked? Why do male characters always have full armor and women have just metal bras and so much bare skin? Bums me out :/

    17. Splazter on

      This sounds like it could be fun!

    18. Stephen W on

      I'm really curious to see if the two characters will acknowledge each other when they meet again in the other character's game. Like, Half Genie Hero comes out a few months after Hyper Light, so maybe the two characters already know each other.

      Whatever happens, this is a fantastic idea.

    19. Egypt Urnash on

      Can I dare hope to have her as a playable character? I'd really love to have a female avatar available.

      (Or else maybe have the alternate drifter at the $75 pledge be a lady.)

    20. Stephen De Carlo on

      Add-on book, add-on book!

      Anyway, you guys are going to run out of synonyms for "destroy" pretty soon.

    21. J.Gonzo on

      Nice! Great crossover. The art, as always, looks awesome on both sides!

    22. Carlos Enrique on

      Awesome, got 15 on Shantae too and they're having a Hyper Drifter character/mission going on too. Totally awesome, can't wait!!!!! Thanks!!!

    23. Drifty Boots on

      @Xero_Omega probably too late, what with less than two hours to go on mighty

    24. Peter Walkowiak on

      any word on wii u :)

    25. Drifty Boots on

      I just noticed that in the tier description for the shirt it says "all previous rewards included" but in your chart at the bottom it doesn't include the second download code. Was that an error by chance? Also would the extra content be included in your second or third downloads of the game?

    26. Xero_Omega1 on

      You should do a cross-over with Might No. 9. :D

    27. AdamDork

      Any word on the shirt color?