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Explore a beautiful, vast and ruined world riddled with unknown dangers and lost technologies. Inspired by nightmares and dreams alike.
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Boss Reveal Part 2

Posted by Heart Machine (Creator)

For a lovely Friday we have the second Boss reveal! Also, we opened up one last print tier for those that missed out, though this time as an alternate design. We're developing a little chart to help suss out the tiers, since we've had several requests on this. Look for it soon!

New Team Member, GO!

We can confirm a new member of Heart Machine: Teddy Diefenbach of Rad Dragon - an experienced developer and well equipped programmer, not to mention a fancy gentleman. We're incredibly excited to have this beast-man aboard. Get ready for brutal design meetings and a great deal of Smash Brothers shaming, Teddy.

Boss Reveal Part 2

I love doing these. I hope this satisfies.

 Name: Alizon

Attributes: A lumbering remnant that carries a massive weapon which creates a great vortex upon contact. Heavily armored and near impossible to stun with attacks makes him an unrelenting nightmare.

Domain: Locked deep within the Crystal Rifts.

Update on Platforms

We've had a lot of request for Wii U support. We hear you! It's a platform that deserves some love, and we're currently in talks with Nintendo directly on the subject. I think if we can reach the $500,000 goal it will be possible - though keep in mind that any new platform costs a fair amount of money and time to QA and port over/translate, with their own set of requirements, so it's not as simple as one would hope. We'll keep everyone updated as we continue to push for this gem of a platform.

I'll keep this going with new sprites and information to reveal as they become available. Look for a crossover with some other fantastic projects soon!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Morgan-Sean McCright

      I love everything that I've been seeing about this game and can't wait to play. However I've got one question regarding the platforms: How/When does one request one of their keys be a PS Vita key?

    2. Heart Machine Creator on


      It's not really about license costs: our small team would have to pay for per-platform QA and porting and that takes a fair amount of time and effort and hiring an outside team to do so.

    3. Quidohmi on

      $500k seems like a lot for the Wii U, I agree. Unless the engine license costs a lot. What engine are you using?

    4. Missing avatar

      Hung Fuen Mak on

      Don't have anything against Wii U nor Nintendo. But!
      A 360, PS3 and Wii version has MUCH BIGGER POTENTIAL audience.
      And X1 should be easy to port to once PS4's version is up and running, as they are made by AMD.
      Should make 360, PS3 and Wii versions, then if you got extra time, release it on Wii U.
      My .02

    5. Stephen De Carlo on

      I see you changed the $350,000 stretch goal so that it also includes a new area!

    6. Sir Jordi

      I'm in for the Wii U also, and t'hat's true, Nintendo is offering some tools to cost less money than other platforms, and is very openminded to help new developers..500K seem too far away I'm afraid.. :_(

      go go Wii U!

    7. Missing avatar

      Antoine T. on

      Would it be that expensive to develop on Wii U ? I heard Nintendo created tools to make port easier and cheaper...
      I already pledged the project (for my Mac), but if the Wii U version is on its way, I will pledge again.

    8. Relytia on

      All great news. Thanks for sharing. I'm sure Teddy will be a good fit for Heart Machine. Can't wait to play the game.

      Also, thanks so much for giving the Wii-U some consideration. I've already pledged as much as I can for the project, but I really hope it makes it to that 500K goal. I would really love this game on the Wii-U.

    9. Missing avatar

      Louis Martin on

      I have a request guys. Could you make sure that no important messages ever coincide with spoilers like boss reveals please? So far I've been skipping over spoiler updates so that I can experience the game as new but I'm worried that important backer info might be mixed in with them. Thanks if you're reading!

    10. Ed130 The Vanguard on

      @Orm: Doubtful, while Microsoft have removed many hoops from its application process it is still one of the more difficult platforms for a self-published game to get on.

    11. Orm on

      If this does get a Wii U port, is there a chance for an Xbox One as well?

    12. John Eternal on

      Teddy is a great addition to you team ^_^b

    13. VulgarUnderoos on

      Seriously considering upping my pledge for that print, especially if it's Version 2 from the voting... But would I still get the physical box and manual? Haven't been able to tell if that's a separate reward.

    14. Daniel Iron Skill Gonzalez on

      @Stephen: classic comment lol

    15. Stephen De Carlo on

      Want print, but also want shirt. Can't have both. First world problems!

    16. Peter Walkowiak on

      I'd LOVE wii u support!

    17. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Miller on

      Any chance we can get an all physical items collector's tier. I'm currently at the $100 print tier and would love to get the T-Shirt and Limited Edition Art Book also.

    18. Xero_Omega1 on

      Thank you Alex and team! :D

    19. James Lewis on

      New boss looks fantastic! I cant wait to try to defeat him.
      I hope the new dev will keep everything running smoothly through development!

    20. J.Gonzo on

      Alex / Heart Machine Team - looks awesome as always keep the news flowing we eat it up!

    21. Corey Hackathorn on

      Yes, please don't forget about how much the xbox gamers want this!

    22. Chris Chamberlain on

      Wizard needs Xbox One or Xbox 360 version badly.

    23. Scott Smith on

      Very cool! Love the art style!