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April Showers, Art Book Done!

Posted by Heart Machine (Creator)

Drifters! The weeks pass by so quickly - I had wanted to update this a bit earlier in April, but many tasks (taxes!) got in the way. We're here now, however, and with some excellent things to showcase.

Art Book

It's done! 

The quality is fantastic - thanks to Fangamer for working so well with us. In addition, thanks to all the backers for your patience while we assembled this hefty tome.


If you ordered a book you should have received an email asking for any address changes from Fangamer: please respond ASAP if you have not already so we can ship these out! They'll be in your hands shortly.

Japanese Release

We finally have an official Japanese PS4 SKU releasing in May!

We've been working hard with the Japanese publisher Playism to get this released in Japan/Asia (both in digital and physical form in the territory) since last year. It's been a long trek, but we're nearly there.

The brand new cover art was done by the incredible Yusuke Kozaki, who worked on some of the most recent Fire Emblem games, among many other titles and mediums. We are so fortunate, honored and excited to have him contribute to the project.

Remix OST

We're working on getting a crew together to make the remix album happen, as intended. Details are thin for now since it's early days on this part of the project, but know it's in the mix and that we'll update folks when we have more to share.

Awards from 2016

At the end of 2016 (and during GDC of this year), we received a variety of flattering awards and made end-of-the-year lists with journalists and other industry folks that we so greatly respect. It's been humbling, deeply flattering and a bit surreal. This project has been a roller-coaster, both mentally and physically.

The Independent Games Festival Awards ( held in March was particularly stunning; a big chunk of the original Hyper Light team was able to attend, and we won two awards (!). I honestly did not expect it - the competition this year (and every year, really) was intense - so many incredible games from friends and colleagues alike, I can understand how it would be a monumental task for the committee to choose finalists, let alone winners for each category.

During our initial award at the IGFs, I teared up on stage within a few moments of speaking to the audience: a vast array of emotional responses were rapidly welling up to the surface, some which I had not given their due consideration. After three-plus years of intense determination, struggle and massive challenges that we overcame together as a team - then to experience this big punctuation point where I finally felt I could release, that the team could release some of the stress, that perhaps everything wasn't going to explode suddenly, that I was no longer teetering on some brink of some void - I found myself incapable of controlling my response. I've been heads-down/deep in work-mode for so long that accepting those awards felt like finally surfacing for air for the first time in years.

This was an incredible adventure we had as a team, resulting in a marvelous piece of work that we built together, and I cannot thank each person enough (though I'll always try): thank you Beau for being there in the early days while I was struggling, for your exuberance and shine, your expertise in design and problem-solving; thank you Casey for your undying thoughtfulness when approaching each problem and task, your willingness to speak up and stand by your convictions, your skills as a story teller, our long conversations; thank you Teddy for your level-headed and responsible approach to each discussion and problem, your talent as a programmer and designer and your moments of levity; thank you Sean for animating that first sprite that caught our attention, for your ridiculous talents and your endless charm; thank you Rich for your willingness to put your faith in me in that first conversation as relative strangers (and ultimately in all of us as a team), to see this project through and create the soundtrack of my dreams; thank you Akash for making so many sound iterations, finding the absolute sweet spot and for being the most positive person I've ever met; thank you Cosimo for joining us in a critical time, for being such a positive voice, easy to work with and always excellent in execution; thank you Lisa for your depth of knowledge, thoughtful designs and approach, for helping us cut and trim when we needed it; thank you Rob for your lovely contributions with enviro art throughout the project; thank you Aaron for all your tech wizardry and slogging through all the port work; thank you Julian for the incredible work on our 60 fps update, which was beyond intense; thank you Evan for all your trouble-shooting, bug fixing, long days of QA and beaming attitude; thank you to all of our platform folks (Steam, Sony, Microsoft, GOG, Humble) who helped carefully guide us through each step of the process; thank you to everyone who contributed, who gave us advice and guidance, who was part of this work. 

Of course, thank you again to all the backers who saw our pitch and decided to support us, that continue to support us, who made this possible in the first place.

Final Bits

As usual, for any questions/issues please do not use the Kickstarter messaging system - kindly direct them to

There's still more to do. There will be more announcements on things to come. Please stay tuned, Drifters.

I'll see you next time.

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    1. Peter Meldgaard on

      Wow, good stuff guys! Congrats on both of those, the art book looks super sleek!

      Also, I asked about Switch a while ago, seeing how the Wii U version was canceled, so I'm going to join the choir here on that one. Still curious as to whether it will eventually happen. :)

    2. Ian Chamberlin on

      I like the sound of a Nintendo Switch version of the game. This is definitely one of those games I'd rebuy despite already having it on PC. It's just that great.

    3. Casey on

      As both a backer, and member of the team, I appreciate this post big time :)

    4. Andrew on

      Ya know this is the best run kickstarter I have backed so far, lovely experience over all and will certainly back you again in the future should you start a new project.

    5. Randy Walker

      <3 To you and the rest of the team. Y'all did an incredible job.

    6. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Hi! Can we see all digital stuff on GOG? Thanks.

    7. Timothy Kolek on

      To add my voice as well, a Nintendo Switch release would be cool.

    8. Niki Coppola

      A Nintendo Switch version would be Awesome. Is that in the works?

    9. Dominus on

      Looks great, any chance that those artbooks could be purchased separately?

    10. Edward Kirwan on

      Oof, I wish I got in on that physical artbook. Are there any extras that can be picked up?

    11. Justinian on

      Great work on the art book. It looks incredible.

      Are there going to be more patches for the game on PC/console? There are still some big bugs that affect gameplay.

    12. Matej 'Retro' Jan on

      I'm so excited for the book, it seems by its thickness we're getting much more than I imagined.

      Will the PDFs of the art book also come from Fangamer or will they be added to BackerKit? I'm wondering when the digital tier will be getting this.

    13. Missing avatar

      Sig Fried on

      Any chance for a Nintendo Switch release?

    14. Kitsune Jorge Torres on

      The Japan cover is AMAZING!! love the illustration!! :D

    15. Sami on

      Amazing alternate cover!

    16. Derrick Smith on

      How can we get a copy of the Japanese cover and that poster? I bought the physical edition a few weeks ago.

    17. Alex de la Cruz on

      Is it too late to purchase one of those art books? They look awesome, hope I can still get one!

    18. Christopher Wheat on

      I have to say I LOVE my PS4 physical copy.