Hyper Light Drifter

by Heart Machine

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    1. Dave Grey on

      Happy anniversary! That is the most special of special editions!

    2. Bryan Kwiatkowski on

      Man, I want this, but I've already double dipped on this game! WTF!!!

    3. Ric Tomsett

      Happy Anniversary

    4. David Tucker on

      Just wanted you to know this game was so awesome I decided to pick this up. Really excellent job all around and great extra support with the 60FPS unlock. <3

    5. Sami on

      It is beauty

    6. Jason Capp on

      Not sure of the reality, but what are the odds of working on a Switch version of HLD? I would buy it again in a heartbeat (hehe), especially if there was a physical copy.

      Either way, I have been so happy with both my PC and PS4 copies. You have created a masterclass of a game, and I am so honored to have backed you!

    7. Niki Coppola

      Any chance of a Nintendo Switch version? Still bummed about the Wii U version.

    8. Minzoku on

      DANG, now I gotta get a PS4!

    9. maneauleau on

      wow nice one I m almost jealous I don't have a PS4.

    10. Hellblazer1138 on

      Man, the shipping iam8bit charges is ridiculous.
      I also picked up the Japanese physical copy from Play-Asia for the cool cover.

    11. Ignasi Viñas Birba on

      Why iam8bit? Their service is terrible :( You should have gone with fangamer instead...