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Explore a beautiful, vast and ruined world riddled with unknown dangers and lost technologies. Inspired by nightmares and dreams alike.
24,150 backers pledged $645,158 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. ShenaniganNinja on

      Upon a quick view. I see that Rich is in fact, Disasterpiece's name. But I'm curious if the other artists are still going to do the B-Sides. I haven't heard anything about that this entire time.

    2. ShenaniganNinja on

      So I see that you have Rich Vreeland doing music. Does that mean that the artists you originally listed in the stretch goals are no longer on board for the soundtrack? One of the biggest pulls for me was that Disasterpiece was slated to do this soundtrack.

    3. Missing avatar

      Franklin Lewis on

      So ready for this game, the only kickstarter game that Ive backed and is completed is Freedom Planet, which is really awesome BTW. This one looks to be more fantastic than the early beta which I played for hours (still missing one collectable) I just wish we could play more of the completed product that they have now. The Freedom Planet team keep releasing updated demos to the public all the way to the final version, the same for the beta, it contained the full game and some extras that Im still waiting for now a year after release, THATS how you show beta backers support, we should be playing and breaking in the game as it develops to provide feedback.

    4. Nedrick Mclaren on

      Dudes take your time and make an awesome game Super proud of you guys and gals!!

    5. Kyle LaBonte on

      Is it possible that the beta people can get our hands on the PAX build or something similar? Loving everything so far, totally support taking your time - I'd just like a chance to play again since I don't get out to these events much!

    6. Nicholas Davis on

      "We are on budget, well paced, within our means..."

      Just being on budget and within your means is a project management miracle when it comes to Kickstarter projects. Glad to see my contribution going to something that isn't vaporware. Good job, folks.

    7. Time Warden on

      Stay awesome Alex and team - don't let the negativity get you down, and good luck with the health issues. Positive energy. Still the #1 indie game I want to play. Thanks for the update!

    8. S.D. on

      Bummer... what a sad update. Firstly, your health problems escalated to required surgery, health and family being the most important things, and secondly that I won't actually be able to play your beautiful game (I use Linux). I wish I hadn't read this. Despite that, please accept my warm wishes for your improved health, and I hope for your procedure to complete without complication and for you to recover quickly.

    9. Galmteam on

      Game looks absolutely incredible from what I've seen so far. You guys are making my most anticipated game of 2016, no doubt. I am saddened by your stance on Linux, but I will install Windows if it means I can play this game. I was hoping the PS4 version would come out day one if Linux wasn't an option but.. Oh well, I suppose.

    10. jorlinn on Linux on

      In spite of my severe criticism regarding your Linux stance, I wish you all the best on your Heart Surgery. Take it easy, but do keep your promises in equal amounts.

    11. Missing avatar

      Rickard Armiento on

      I also backed because the unambiguous support for Linux in the Campaign.

      I would be accommodating if you had run into some specific problem with your Linux build, but to change your stance into "hey, maybe we get to it" is not fine when you got my pledge by saying Win/Mac/Linux over and over on the campaign page.

    12. jorlinn on Linux on

      Well, if you are going to keep this stance on a Linux release, I will report you to Kickstarter for having failed to deliver the promised product. Than your project will serve as a test-case.

      Don't let it come to this and put that extra cash that you have collected on top of all the stretch goals that you have made to use to maintain your integrity.

      Thanks in advance, we Linux users are sick of being treated like second class citizens.

    13. Nicolas Wartelle-Mathieu on

      Is the Vita version still scheduled somewhere in time? Just to be sure, thanks for the response and good luck with the remaining months of work :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Peter Novotny on

      I also supported this project specifically for the Linux version. The campaign made it sound like a simultaneous PC/Mac/Linux release. There was certainly no mention of "we are happy to support Linux down the line".

      If you had been straight forward about this from the beginning, I think you could have avoided upsetting the Linux supporters. In fact, I am sure many of us wouldn't have paid for it because so many other Kickstarters have promised Linux support somewhere "down the line" but never delivered.

      Add me to the list of disappointed Linux supporters. I would ask for a refund, but I know that won't ever happen.

    15. Olivier Etienne Miller

      Looks great guys, gonna play the demo some more while i wait ^^.

    16. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Haha a WINE trolls again. :(

    17. Seamus Bradd on

      Regarding the Linux controversy - Ubuntu ≠ Linux. Saying that they should just support Ubuntu and SteamOS and call it a day to maintain release parity with the Windows / OSX versions is a really poor do. Where would that leave all the other backers that had pledged in order to play on other variants of Linux? GameMaker currently offers an Ubuntu export module, but that's it. Literally no other supported distros - so clearly the team are going to have to do a fair bit of manual tinkering in order to get a reasonably compatible Linux port out the door. And how is WINE not an acceptable solution? You guys do realize that most Linux ports are just the Windows version wrapped in a WINE package, right?

      There was one point I was kind of hacked off at the team for taking their time, but I'd now rather see them take the time to get it right than overextend themselves and make a shoddy job of things.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      Looking good as always, and I love the audio. Very excited about the release, regardless of the date...

    19. Missing avatar

      Thibaut Girka on

      I would also like to voice my disappointment regarding the silence about the Linux version, which was one of the selling point of this kickstarter and the only platform I planned to play on. I understand any new platform represents additional work, but it was one of the initial targeted platforms, and “Everyone in the $10 tier will get the PC/Mac/Linux game on release” didn't suggest there would be different release dates for those platforms.

    20. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Oh... and what about GOG-codes for backers who chose a DRM-Free version?

    21. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      I don't understand the problem. The main Linux on GOG is Ubuntu and Mint. This is 2 OS. Not 10. Not 100. Don't need to meet the needs of geeks and over 9000 distros. EASY.

    22. Austin Evans on

      Your health is more important than getting this game out. Take the time you guys need to do the job properly!

      Of all the things I've seen on Kickstarter, this is still the most original and exciting!
      Good luck guys, I can't wait till Spring, it's gonna be a hell of a ride! :-)

    23. Missing avatar

      Lukas Daniel Klausner

      I'm rather miffed at the low priority of Linux. I've already got a far too long list of games whose developers promised Linux support but still haven't delivered. :(

    24. Otoshigami No. 40723

      wait was there BETA along the way? I might've missed it. :(

    25. Missing avatar

      Lucas Kunneman on

      Sounds great :)
      thanks for all your effort. And as you say, don't burn, watch your health. To me, this is more relevant than your release window. I am confident you will finish the game, and I am confident it will be great. I do not want you compromise on your (mental) health! I feel in general there is a lot of time pressure, but I don't care for a slip of one/several month(s) if it keeps you all doing well.

    26. Missing avatar

      4649matt on

      Stay well!
      Keep on being awesome and inspiring.
      I am really looking forward tho this!

    27. Minzoku on

      Wow, HEART surgery? Ugh... stay well! No game is worth literally dying for! (though still looking forward to HLD!

    28. Missing avatar

      Raymond Ng on

      I've said it in the past, but take your time. If it gets delayed, especially because a key member of a small team is getting heart surgery, then it's fine. Stay healthy first and the rest of the progress will come to you. Not all backers would be patient, but at least this backer gets what the development process is like so you have my confidence.

    29. brett ohland on

      Can't wait to play the final game. So many of the little details in the sprite animations makes me feel like this is a labour of love for the whole team.

    30. Paul Newsham

      Trailer is looking good! When you say optimisation, does this mean the frame rate is improved over the preview version? The screen judder gave me a headache whenever the background scrolled.

    31. Missing avatar

      Chubango on

      I'm deeply disappointed that there is no Linux release window. I only backed this game to play it on Linux. Consoles were stretch goals and I would have thought that you would deliver first on all the platforms you promised initially before moving on to them. At this point I fear that this will be yet another ambiguous release date that'll take months or even years like in the case of Divinity: Original Sin. I hope you'll reconsider and at least look into how much actual effort it'll take to have a simultaneous release. At least in the form of an open beta on Steam.

      Target SteamOS and Ubuntu. The two valve-supported official Linux platforms. Much like OSX you get it working with OpenGL and it's simply a matter of shipping with a few libs. This is made easier by their choice of game engine, which is crossplatform and provides tools for exporting to different targets. Sorry but Wine is not an acceptable solution when Linux was one of the initially promised platforms for the kickstarted campaign.

    32. Seamus Bradd on

      Come on guys, cut them some damn slack. Linux support isn't anything to be sniffed at. Think about how many differing builds the team are going to have to take into account for some kind of halfway comprehensive compatibility test. With Mac, you have a very specific set of target OS+hardware combinations. With Windows, you have a good deal more hardware, but a narrow set of operating systems. With Linux... well, it could be anybody's freaking guess what kind of device you're running, as long as it's some kind of x86-based CPU... That's a LOT of work. Anyways, just use WINE until a native build happens. Sheesh.

      Anyways, I'm really hyped about nailing a release date. The test build we got was incredible in and of itself, so if the full game even halfway matches up, I will be spending Spring next year entirely indoors :P And yes, Alex, please do take your health seriously! We can wait a while longer if it means you're not going to do yourself some kind of serious mischief. All the best!

    33. John on

      Yay! Thanks for the update and congrats!!!!

    34. unquestionablelogic on

      I pledged this game so long ago I forget I haven't even received it yet between updates.

    35. Alex Wilgus on

      Such great news!
      Alex - I'm glad you're taking your health seriously. No release is more important than that.
      I backed this project because it looks creative, beautiful and amazing, not because I expected it to release on a timeline that would satisfy my cravings for entertainment. Nobody is 'entitled' to a timely release. It comes when it's ready. These things take time so take that time. Really excited for 2016!

    36. Tyrone Wested

      when does day one linux support ever happen. Skullgirls isn't even on linux yet and that games been out for 3 years, but they are almost there. i don't expext this to be as bad but come on. you can't expect an indy developer to be perfect at making ports to niche platforms immediately

    37. Filipe Soares Dilly on

      Me too backed for the Linux Support. I'm deeply saddened by this. :(

    38. Missing avatar

      Raik on

      "Currently Hyper Light Drifter is planned for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX"
      I backed because of Linux support. "down the line" has burned a lot of faithful linux users on other kickstarters. Please give us day one linux support if you can. Game is looking great.

    39. Superpunky900 on

      Finally release information!
      The trailer looks amazing, so much hype!
      I just wanted to say thank you guys, you seem deeply involved with the game and your compromise on doing a great game and getting your backers satisfied is just out of this world. Thank you for keeping this way during all the development :)

    40. Pierce Arner on

      That trailer gave me chills. I can't wait to see the product of all your hard work, and it's more than worth the wait. Thanks so much for the update!!

    41. Missing avatar

      grizby on

      The new trailer looks great!

      However, I'm also saddened that I am unable play it until the Linux release is out. I hope you will give us a more definite timeline soon.

    42. Missing avatar

      Shelmar D. Hunter on

      Thanks for the news and the trailer. Looks great!

    43. TheDevilatyourDoor on

      The worry has subsided a bit thanks to this update, but the anticipation has only increased!

    44. Riki Insfran on

      DUUUUUDEEEE its amazing, and waiting to 2016 :))) you make me the day with this trailer

    45. Gwenael Talhouet (Belmont1)

      That's a nice trailer, can't wait to play it. Hum, well in fact yes I can wait, I prefer delays than, let's say, Batman Arkham Knight. And please, take care of your health.

    46. jorlinn on Linux on

      There is nothing complex about a Yes. You have stated this on your campaign page for goodness sake. I would not have backed this game if it did not include Linux support. You already said yes and there is no way to back out of that promise. I will hold you to your word.
      True, the process might be complex if you are running into unexpected issues, but please stay open about what issues you are running into. "Down the line" is too vague for a version that is not even a stretch goal.

    47. Missing avatar

      Matthew Jump on

      Does this mean you are dropping Linux support?
      Or are you grouping this in with consoles as "SteamOS"...

    48. Colin Vesper on

      Awesome trailer. I love the art in all this.

    49. Griffinman01 on

      "A delayed game is eventually good but a rushed game is forever bad". I feel like most of us are more than willing to wait as long as it takes for an amazing and polished final product. Sooner is better than later, but not at the cost of quality. Take your time and make it even more awesome!

    50. Robert Bradley Stewart on

      What is "levels support"?